Friday, May 30, 2014

Some Friday Favorites

I wanted to post about the wedding, but the pool is calling our names.

For now, I'll leave you with a few things I'm loving at the moment....

This is this months bookclub pic and y'all....I just can't even.  It's rare when a book leaves an impression on me like this one did.  I finished it days ago and I'm still thinking about it. If you're a daughter, if you have a daughter, if you're a mother, if you have a mother...this book is a must.  I literally bawled at the end of this book.  So much so that David had to ask if I was okay and then I bawled as I read the last few paragraphs to him.  Then I yelled at Nic at 10pm for not warning me it was a tear jerker. I promise though it's a good cry.  This book is a must this summer!

I've been rocking these sandals from Old Navy for a week now and I'm in love!!! They are plastic but still look like you're a little classy.  The best part is they are super comfy! I will be sporting these all summer.  Oh and even better, they are only $10 ($12.99 online)!!!

I discovered these two last summer and though I use them during the winter too, it's officially time for them to do their thing since it's SUMMER HAIR time!!! Also known as....I'm to lazy to do anything with my hair time  The beach babe texture spray smells just like the beach and I may over use it just for the smell.  Best part, you can find them both at Target and some Walmarts for under $5. 

So, what are you loving these days?   I'm a sucker for trying something new.  

Off to pack the pool bag.  Happy weekend! : )

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dance Recital Day or the day I fell even more in love with my family

I mentioned that our busy May was leading up to one big weekend.

Technically, this past weekend was a big one for this girl....

She had her second dance recital of her dance career, and she was flower girl for my cousins wedding.

We started the crazy weekend with a two and a half hour dress rehearsal on Friday.  I along with probably all the other parents rolled my eyes at the length of time, but surprisingly, it did end up taking that long.

Last year she kept us laughing by waving the whole way through the performance, but this year she actually danced.

I'm not going to be one of those moms....believe me, I don't expect Julliard to be knocking on our door anytime soon, but you could tell a big difference between this year and last.  As much as a four year old could...she looked like she somewhat had an idea of what she was doing.

However, Olivia's dancing wasn't what left me teary eyed that day.

This weekend was a crazy busy weekend, not just for us, but our whole family in the fact that my cousin Kyndall was getting married.  On top of dance recitals, the weekend was filled to the brim with the usual wedding activities...bridal luncheons, dinner rehearsals, bachelor know the drill.

Last year, we took up almost an entire center row with all who came to watch Olivia dance.  I had already been warning Olivia that because of the wedding, there were only going to be a few of us that could come watch her, so don't be disappointed that not everyone could come watch.

Once again, my family blew me away with their love for my kids.

As parents, you know the love you have for your children....but it's something else to see the love others have for them.

Family was showing up literally moments before the show started.  In between all the wedding festivities, they made sure to take the time out to watch a four year old dance a total of six minutes.  For those who couldn't make it due to the tight wedding schedule, Uncle Jeremy was videoing her performances and immediately sending them to the rest.   

I repeatedly told them all thank you and how much it meant to me they came, only to get "we wouldn't miss it!"

I mean, seriously???

Saturday afternoon, I sat in the row, looking to my left and right at a once again almost packed center row full of family.  I teared up just thinking about how grateful I am for family.

Can we say love tank overfill???


Family who made sure a four year old's yearly dance recital didn't get completely overshadowed by a once in a lifetime wedding.

Thank you all again.  

It's something this mama will forever be grateful for.

***A big thank you goes to  my mom who came down from Nashville to not only see Olivia dance, but also was a huge help with Amelia during all the wedding festivities.  Oh, and she got up for Amelia's nightly feedings so I could get some was seriously the only way I survived the weekend!!! Thanks again, Mom!!!***

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The sweet spot.

It's been no with this baby has been no walk in the park.

Buuuuuuuuutttttt............we've seemed to finally hit that sweet spot.

Technically she turned ten months just last Friday, but for the past few weeks, we've seen a major change in our Milla-moo (Yes, that's the nickname the poor kid has earned.  She can thank her daddy for that one).

