We've been a little busy these past few days.

We finished our Foster/Adoption classes on Saturday. We're now official. As one other mom in the class put it..."we're Paper Pregnant!"....that's funny. David and I (as of this morning) have finished up every thing little thing that needs to be done on our end and now.....we sit and wait. This morning when David called our caseworker to tell her he finally got his fingerprints done, she ended the conversation with a "I'll talk to you soon." He got all excited, but I'm not putting anything into it. I don't want to get my hopes up yet because I've heard you can wait on that phone call anywhere from two days to two years. Obviously, I hope it's sooner than later.

Late Sunday night, my Mom and John came into town. They ended up getting in a little later than expected and Olivia couldn't hang long enough to see them. She was a little shocked when she woke up to see them here, but she quickly warmed up and had Grandma at her side all morning. They had to head up to North Georgia for a few days, so we went for a Valentine's Day breakfast at the Waffle House and they'll be back down in a day or two to spend some more time with Olivia.

We had a nice Valentine's Day. I was a bad mom and didn't get anything for Olivia because I'm saving my money for when she actually realizes it's a holiday and expects something. I made David a homemade card because I refuse to pay $6.59 for a card I liked at the store. Luckily, he felt the same way (That's why we're made for each other). I also decided to make a special dinner for us to eat over candle light after little bit went to bed. I decided on Pioneer Woman's Linguine with Clam Sauce. It was delicious, David loved it, and my Valentine's dinner was a success. David totally surprised me with buying me a lens for my camera that I've been talking about for the last six months. It won't be here till the end of the week, but I have no problem waiting. I was totally shocked and felt very loved (surprisingly...receiving gifts is not my love language) on Valentine's day.

Today, I tagged along with Nicole to a open house for a homeschool co-op. I've been really interested in the Classical Education style since reading The Well-Trained Mind last summer. We learned about Classical Conversations which is a co-op using the Classical Education in our area. Back before Christmas when Nicole told me she was going to check it out, I did not hesitate in inviting myself to tag along. I've been reading books about it for awhile now, but it was so neat to see it being put in use. I'm totally hooked on it now. Obviously, if we do receive older kids anytime soon, we'll without a doubt enroll them into the program next school year. If not, I'll have to wait till Olivia is four to join in on the fun.

For the last two years, we've been going back and forth on canceling our cable. I realize some people just let out a big GASP! I've said many times, we don't watch very much tv, especially network tv. The only tv we really do watch is on public television, so it was becoming hard to justify spending $70 a month on a ton of channels we don't watch. In the past, we always would say we should cancel it and then would never do it. So, at the beginning of last week we signed up for Netflix, hooked it up through the wii, and then spent the remainder of the week only watching tv through Netflix. At the end of the week, David canceled the cable. It honestly took me a few days before I even realized he canceled it and I'm happy to report, we're surviving just fine. I think we're going to be pretty happy with this decision.

Oh and forget that mess of I didn't get Olivia anything for Valentine's Day. I just remembered that I did buy her a pair of shoes at Target on clearance Sunday....I am a nice Mom after all.



Elizabeth said…
We LOVE Netflix! It's definitely the way to go...I can't remember the last time we went to a theater. We canceled all of our movie channels on cable a while back, and I'm pretty sure we'd be the same, but the hubs loves his sports channels too much. Glad to hear everything is moving a long! :)
Tristan said…
hahaha..AWESOME. netflix instanly..I want that sooo bad!!!

glad you got a new lens..and I'm in love with her boots!
Anonymous said…
We are cancelling our cable pretty soon too. B said I could have that $70 to spend on clothes or cable. Clothes are better :)
The Edberg's said…
We haven't had cable since 2007 and it has been a blessing. We watch TV online (hulu or other websites) when we need to and find that there are plenty of things to watch on regular TV that we don't have to pay for. Good for you!
Kameron said…
I too am now caleless, or Fiosless I guess. I don't think I will miss it now that I've discovered Hulu! I only really love to watch 3 shows and the rest is just when I'm bored so now I will have no excuse not to get things done!

Yay for being all set to adopt. It is fast there huh?? My friends are in the program to adopt from foster care here and it took so much longer!

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