Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Sunny Day

I think Spring is finally here.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ten for Today

1. I mentioned last week to David that I thought it would be fun to learn to play golf because it could be something for us to do "together." less than a week the hubby has scored a set of ladies golf clubs for me to try out and called about getting me lessons. Looks like I'm going to have a new hobby come soon.

2. After two months of living in the new house, I've finally started to rearrange the furniture. I'm surprised it's taken me this long to get motivated.

3. Sleep training is actually (knock on wood) getting better. In the last week, I've been able to get Olivia's nights in some kind of order. Part of the problem with the sleep training was that I could not figure out why she was waking up. I kept track of it and in one week her nights consisted of two nights sleeping through the night, two nights of waking every three hours, two nights of waking at 10:30pm and sleeping till 6:00am, and one night of waking up at 3am and sleeping till 6 or 7am. The problem being that no two nights would be the same. I couldn't tell if she was hungry, waking up out of habit or what. In the last week, I've stayed up later and fed her between 10:30pm or 11:30pm and then she would sleep till 5:30 or 6am. I've read that most babies cannot go a full 11 or 12 hours without eating till 9 months and to only expect 6-7 hours from her now. On that schedule, I get about 7 hours from her, so I'm thinking that she is hungry. I'm going to keep on it and hoping within the next couple of months I can get her going a full night. My goal is to have her sleeping through the night before we go on our long vacation in June. We're making progress.

4. The Sweet Repeats consignment sale is this weekend and I'm debating if I want to go or not. Olivia just needs everyday stuff like onesies and cotton shorts and shirts. Usually, that kind of stuff is been washed so much that it looks too used already so I end up not buying any of it. I end up spending my money on stuff that she's never going to wear, but I buy it just because it's cute. I'm thinking I might skip out on this one so I don't waste my money. I need to start buying stuff for our empty house.

5. I feel like I'm itching to do something. What? No clue.

6. I've come to the conclusion that I'm obsessed with the Duggars. I even had the thought last night while watching 19 Kids and Counting, I want to meet them one day.

7. No, I'm not obsessed enough to have my own 19 kids. When I think of a large family for the Mabrey's, I think of only 4 kids.

8. My dogs are driving me insane. I am soooo over dogs right now. Don't be surprised if you find them dropped off in the middle of no where. Every time I let them out, I tell them to not come back. I'm serious. There will be no dogs for the Mabreys for awhile if these two ever bite the dust.

9. We had our final appraisal for the renovations we had done so that the contractor can be paid. The guy came in asked me if we had carpet put throughout the entire house, took two pictures and left. I was really hoping he would ask me if we were happy with the contractor and the crap job he did with some of the stuff, but that didn't happen. No wonder 90% of contractors are crappy, no one (talking about the government) keeps them accountable.

10. The weather is BEAUTIFUL today. I'm looking for something to do outside so I can enjoy it!

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Weekend

It's Monday.

I thought when I stopped leaving the house to go to a job, I would stop hating Mondays. Well, I no longer "hate" Mondays, but I'm still not too fond of them. I guess Monday will always be the red headed stepchild. Poor Monday, I don't think it's ever going to be liked.

The good thing about this Monday is David is home with us today. The bad thing is the weather is nasty. I'm really starting to worry that A. it's never going to warm up and B. it's never going to stop raining.

We did have some wonderful weather this past weekend. Unfortunately, it seems to be that it was just a tease. On Saturday, our trio reunited for the first time since March 3rd and we spent the whole afternoon outside with the girls. The weather was perfect. I laid a huge quilt on the grass so Olivia and Matalie got some good play time and Josie played in her new sand table while Amy and I were filled in about Nicole's trip to Arizona. We missed them a lot. I know Nicole is sad to leave her family, but we're glad to have her back.

