Thursday, June 30, 2011

Seeing Red

I knew it was only a matter of time before we had some kind of "mess" that couldn't be easily corrected. Olivia is way too curious for our house to stay as accident free as it has so far.

She was contently paying in the play room this morning, so I went into the kitchen to get me a glass of water and noticed the Old Navy receipt on the counter from a purchase last night. Then I remembered that if you fill out the survey, you get another 10% off. I was planning to go back there tonight to pick up a few extra things for our beach trip next week, so I thought I'll go fill it out while I'm thinking about it.

After ten minutes of uninterrupted time, I noticed it was quiet.

Way too quiet.........

Evidently, I forgot to lock the craft closet door and she found a toy she could climb on to and get to a couple of craft paints I had left sitting on the counter.

Yeah, she started crying the moment I walked in the room...

This may be bad parenting, but I didn't even get on to her. I was too mad at myself. She knew she wasn't supposed to be in the paint and was crying uncontrollably without my saying a word, so I didn't say a word. I took her in the kitchen, cleaned her up, and put her in her crib while I tried to clean it up somewhat.

I'm honestly a little disturbed with the baby dolls legs. They look a little too much like blood for me.

This is what I'm left with...

And a better view of how noticeable it is...

Of course, she couldn't have just stayed in the closet to paint her legs....that would have been way too easy for mom to hide.

Looks like I'll be saving up for a new rug. Ugh!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A hodge podge of Swimming, Teething, a New Ride, and Videos

I figured I need to sit down and blog since I've started getting threats and phone calls. Some people are bored and evidently they have nothing better to do than read my blog when they should be packing (cough, know who you are)! ; )

Honestly, I've just been a bit dry in the blogging department.

I haven't had much to blog about.

So far this summer, our days have been pretty much filled with swimming. We're either at the Pope's or at the Grandparents at least four (sometimes five) days a week.

We're definitely getting our moneys worth out of our swimsuits this year.

Except Olivia, I've come to terms that she only likes to swim in a swim diaper and a t-shirt. I usually don't fight her and let her go since I'm a cool mom like that.

I don't like to take my camera out by the pool with the splashing kids, so I don't have any pictures. Plus, I'm sure you would get tired of picture after picture of the same kids swimming day after day. Everyone except the Grandparents I'm sure.

Olivia's doing well with the water this year. I was a little concerned at first because she was frightened, but after a solid month at the pool, she's gotten over her fears. We have realized that she likes it most when she's out there with just adults. I can't decide if the bigger kids splash too much for her liking or if she just wants to be right there with them and stands by the deep end the entire time, while we all yell "Olivia backup" all day long. I remember why I haven't been blogging (besides the fact we really have been spending our days by the pool).....Olivia's two year molars came in last week. Two words....PURE HELL!!! So, I was warned by many a moms that the two year molars were no joke. I however was not prepared. They really are that bad. Tuesday of last week, Olivia woke with a 101 fever. I gave her some motron and we spent the day laying around watching Sesame Street and sleeping. She took a three hour nap that afternoon, after taking a 30 and 45 minute nap that morning already. I'll admit, I was kinda enjoying it. I hated that she felt bad, but it was a pretty relaxing day. However, the next day the fever was gone and she was going strong, but NOTHING was making her happy. I had ran out of teething tablets the last time she had a tooth coming in and went to (no lie) every store in our county looking for some. No one carries them anymore and I've been told that they are no longer selling them. So, if anyone has them...send me a bottle so I can keep some on reserve for any future two year molars. I tired another brand, but she wasn't having it. I felt so bad that there was nothing we could do for her. However, after four nights of no sleep for any of us, our patience was being pushed to its limits.

Thankfully, she woke up Monday back to her sassy, but happy, almost two year old self. I'm so glad to have my happy baby back. Especially since her and I are leaving for the beach this weekend. I was a little worried that we might not make it with the molars coming in.

In other Mabrey news, I got a new (to us) set of wheels! It was a pretty spur of the moment thing that we've been talking about for awhile now. Ha! Like everyone else, we've been getting killed at the gas pump lately and we just honestly could no longer afford the gas for our two big cars. It was really starting to put a damper on our everyday living....meaning we could no longer afford to do anything or go anywhere because all our extra money was going to gas. I honestly had started staying home a lot these past few months because I just didn't want to waste the gas. I think it was starting to wear on Olivia and I, because we Mabreys like to be on the go. As soon as we got the confirmation that we were not going to get that sibling group, I was trying to sweet talk David into getting me a car that's better on gas. He finally agreed (I'm sure because he was getting tired of paying for the gas...not because of my constant complaining) and we traded in his gas guzzling truck for a Nissan Altima.