Ten months has been kinder to us all.

She's finally happy with life.


Unless she's hungry or sleepy, she's pretty much smiling and laughing constantly.

She still has days that she wants to only be held, but, they are starting to seem fewer and far between.  Those days, I've been trying really hard to put my to-do list aside and oblige her, since I know those days will soon come to an end. 

I can't get enough of her smile.  It takes up her whole face just like her daddy's and she's still her daddy's twin....just the girl version.

She's done with baby food and completely insulted if you even try to offer.  We're slowly starting to add milk to her bottles and she's quickly seeming to perfer those bottles over any straight formula ones we offer....can we say Thank you Lord!!!

Oh, and don't dare try to feed insult to a ten month old.


The biggest thing I've notice with her is that she's totally content playing alone.  It seemed like for the first two and a half years of Olivia's life, she was constantly underneath me and wanting to be entertained.  Amelia will contently play alone for hours at a time.  I won't's sooooooooo nice.  As long as she knows we're in sight or ear shot, she's good.

She's been crawling for a few months now and she's fast.  Though she's started cruising the furniture these past few weeks, I think it will still be a few months before she walks, just because she's so fast and quickly get where she needs to go with crawling.

Oh, and she's into EVERYTHING!!!

Her biggest challenge still is sleeping through the night.  She did it once, but I'm not holding my breathe just yet.  I think once she can start getting a little more food in her (I'm convinced she has a tiny stomach), she'll keep it up.  However, it's nice to know now she can make it eleven straight hours without eating.  So, there's hope!!!

She's become such a joy to us these days.  She's always been a blessing, but for a long time, life with her was hard.  Really, really hard. For so long it felt like we were just constantly struggling to get through the day. 

These days...her smile, her laugh, her chunky thighs, her constant babble....I can't get enough of her.

Looks like we may just survive this first year after all. 

And, yes....her ten month photo shoot was in the middle of Hobby Lobby.  That's how we roll.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It's been a cray-cray May!

I literally had to dust off the computer when I picked it up a little bit a go. I'm not even joking.

Had you given up on me? 

Well, I gave myself permission to take the month of May off.

May has been an overly crazy busy month for us this year.  For real, we had something on the calender everyday this month.  I know that's not a big deal to some, but to a homebody like myself, it's overload.

I've been looking forward to Memorial day for months now just because it meant an end to our crazy month.  June so far is staying pretty clear schedule wise and I'm going to soak it up, since July is pretty full too. Pretty much the only thing on the calender for June is summer fun! 

Some things you may have missed over the past month...

1.  We celebrated eight years of marriage.  It was the worst anniversary we've had so far....seriously.  We got into probably the biggest fight to date of our marriage, but it was one of those that ended up being good for us.  Sometimes you need those kinds of fights to put you both back on the same track.

2. I got bangs (see above picture).  I haven't decided yet if I'm going to keep them yet but its nice because my hairdresser left them long enough I can still go bangless if needed.

3. I broke my toe.  I haven't been able to run or workout for about three weeks now because it hurt to wear anything but flipflops.  I wore heels to a wedding for a short time this weekend and thought the toe was all better, but after a run tonight, the toe isn't looking so good again. Ugh, is all I have to say.

4.  We played room switch-a-roo again in the farmhouse and now Olivia is sleeping in the little nook area.  It's been about two weeks and so far, it's working out the best out of all the sleeping arrangements we've tried.  The girls just aren't quite ready yet to share a room.  This time we actually got around to hanging a curtain to give her a little bit of privacy and her little area has actually turned out pretty cute (though this picture doesn't convey the cuteness). She's in love with it and excited to have her own space again.  I think they'll still share a room eventually, but Amelia is for sure going to have to be sleeping through the night and not taking four naps a day. 

 Oh, and we told Olivia we'd pay her a dollar for each day she takes a nap.  This has been in effect for two weeks now and she's only earned a $1.  Obviously it's not working.