That evening, we decided to join the Pope's for dinner. Nicole and I stayed behind while the guys took Olivia & Josie to pick us up some dinner. Nicole and I sat pretty much in silence the whole time. I think we said maybe five words to each other in that 45 minutes. I got some uninterrupted reading time in, while Nic picked flowers to put around the house. I've decided that it's nice to have a friend that you can sit in silence with and it not be weird. I think everyone needs a friend that you can have silent time with.

Earlier that morning I met up with my childhood best friend Alison. Unfortunately, we only have gotten the chance to see each other a handful of times within the past few years. She called me up earlier in the week and wanted to know if I wanted to hit up the Moms of Multiples consignment sale in her hometown. She knows how much I love my consignment sales. Her goal was a double jogging stroller (which she scored for $40) and mine goal was dresses that Olivia can wear to church. She doesn't have many in the size she's wearing right now. I got her 9 dresses, a few other everyday outfits, and two pair of shoes for $49. A couple of the dresses still had the tags on them and I paid $3 for them. I love being cheap! Afterward we headed to breakfast and spent the next two hours catching up before she had to head off and rescue her mom from her kids. We're planning on getting together over her spring break and I'm holding you to that Alison!!!

Sunday Olivia and I headed to church. It was sunny when we went in and pouring when we came out. It hasn't stopped since. I'm really enjoying the church so far. I'm trying not to rush into anything, but I'm thinking we'll be staying for awhile. Since David cannot go on Sunday mornings, we went back for the Sunday night service. It's sad to say, but one of the reasons I'm happy to get back into the routine of going to church is that it makes Sundays fly by now. The weekends can be long and lonely sometimes for a waffle house wife. Everyone is busy with their families or other plans while we're sitting at home waiting for the husband to get off work. I cannot tell you how many weekends have gone by and I haven't spoken to a soul. Now on Sundays, by the time we get home from morning service and take an afternoon nap, it's about time to get ready for the evening service. Right now we've just been attending the regular services, but we're looking into getting involved in other things the church offers.

So far today we haven't done much but hang around the house. It's cold and raining. I'm thankful we didn't get the snow that some people got. I'm so ready for the winter to be over with. I hate the cold weather. I would take the hot any day over the cold. I'm not one of those who complains about the heat. I love it!

We did take a trip today to my favorite local used bookstore. I did good and only bought one book. They have a book trading system and for every two books you bring in, they will trade you one book. I decided to go through our books and get rid of some stuff. I know this is a shock to some who know me. I don't let go of my books easily. Shockingly, I have probably thirty or more that I want to get rid of. Sadly, it hasn't put much of a dent in the bookshelf and the whole reason of getting rid of them is to bring more home. I always tell David be thankful I'm addicted to books and not cats. He hates cats.

Friday, March 19, 2010

It's a been awhile.....

since you've seen this baby girl...

If you couldn't figure it out...she swimming on the carpet.

And she's got carpet burn on her arms to prove it.

We're not crawling yet, but we're on the move already. She's figured out rolling can get you to where you wanna go. She can be from one side of the room to the other in about ten seconds flat. That's saying a lot since we've got some pretty long rooms.

I'm seriously convinced that one day soon, I'll be sitting here and she's just going to come crawling into the room. I wouldn't be one bit surprised.

The weather here this weekend is supposed to be perfect. My little nudist and I are going to soak up the nice weather before it decides to leave again. I'll be back on Monday. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I finally caved....

So, after almost two years of blogging, I just figured out last night how to send comments to my email so I can respond back to people when they comment.

Yeah, I'm slow.

So now if you feel interested in commenting (besides Nic & Kameron...thanks ladies!!!) I can respond back to you now. Please know your comments are not going to waste.

Last night, I finally caved....I just let Olivia cry it out and guess what?

She was still alive when I got her out of her crib this morning.

They say the second & third night is the hardest, so wish me luck.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Right Way

Someone said something the other day.

At first, I was kinda irritated by it. The first thought in my head was..."seriously."

But then, the day went on and I thought about it more and more. The more I thought about it, the more I decided to become empowered by the statement.