I'm in love with it. It gets WAY better gas mileage than the trailblazer (which Dave's driving for now). Olivia and I even made the thirty-five minute drive to Target Monday, just to walk around. We have not been able to afford the gas for that for some time now.

I know your probably thinking....What about more kids??? And our answer is that we're only taking the number of kids that can fit in the back of the car! The back seat is actually bigger than the back seat of the trailblazer and we can easily fit two car seats and a booster seat if needed. For now, this is got to work. The kids will just have to learn to sit close to each other. My Dad and his siblings are always sharing the story of how three of them use to all fit in the back of a pinto (I think that's what it was?) for the nine hour drive to Richmond. They survived and so will our kids.

Olivia is loving the new ride! We think it's because she can climb into and into her seat all by herself and y'all know how she's Miss. Independent! She has several times opened the garage door and tried to get in. Yes, we've started locking the garage door so she cannot get out. I don't want anyone calling DFACS on us. She's also very possessive of it! The first time we drove it over to the Popes, Nicole and Josie were trying to look at it and Olivia jumped in front of the door, threw her arms out, and started yelling "MINE!!!" They quickly backed off.

My mom has been requesting some video of Olivia, so I finally got around to taking and posting some. If you take the 60 seconds to watch....A. Please ignore my huge pimple and lack of mkeup in the first one, I took it in the morning. B. Please check out David's fancy foot work in the second one.

I think that covers everything for now.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Where's Olivia?"

"I love that kid."

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Date.

He picked her up on Saturday night.

She quickly threw his playing tennis idea out the window and decided since she's a whole 4 months older, she would be in charge.

But then she heard "ice cream!"

And like a good girl, she went running back to daddy.

So much for a goodnight kiss.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"Sadly, you don't truly understand the meaning of being blessed..."

A weekend or two ago, a "facebook friend" (i.e. acquaintance) had posted on their statues that "me and ______ are so blessed to not have any children!!! We still get to party!" Honestly, I was ticked off by the status. It didn't completely surprise me to hear it come from this person. In fact, just a couple of weeks before I told David I needed to take them off my news feed because I was tired of reading their statues. I logged off and continued about my business for a few minutes, but the more and more I thought about it, the more irritated their comment made me. Though, I'm not sure what irritated me the most, the actual comment or the responses it got. A large number "liked" the status and there were even a few comments about how they "should enjoy life now" and how "children suck the life out of you."

Yes, that comment was left by someone who had their profile pic set with a picture of them with their child...go figure?

I completely agree that children are not for everyone. I'm even more a believer that you should wait till a certain maturity level kicks in before having children, but to say your blessed because you don't have children.....that just doesn't sit with me well.

I feel like it's one thing to say your glad you don't have the responsibility of a child at the moment, but it bothers me that some people look at it as such a curse to have children because of their own selfishness. There was a point and time in my life that I was not ready to have children and I knew that, but I never looked at myself as being "blessed," just so I could go out and party.

I'll admit that during those early months of sleep depravation, I may have agreed with the statement the life was being sucked out of me, but to be completely honest, I feel like I didn't really start living till Olivia came into our lives. Life has became so much more since she came into it. When I look at Olivia, I see the purpose of my life (and I'm not saying that from a stay-at-home mom view).

To some, it may not seem like a great life, when you never get to sleep in on Saturday mornings (or any morning for that fact) or when you pick up the same toys off the floor a hundred times a day. For most of us though, it is. It makes for a great life and I wouldn't trade it for a single one of my pre-kid days.

I logged back on a little later and went back to see what else had been said because I couldn't get it out of my head, I was at that point tempted to say something not nice. At that time, only one person had argued against it and I think she summed it up perfectly...."Sadly, you don't truly understand the meaning of being blessed."

She took the words right out of my mouth.

It's a blessing every time you hear the words "mommy" or "daddy."

It's a blessing to see that little face light up and act as though they hadn't seen you in days, even though you were just in the next room for ten minutes.

It's a blessing to get that hug and kiss before bed every night and even more of a blessing when you get the "love you. bye."

And seriously, how can you walk into a room to find this and not feel blessed?

