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Camping @ Lookout Mountain, TN.~Part 1

Last week we got in another camping trip...which makes two for the month of June! Score!

We've been wanting to take the girls to Chattanooga for sometime because there is so much to do up there. I went multiple times growing up and for some reason it just seems like it's a apart of your childhood if you're from this area.

David won a weekend trip for work last year and the moment he told me he had won it, I knew exactly where we were going on it. It's taken us almost a year to make it up there, but we finally made it.

We headed out Sunday night as soon as David got off work and ran into some heavy rain on the way up.  What should have been a two & half hour drive ended up taking almost four. Thankfully the girls did great (thank you car DVD players) and we made it up there in time to set up before dinner, plus we got some arcade action in before bed.

(yes, she's torturing me by acting like she's licking the air hockey hitter)
The next day we got up bright a…

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