Just in case you haven't heard...

I know Nicole and Kim have already posted, but just in case you haven't heard, my sister wive Amy has just launched Mattie Fran Designs.

A couple of weeks ago, Amy walked into our play date with a necklace she made for herself and we were all falling on the floor begging her to make one for us.
Lucky for you all...she decided to make some to sell before making some for us!

They're all gorgeous and so very girlie!

The best part....They're also easy on the wallet!
This girl is selling them for way less than we thought she should be, but that works better for you all!

Even though she hasn't made us one yet, she did honor us with naming each necklace with our little girls names.

This one happens to be my personal favorite...

The Olivia Kate

So you better head over to and snatch yours up soon, because she's already selling out!

Mattie Fran Designs


Amy said…
No beating around the bush there huh??? :) I told you I would make you one you just need to let me know what colors and which style unless you want the olivia kate and then I can bring it tuesday for you. Thanks for spreading the love!

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