Those people might be blessed to not have kids, but I'm beyond blessed for having one.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Vacation Bible School is not for the faint of heart....

Y'all should have expected that I wouldn't have posted the rest of the week the moment that I said that I was volunteering for vacation bible school.

Let me tell ya....

I told David last Wednesday that I was extremely grateful I'd changed my mind about becoming a teacher. I love children (I adore my own), but I do not find it fun to be around that many children day in and day out. Bless those who do!!!

I had fun till Thursday. In fact, I think it's safe to say that most everyone was having fun till then. When Thursday rolled around, you could tell that the kids were getting restless and tired, along with the teachers. On Friday, my group of four year olds were walking around in a daze. I'm pretty sure that I heard several crew leaders state that Thursday must officially been whinny day.

Overall though, it was a fun week. I meet a lot of great new people and it was something different to get us out of the house all week. Olivia though had a rough week and they said she cried most of the time. Which is odd since she never usually does that. So, I think that was part of my frustration at the end of the week when by day four, she still had to be pried from me each morning.

Oh, and in case you didn't see on my facebook status, the only thing Olivia learned all week in VBS was "she's/he's bad" and "give it back." Nice, huh? I had to joke with my mom and say that's what I get for letting her hang with the baptist all week!

Will I do it again??? You might want to ask me next year when I'm far removed from the tiredness of this year.

It's honestly taken till today for me to feel normal again. A lot of that has to do with the fact that we've been going like crazy (still) these past few weeks. In fact, tonight is the first time Olivia has been put in bed before 9pm in the last two weeks. It's really starting to wear on the poor thing. I told David that we had to make an effort to slow down this week and get her on some type of normal routine again. I'm to the point with her that I cannot even be mad at her anymore when she acts out because I know she's tired and honestly, not getting much one on one attention with us lately. We have plans tomorrow, but I'm hoping for the rest of the week, we can have some family time.

Fathers Day, David had to work, so I headed up with Olivia to meet my dad for lunch. Olivia and I took him to our favorite hot dog place and to walk around the new sports store in our area. It felt like too short of a lunch date and I'm hoping that we'll do better about having them more often. Afterwards, we headed over to David's parents to cookout with his dad after David got off work. Of course, Olivia was in the pool within five minutes of arriving. She loves her Nana & Grandpa's pool. She plays more in the pool at their house than any other pool around. I don't know what it is about it, but she loves it. Maybe it's because only at Grandpa's pool, are you allowed to play with a sprinkler right next to a pool full of water.

I had to post this picture because I couldn't get over how big she looks in it! No wonder she's mistaken for 3 so often.

Warning....chip dip is not safe around this girl. I caught her sticking her hands in it and eating handfuls at a time.

Since I'm always pretty open on here about our lives.....the past couple of weeks, we've also been dealing with some unpleasant changes with David's job lately. Nothing major and should be temporary, but it's frustrating when any company expects more (hours & responsibilities) from you, but yet, not want to pay you for it. We are both completely aware of the state of the economy these days and we're thankful and blessed he has a job and a stable job at that. Not trying to bad mouth the waffle, we still love it and are grateful for it, it's still just frustrating with how much he's away from family already. I guess that's just the way things are these days. I think dealing with vbs and that stuff is what's has made me a little stressed out (and not in a blogging mood) lately. Though after several serious talks about the next few years and where we're heading, I feel more at peace with it all. I'm sure I'll post more about it all later.

That pretty much sums up our last week.

It's now past 11 and I feel like I've been working on this post forever. I'm sure the hour long break to watch Top Gear has nothing to do with it! : )

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Professional View

Like I promised, here are a few of the sneak peeks that the professional took of the wedding. She posted them last week, but I'm lazy and didn't get around to posting them on here till now.

These look so awesome, that I'm so excited to see the rest!!! Enjoy! : )

All pictures via Peach Blossom Photography

Friday, June 10, 2011

Life Lately


We've been busy around here.

Doing what? No clue.

I guess you can say we've just been busy with life lately.

Side note: Olivia just walked in here with three bags in her hand.

No, she's not my child at all.

That's a joke for those of you who don't know. I've been called a bag lady a time...or two.


We've been swimming, playing in the sand table, hanging out with friends, grilling out hamburgers on the grill, making trips to the new sports store Academy just to walk around, book club, painting bathrooms that should have been re-painted three months ago, and just hanging out at the house trying to get back into some normalcy.