This is the first time in my life, I've had to lose weight. I put on way too much weight when I was pregnant with Olivia and now I'm paying for it. I have no one to blame but myself and I take the responsibility of eating everything in sight while pregnant.

Yes, the weight isn't coming off as fast as I would like. I have good weeks and bad weeks. Last week being a pretty bad one. But, I've decided to not punish myself for eating my weight in unhealthy foods and I'm doing good so far this week. I realize that it's going to take time and yes, I'm not going to be in bikini shape by the summer, but I'm okay with that.

At the beginning of the year, I had joined a "biggest loser" challenge thing with some friends. I won't say much about it, but basically, the thing fizzled out. I thought that competing against others would make me lose the weight, but I realized during this whole thing that the only person who can challenge me to lose the weight is me. I haven't talked about it much in awhile, but I've lost 42 lbs. of the 54 lbs. I gained. I've lost 14 of those pounds since Christmas. I'm now 17 pounds from my goal weight.

Ironically, losing weight is one of the hardest and most simple things in life. The simple part is all you have to do is burn more calories than you take in. The hard part is doing just that.

A good number of people in my family are overweight and I've spent my life watching others go from diet to diet and take this pill or that. The outcome...they are still battling that same battle.

I have though been fortunate to see two people close to me fight that battle and win it. My dad and my Aunt Janie have both lost over 70 lbs. each and you know how they did it? They started moving more and ate healthy foods. The didn't take any short cuts. They took it slow and pound by pound. And you know what? They have both kept that weight off for several years now.

Ask either one of them how they did it and they will both tell you the same's a lifestyle change. Not some magic pill or special diet, just hard work and time.

Yes, there may be others who will lose the weight faster than me and may be ready to sport their bikini's this summer, but that's fine by me. I'm not in a competition with anyone but myself in this battle. I will be the one happier in the long run because I know I'm doing things the right way...slow, steady, and naturally.

I WILL be the one to do the hard work and I refuse to have something else do it for me.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ten for Tueday

1. You never realize how in bad shape your old running shoes are in until you get new ones.

2. For the record, the week I did not leave the house. I failed to mention that Olivia and I were both sick that week. I'm not that much of a shut-in, promise.

3. I'm starting to kinda be over the whole Twilight thing. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure Amy will drag me to see the new one in June. But when the trailer came out last week, I was just kinda like whatever.

4. I have recently started to realize how good I have it and that I am so grateful for.

5. Only three months till the beach....cannot wait!!!!

6. The Help was last months book club pick. I'm proud to say that it was my pick and it seemed that everyone liked it. This is an awesome book. It's a must read. Now one of my all time favorites.

7. It's been 12 days since I've spent time with the girls and I miss them (and the girl time) like crazy. I'm not quite sure how I survived before without it.

8. Speaking of girl time, I'm meeting up with my childhood best friend this weekend. We only see each other once every year or so. I'm excited to see her & spend some time with her. I wish we lived closer.

9. You know it's going to be a good day when by 9am, you've already got dinner going in the crock-pot.

10. I have had baby fever like crazy the past few weeks. Crazy, I know. But, I seriously want another baby and soon. I finally said something to David and all he said was "that came from no where." Obviously, guys have no clue on signals. I've been talking about babies and a sibling for Olivia for weeks now and he never once picked up on it. Gotta love men!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Where we've been...

On Friday afternoon....

mom: Hey, whatcha doing?

me: nothing. What you doing?

(this is how every phone conversation with us begins)

mom: I just wanted to everything okay? You haven't blogged in a week...

The funny part of this conversation is that I had just spoken with my mom the day before....she would have known if something was really wrong.

Then my dad got onto me for not blogging and then a few other family members.

Sorry guys. Nicole hit it on the head...I've been in mourning for the past week since she has left Amy and I forever. I haven't seen her or Jk in 11 days and no, I haven't been keeping track.