5.  We pretty much gave up on school for the rest of the year.  However, we packed in the field trips for the first part of the month.  We're taking a stab at a new program for the summer just to see if it will work in the fall, but we won't be hardcore about it.  Looking to the fall for a fresh start and to get back on track.  I'm not really to concerned since she's only four, but between moving, being sick so much, friends in the hospital, etc....we got way off track this Spring.

 4.  This kid turned ten months old and now has five and a half teeth, but that's a whole post in itself.

Well, I think that about covers it. 

There are a few other things that require their own post, so I'll try to get to those soon. 

For now, we're welcoming summer...

Friday, May 2, 2014

First day~May 2014

Here is a peek into our first day of May in crappy cell phone pics...

(Nothing but quality around here folks!)

Confession: Olivia started to become addicted to Imagination Movers on Disney Jr. a few months back. At first I thought it was just as annoying as my boy Caillou, but now I've actually started to taken a liking to the guys who sing and dance each morning.  I kinda have a little boy band crush on them all.

Okay, I should probably take a moment and explain something.  At the beginning of the year, the girls started going to a sitter twice a week.  I needed a little bit of a break and a friend was looking to keep a couple of kids each week.  This has been a huge blessing in all of our lives these past few months and we've fallen in love with our sitter and her family.  For the past month, Amelia has kept going twice a week and Olivia only once.  I haven't talked about it publicly, but Olivia has had a rough past few months, this gives her one day a week that she has my full attention all to herself.  So, that being said, that is why Amelia is missing from a good chunk of the photos today.

Normally this is where I say I'm linking up with Nicole, but yesterday afternoon, Nicole took Gabe in to be checked out because he had been acting like he hadn't been feeling good all week.  He ended up being admitted due to a lot of fluid on his lungs and had to have a chest tube put back in late last night.  It looks like they are going to be there a few days.  Please keep them in your prayers. 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

"Some babies...."

I know some people feel like I have no right to say anything, but this baby....

She's a tough one.

For a long time, I thought it was just me.  However, anyone who spends a large chunk of time with her will say the same.  I have a solid group now of those who say the same about her.  In fact, the girls sitter is a veteran mom of three and even she agrees, Amelia is a different breed of baby.  

After hard day #228 with her, I kinda laughed at myself when I thought of the saying you usually hear of how God doesn't give you what you ask for, instead he gives you what you need.  Because for three years, I asked and begged God for a baby.  Well, evidently God thought I needed a good kick in the pants, not a baby.

On Easter Sunday, Amelia woke up with a cold.  She acted pretty fine and made it through Easter festivities without much fuss.  The next two days though, she pretty much cried nonstop.  It was one those were nothing was making her happy.  I called late Tuesday for the very first sick appointment on Wednesday morning.  Verdict...she had an ear infection in both ears, a nasty cold, and a fourth tooth coming through.  Okay, can you blame her for being in a bad mood?  I would have hated the world too.

They gave her a round of meds and said if she didn't perk up in 48 hours to bring her back in.  Well, two more days go by and she's still hating life.  Friday, I called the moment the appointment line opened and took her back in for round two of the doctors that week. 

No lie....about 20 minutes before it's time to leave for our appointment, she suddenly perks up.  By the time we get to the doctor, a totally different child. Of course, I had already shelled out another $30 for the copay by then.  The doctor comes in, goes through the normal routine, looks at her ears and declares "her ears both look perfect. Any signs of the ear infection on Wednesday are gone." 

Okay, it's not that I wanted her to still be sick.  I'm grateful for my healthy girls.  Believe me, after watching several friends go through stuff with their kids, I'm truly grateful.  However, it would be nice to have a reason for why this child is never happy with the world.

Just then, the doctor throws it at me "you know, some babies do just have a certain disposition."


So, I just payed $30 for you to tell me the only thing wrong with my baby is she has an attitude.

I seriously just started laughing.  I'm sure the doctor thought I might have needed to have my head examined.  It's just I didn't need to pay $30 to hear that....I've been saying that for months now.

"Some babies..."

Thank goodness she's cute. 

Heaven help us these next 24 years. 
It's going to be a miracle if we both make it.