Last Wednesday, I woke up and realized that we had been going full speed, with something planned everyday for over a week. I decided we need to slow down, so we've been hanging out at home the last few days and getting reacquainted with each other.

Until today, when we started VBS all this week. I signed up to help out and let me tell wore me out wrangling three 4 & 5 year olds (I'm sure at this point Nicole is going to make fun of me since she had five in her group...ignore her). I'm going to blame it on the fact that we had to be up and out of the house by 7:15. I am usually up, but not use to being out the door by that time. Overall, it was fun and I'm excited about the rest of the week. We signed up to help at a church we do not regularly attend and randomly, all three of the kids in my group I knew their parents in some sort of fashion. I thought that was kinda crazy.

The plus side of it was that we came home and Olivia slept for 3 1/2 hours. Plus, I got a nap in there too. You know you need a nap when your mom calls on the way home from VBS and suggest you go home and take a nap. Thankfully for my husband and child, I did.

Today is the start of a hard week for my sisterwife Amy and her son Luke. She wrote a beautiful post that is worth reading for anyone whose ever lost someone close. You can read it here. Say a little prayer for them.

That's all I've got for today.

Hope everyone had a great Monday! : )

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pinterest Love for the week ...

I have mentioned that I have become a Pinterest addict. Well, I failed to mention that I've actually been a Pinterest addict for some time now. I actually received my invitation last fall, but didn't really realize it's potential and greatness till the beginning of the year. I've now managed to get several other of my friends on the Pinterest bandwagon. If you haven't, join now....but you have been's addicting!

I decided to share some of what I've been loving lately....

1. We've been talking about lake houses lately and I fell in love when I saw this one. Sure, this one is much bigger than we'll ever be able to afford, but a girl can drool.

2. Peanut Butter Sheet Cake~ need I say more.

3. Love the mix/match colors for a little girl's room.

4. I have a whole board devoted to Master Bedroom Inspiration since we're going to start working on our master bedroom within the next year. I love everything about this room.

5. This would be perfect for our bed.

6. This quote is currently on the chalk board in the kitchen.

7. Love this!!! Maybe one day we'll have enough kids to spell it out???

You can find me here if you want to follow my coolness!

I'm totally kidding....y'all already know I'm a huge dork! : )

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Wedding

I may have mentioned a time....or twenty...that we had a wedding this past weekend.

My little sister cousin, Aubry, tied the knot with Mr. Storm on Friday evening on the two year anniversary of their first date.

To describe the wedding in one word, it would be STUNNING.

The bride was absolutely stunning and I mean that. I believe most brides are beautiful on their wedding day, but Aubry was absolutely stunning. She took your breathe away when you saw her. Yes, I BAWLED when she walked down the aisle with my Uncle George. It was on the verge of an ugly cry. Thankfully, everyone is staring at the bride at that moment and not the Matron of Honor.

The gardens they got married at.....breathtaking. I wish I lived there (along with the twenty Mexicans that keep it beautiful). It was so peaceful and you could tell, filled with history.

The decorations were very personal and so them. The tent area for the dinning and dancing was perfect. I wish I had more pictures of the area, because I seriously wanted the same set up in my back yard. It felt very homey and like you were dancing with 100 of your closets friends in your back yard. David is already planning to hold his 40th birthday there. I'm already making plans for Olivia's wedding day.

I'm sure it's safe to say these two enjoyed every moment of their special day. Besides the fact it was hot (and it was HOT), everything went perfectly!!! I'm so thankful that they made it such a family affair and we got to be there every step of the day.

Unanimously, this picture was voted the favorite of the day so far. It sums up the feelings of the day perfectly.

Congratulations again Aubry & Jeremy!!!!

These are just some pics from facebook I stole, I'll post more when the professional gets some posted.

Monday, June 6, 2011

A Unexpectedly Awesome Monday

Today was one of those days that was an unexpectedly awesome.

You know..... one of those that seems to be just an ordinary day when you wake up. But when your climbing into bed later that night, you stop and think, today was a pretty good day.

*Our ac finally got fixed after almost two weeks of being out in 90 degree weather.

*We had a family breakfast date.

*We got a text from our friends who are expecting their 3rd child this fall, that it's a GIRL after having two little boys. I can assure you there was lots of screaming in the car when we got it!