Honestly, David has been on vacation this past week and so I at the last minute decided to take a vacation from the blog world. Unfortunately, we didn't get to go anywhere cool this vacation. Since we just bought a house, we didn't really have the money to go anywhere.

We decided to stay around the house for the week and get some stuff done. Plus, spend some much needed family time together. We were kinda bummed we didn't get to go anywhere or really do anything special. We were wondering if we would get bored sitting around the house for seven days. Thankfully, that did not happen. Sadly, the week flew by and tomorrow is his last day home with us.

We spent most of our week painting or being lazy (it's rained here a lot). We got five rooms painted and now only have ten left to go (mom, I'll get pics as soon as I take them). We also took a day date Thursday and went to have lunch and see a movie. Pretty much the only thing worth seeing was Alice in Wonderland. Surprisingly, it was pretty good. I didn't know what to expect out of it and we actually both enjoyed it.

Saturday we celebrated David's birthday with our families. We've come to the realization that it's too hard to go out to eat with both sides of the family, so we had everyone over for hamburgers and hot dogs. A few people ended up not being able to come, so we ended up with a ton of food left over. Looks like we're going to be eating hamburgers and hot dogs all week. Plus, I have about four pounds of pasta salad I completely forgot to pull out when it came time to eat. Can we say lunch for the next few days? We had a good time and it was nice to have our family over at the new house. It was the first time most of them have seen it. I didn't get many pictures. I'm bad at taking pictures when I'm hosting.

We made it to church again this Sunday. Two weeks in a row!!!! Wooohooo! A few people have asked where we've been going. We've been going here. Nicole's mother-in-law, Darlene, invited me a few weeks ago at book club and we've been meeting her up there the past couple of weeks. I really like the church. It reminds me a lot of the churches I attended growing up. The first weekend we attended, in a way, it just felt like coming home. We ended up going back that Sunday night because they were having a special speaker so David got to attend. He got to hear the preacher for the first time this Sunday and he really liked him too. For those that haven't heard, Olivia LOVES the nursery. She comes out all smiles when we go to pick her up. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact she gets to see someone else's face besides mine. The nursery workers have seemed to taken a liking to her. She was the last to leave this morning and the lady told me she wasn't ready for her to leave yet. They said she does great in there and loves to play. So, we're not rushing into joining right now because we want to give it some more time, but we think we've found somewhere to call our church home for the time being.

So, that's the lowdown on where we've been and what we've been up to. I promise to get back to blogging this week so my family doesn't have to send the search party for me.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Yes, I'm still alive.

To my family, you can stop calling now to check on me.

A few reasons for not blogging in over a week...


internet/computer down

being productive for once.

I'll be back later with a post.

I just didn't want anyone to send out the search team looking for me, which from a few phone calls, that seems to already have happened.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Just Plain Sad...

You know it's been an exciting week when on Friday evening you realize that, besides going to get the mail, you haven't left the house since Monday morning.

No lie people.

Friday, March 5, 2010

30 & The AARP

Dave: " The problem with turning 28 is that your too close to 30."

Me: "I don't have a problem with 30. I ain't scared of 30. I'm going to punch 30 in it's face."


Since we're speaking of birthdays this week, I decided I would share something about me most do not know.

I'm a member of the AARP.

Okay, technically I'm not a member. I never sent in my $10 yearly membership fee before the reply by date. Which is sad, because for only $6 dollars more, David could have joined in the membership benefits with me.

This story actually begins six years earlier. On the day of my twenty-first birthday I came home from work and like everyday, checked the mail. I opened up an envelope addressed to me to find a membership form to join the AARP. I looked at my Meme (who I was living with at the time) and asked "What is the AARP?" At 21, I had no clue. She looked at me with a confused look and said "What?" I repeated my question and informed her that I was sent forms to join the AARP. She just started dying laughing. Once she finally stopped laughing, she informed me that the AARP was kind of a senior citizens discount club. We laughed about it for several years later. No one in the family believed me that at 21 years old, I had been asked to join the AARP. Luckily, she could vouch for me.

