Ten for Today

1. We turned in our adoption paper work on Wednesday and received an email yesterday afternoon saying we were the first in our class to turn it in.......and that we forgot to fill out some of the addresses for our references....go us! I knew we would screw something up. Ha! Regardless, my mom called me yesterday afternoon to tell me that the caseworker had already called her to get her address (yeah, how embarrassing is it that the one address you leave off is your own Mother's?) and to tell her to expect a letter from them. So it's nice to know that we're already going somewhere. Rumor has it that the first to turn in their paperwork is the first to have their home visit scheduled. The home visit is the last thing to check off the list before you get any calls.

2. The computer is officially fixed and working wonderfully now. A big thanks again to Mr. Pound!!! I feel like I'm finally back in business....whatever that means for me!

3. My friend Laura had a baby boy on Sunday and he is precious! This morning she asked for prayers because she's having complications from her c-section. I've been worrying about her all morning because I've been there and done that already. Those memories rushed back and my heart broke when she wrote that all she wanted to do was spend time with her new son. Please keep her in your prayers that she recovers quickly. I can tell you that there is no worse feeling than being a new mama and not being able to care for your few day old baby.

4. I want to move to Florida.

5. I feel the need to clear up a little misunderstanding about the drug test. The room was a lab type room that you find in most doctor's offices and there was a toilet in the room with no door but a small curtain, and a half wall kind of thing. So, it wasn't like I was in a actual bathroom with the lady standing there. Plus, when I meant she was standing there, she wasn't sitting there watching me, she was just outside the thin curtain. She couldn't see my stuff if that's what your all thinking. And yes, I've asked around and when someone is giving you a drug test, they are actually supposed to be right there with you to make sure you don't tamper with the pee. Not necessarily watching you, but close enough to make sure your not switching the sample. So if they've ever just left you on your own to pee, you got lucky cause they weren't doing their job.

6. Last night I took my new vacuum apart and cleaned it. It's an exciting life I live.

7. It's been one month since I started my new year goals. I'm excited to say that so far, I'm still right on track with all of them. I've been going to the gym 3-5 times a week for the last month and so far have lost five pounds from just exercising. I'm now only four pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight! Now that I've started exercising on a daily basis, I've found it's helping me make better food choices throughout the day. I'm sure that's totally backwards, but it works for me.

8. I am so ready for a vacation.

9. I should really get off the computer and get my butt in gear since I'm supposed to be at Nic's in 45 minutes to go to Target and we're both still in our pajama's.

10. Oh, and if you turn on the bath water, tell your child to put her toys in the tub, and then walk out for two.five seconds to grab the baby shampoo that was in the kitchen because you had to do a impromptu hair wash in the sink after lunch because someone decided the peanut butter you gave her for lunch looked better in her hair than her on sandwich......don't be surprised if this is what you find.

It's the life I chose people....


Tristan said…
hahaha...oh, Olivia :)

I hope you get your home visit first!!!!
Kameron said…
Good to know they weren't looking at your lady parts! lol I have only had to take a drug test for one job I got and no one wne in the bathroom with me. Oliva cracks me up! She is a fast moving girl that's for sure!
Amy said…
Lawd I love that girl!

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