*We took the littlest two out to pick peaches and even though we goofed and took them at the hottest part of the day, they were troopers and seemed to have a good time.

*I went grocery shopping at my favorite grocery store with one of my best friends. I can say I've never done that before and it was actually pretty fun. So much so, we think we'll do it again.

*After grocery shopping, we went back to Nicoles and put those two little ones down for naps. We then proceeded to lay out in the pool for TWO full hours!!! We weren't splashed once, we didn't have kids hanging all over us, we didn't have to hear "watch me, mommy!" a hundred times, we didn't have to yell "walk" to little blond girls that are always running around the pool. We even had a full two hours of uninterrupted conversation. It was Mommy Heaven!!! The only thing missing was a cabana boy and some frozen drinks.

*Olivia went #2 in the potty. I know some might be rolling your eyes right now, but when your the parent of a small child, that's big exciting stuff!!! No, we're not officially potty training, but it's obvious she's ready or close to. Our schedule has been so crazy busy lately, I'm waiting for it to calm down so we can really focus. I'm thinking it's going to be closer to the end of summer.

So, that's a few of the little things that made my Monday pretty awesome.

It easy to forget that sometimes ordinary days can be the best ones! : )

Friday, June 3, 2011

Brain Dump

  • David and I watched a documentary about Lyme disease on Wednesday night and I have to say that I'm totally freaked out now and worried (which most will tell you, I'm not one to worry about stuff like that). Only because I had a bad tick bite back in March and Olivia has had a bite on her back for a week or so that looks similar to mine. I know that doesn't mean anything, but the documentary scared the poop out of me. Which makes me it good to watch those kind of shows to make you aware, or is it best just not to know?
  • The air condition in our bedrooms went out while we were on vacation. It wasn't too bad at first, but as the week has gone on, it's gotten hot. Our air guy cannot get here till beginning of next week, so we're camping out on the living room floor again. Buying a house with two AC units was one of the most awesome decisions we've ever made if I say so myself!
  • Speaking of the hotness....on May 17th, I made chilli for dinner and had the heat on. On June 1st, the car thermostat was reading 100! Craziness!!!
  • Wednesday was just one of those days for us. OK was in a bad mood and no matter how hard I tried, she wasn't getting out of her funk. I've been trying really hard to be as patient as I can because we all just have those days some days. I should be embarrassed to tell you that we watched seven full episodes of Sesame Street. It was the only thing she wanted to do, so we camped out in front of the tv all day. That rarely happens with her, so I soaked up laying around with her. At one point she even crawled up beside me and cuddled with me. I was in heaven.
  • Olivia loves going through my bathroom drawers and she found a scrunchie in one of the drawers about a week ago. The girl has hardly taken the thing off all week. I find it hilarious that she ALWAYS puts it on the same arm and in the same spot. No clue why she's so into arm bands at the moment and I promised her Auntie Aubry I'd have the thing off before the wedding tonight.
  • The wedding is tonight and I'm so excited for it!!! Since I'm playing a part in it, I'm not sure I'll get many pictures, but I'll post some as soon as the photographer gets some up. I know they won't read this till the get back from their week in St. Lucia, but Congrats again Aubry and Jeremy!!!! So happy for you both and thank you so much for letting us be apart of y'alls day!!!! Love you both!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I conquered it (finally)!

Did you notice on my book list what was added?

After a month and a week (I had to take a week off for the book club pick), I finally finished Gone with the Wind.

I'm glad I finally sat down and finished it.

I'm glad I can say "I've read the book" when someone asks.

But overall, I wasn't that impressed with it and most of the time, I had to push myself to get through it.

I honestly think that 90% of that is due to the fact that I've seen the movie so many times, I can quote it. If I hadn't ever seen the movie, I would have been devouring it to see what happens next to Scarlett and Rhett.

Which is why I'll keep being insistent on not seeing any movie before I've read the book.

The movie does follow the general outline of the book pretty closely, but there are a few story lines left out of the movie that made the book more interesting. Kinda like the fact, that Scarlett actually had two other living children besides Bonnie. I will say that reading the book did give me a whole new love for Scarlett and her character. With the movie, Rhett has always been my favorite character. But from the book, it's Scarlett. Obviously, you do get way more insight on her in the book than the movie.

A few people have asked because they had not read it and my advice to them has been, if you've seen the movie.....don't bother. If you haven't....go for it!

When your finished, call me and we can have a Gone With the Wind movie party.