This past summer on my 27th birthday, I was resent the membership forms to rejoin the AARP. I saved the card to show my Meme. She could only laugh again. This time I was smart and took a picture for proof.

We're off to Denny's now to hit up the early bird special.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

28 for the 28th

1. Your smile and how it takes up your whole face ( & I love our Daughter has your smile)!

2. How you work so hard to provide the best for our family.

3. The fact that you waited for me.

4. How you broke down & cried when I was in the surgery prep room.

5. Your willingness to always help others.

6. Your one of the few people brave enough to fight with me.

7. How you repeat everything back to me...."a mother loves what?....."

8. That time you jumped in front of me when that big dog started coming towards us.

9. How you hold my hand when we're in the car.

10. You take the sheet, I take the works perfectly.

11. After ten years, you still wear your staples...khaki shorts, a polo, and flip-flops.

12. How you like to watch educational tv just as much as I do.

13. Your always trying to be the best at everything.

14. Your determination.

15. Your love for your Mom, Dad, & little brother.

16. For the obstacles you've overcome.

17. How you look wearing your baseball caps.

18. How you refuse to let me win at anything we do.

19. The fact you still married me even though I laughed at the part when they said "obey."

20. Your hugs.

21. You love me for exactly who I am.

22. All our adventures in the "champagne" ranger and for knowing all the words to the Garth Brooks "Live" cds.

23. For how Olivia's face lights up when she sees you.

24. The fact your usually the first person your friends call when they need something.

25. You spoil me.

26. You've made all my dreams come true (I'm still waiting on that suburban...jk!)

27. Your constant need to cut, chop, or burn something.

28. You've given me the best gift I could ask for...the chance to be a mother.

Happy 28th Birthday to the love of my life!

I cannot wait to see what the next 28 years have in store for you!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Popular Kid

I decided to take the "Followers" button off of my blog.

It's something I've been debating for awhile now, but I finally today had enough courage to hit the remove button.

I won't had been bugging me that my number had dropped so low after I lost my old blog. Sad...yes, but the truth.

Back in January, Nic and I were talking about our blogs (yeah, something new and different) and I said that I wanted 100 people to follow my blog. Why 100? I dunno it sounded like a good number of people to have that find you exciting enough to want to read about your life.

But then Blue-Eyed made this post this morning and it struck a nerve.

Why do I blog?

I blog to keep a journal of my life.

I blog because it's the easiest way to keep my family who is all over the country up to date on our lives.

I blog because it has somehow become the place that I can get my true feelings out that I might otherwise never say.

I blog because I like to have a reminder of what Olivia and I did on that regular Thursday that I would otherwise forget about.

I blog to not only remember the good, but also the bad and to learn from those days.

I blog for myself.

So why is it bothering me so much the number of people who read my blog?

Why is it that little counter always seem to be staring at me when I click to look at my blog?

Then I remembered this post that Jenn from Simply "Jenn"-Sational posted awhile back. The actual post is about weight, but she typed a line in that post that has stuck with me for the last two months....".... at almost 29 years old I still want to be popular."

Well, that is why that stupid Followers button is bothering me so much. I still want to be "popular." For me that little button says to me that is how popular you are in the blogging world. It's one of the first things I look at when I click on a new blog.

And when I get those 100 followers, am I going to be satisfied? No, then I'll want 200.

So in order to remind myself that I'm blogging for myself, I've removed the followers button. And I would still be blogging whether one or a hundred people read my blog.

That's not to say I'll start to condemn anyone else's followers button.

I am doing this for myself.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Celebrating 28

You might have heard that Dave is getting old.

We decided to celebrate a little early with our friends. We're going to celebrate it later with the family.

We all decided back in January that an adult night out was needed. Of course, the guys decided that a night out at Dave & Busters was in order. That seems to be the place all the guys want to celebrate their birthdays.

So, we all loaded up in the truck (one of us really needs to break down and buy that 15 passenger van) and headed to the north side of town.

After a few of these...

And a couple of these...

We once again learned WAY too much about each other and once again laughed until we cried.

Apologies to the Pounds. I hope we didn't scare you too much on your first couples night with us.

We had a delicious dinner and dessert.

Afterward we spent the next couple of hours playing games.

That's all I got in the picture department. I got caught up in playing games. I personally rock at skee ball.

As much as we girls complain about the guys always picking Dave & Busters, we always have fun.

Thanks guys for a great night! I will say y'all really didn't have to do that. We appreciate it greatly! We love you guys! Can't wait to do it again!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Five Months

I know.......I never got around to posting a four month post. I'm mad at myself for that, but February was C*R*A*Z*Y. To be honest though, there wasn't much of a difference in her between the 3rd to 4th month as there has been in the 4th to 5th.

There was debate on what day she actually turns 5 months old since February only has 28 days. I decided that since the 30th is usually the last day of the month, to just use the last day of the month for her 5 month birthday.

With all that being said, here's what our baby girl has been up to this month...

~At her 4 month checkup she weighed in at 15.5 lbs and was 26 inches tall. She is still in the 82nd percentile for her weight and the 95th percentile for her height. It's funny because when people see just her face, they always comment that she's a "chunky thing." The only thing chunky on the child is her cheeks, she is tall, skinny, solid muscle and strong.

~She got not only one, but both front bottom teeth came in this past month. Both teeth came in within 24 hours. Her toothy grin is so stinking cute, but she has yet to let me get a picture of them. She likes to cover them up with her tongue all the time and her fingers are always in her mouth.

~Olivia can now roll over both ways. For the longest time she could only roll to her right, but now she's got both sides covered. She still has yet to master rolling from her stomach to her back. She is getting ready to crawl. She can get her little butt in the air and her feet going, but she cannot quite figure out what to do with her front half. We're pretty convinced that she's going to walk before she crawls because she always wants to stand up.

~She has just in the past week started drinking a 6oz bottle every 3 hours. She has accomplished cereal now, but she only eats it with applesauce, bananas, or peaches in it. Her pediatrician says she wants me to keep only feeding her solids only once a day and to move her up to twice a day next month.

~She is still getting up through the night. On most nights when we had a good day (i.e. meaning we stayed home and got good naps in), she goes down at 7pm, sleeps till 1-2 am, and then sleeps till 7am. But unfortunately, we have one or two days a week that we just cannot be home all day and she doesn't get good naps in. On those nights she gets up several times a night. I don't feed her every time, but I do go in there and check on her. We're working on the sleep training, but this child is proven to be very stubborn. I have come to the terms that I cannot just let her cry all night. Call me weak, but I don't have the will power. I personally feel like she's still too young to let her do that. When she can fully move herself around (i.e. sitting up, rolling over and back) then I will feel comfortable enough to just leave her alone for the night.

~She has suddenly become fascinated with the dogs. She loves biscuit, but of course, biscuit could care less about her. When they come around she just stops and stares. When they start to wrestle with each other, she thinks it's the most hilarious thing in the world.

~As you can tell from most of our pictures, she loves the jumpy john bouncy thingy. She will sit in it for up to an hour at a time. When she's not sitting in it, she tries to make whatever she sitting in or standing on into a bouncy thing. We've started calling her Tigger. In the past month, we've noticed her really starting to play with her toys. She loves anything she can put on as jewelry. She hasn't taken to her walker yet, but she is loving her exersaucer now that she can play with the toys.

~She's a talker. She's always got something to say. When you say something to her or ask her a question, she will always respond back. We might have no clue what she's saying, but she looks at you like she knows just what your talking about. She's a very observant baby and always observant of whats going on around her. I love watching her soaking things in. Her pediatrician called her a "very advanced baby." Sorry, I had to brag.