Thursday, February 28, 2013

A big day.

Tomorrow is a big day for our little family.

Over the past couple of weeks I have started to get hounded with the question "so when do you find out the sex of the baby?" which is only natural since it does seem like I've been pregnant forever already.

I set the record straight last week on facebook, but in case your one of the few people who read that is not a facebook friend, that the reality of it was is that we actually already know what the sex of the baby of is.

We've known for some time now.

When we went for our first specialist appointment back in January, while having our ultrasound, the ultrasound tech kinda let slip out what she saw.  Dave and I were just kinda like "mmmkay...." We really didn't know what to say or how to react. Especially since she quickly threw out that it was still early and she wouldn't run out to buy a certain color, but she 90% sure and she has never been wrong in seven years.

So we were left sitting there kinda not knowing how to react.  Not because we were not excited about what it was, we just weren't prepared to go in finding out that kinda info, if you know what I mean. 

To be honest, it kinda took the excitement and specialness away from the whole process.  Since we found out we were pregnant, I had been imagining in my head the three of us heading into that big appointment and sharing that special moment with Olivia.  Four years ago, when we found out what Olivia was, we had several grandparents with us and my bff cousin Aubrey.  It was fun to share in that moment together with all of them and it seemed fitting for that time.  This go round though, I wanted it to be just the three of us to share in that first initial excitement.

After a few days, it started to sink in that my "special moment" I was dreaming of had kinda been ruined. As stupid as it may sound, I told Olivia that mommy was having a baby before I even told David and I felt like I wanted her to be one of the first to know what the sex was too.

We decided to not share with the world just yet, because we were afraid that we would be telling Olivia one thing for the next six weeks and it turn out to be the other.  We didn't want to confuse her, so we haven't said anything to her and we haven't shared publicly because we didn't want anyone to accidentally say anything.
Tomorrow the three of us will go in together and two of us will try our best to act totally surprised to find out who family member #4 will be.

It kinda feels like Christmas morning when we already know what Santa brought her, but still have to act totally shocked.

Who knows, maybe we'll all be surprised tomorrow???

January 18, 2013

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

No one can do it all...including housewives.

A couple of weeks ago, I sightly mentioned that I was trying to prove a point to my husband and I've got a few curious questions on what exactly that point might be.

Because let's be honest, we all want to make sure we're not the only I right?

At the beginning of the month, we had a calm discussion about my cooking....or to be more honest, my lack of cooking.

My response to him...

No one can do it all...including housewives. 

 Let's just get this out there, I don't necessarily hate cooking, but its not something I enjoy doing.  It's not that I'm even bad at it.  I'm no Julia Child by any means, but I can follow a recipe.  I just don't enjoy the process of it.  If you give me the option to cook dinner for the family or go out....I'll usually go with the later.

No lie, I'd rather clean a toilet over cooking a meal for my family. 

However, I realize that eating out constantly is not healthy and it can add up at times, so I cook probably 70% of the time....even though I do not enjoy it. I look at it as apart of my job.

Here's the deal, I am a stay at home mom and the way it works in our house is that I do usually do everything house related....I wash the clothes, keep the house clean, shop for groceries and cook the meals, take care of the kid(s), school with Olivia, and I even take care of the yard stuff.  Now, I realize that this isn't how it works in every other household, but its one that I feel like works for us and I feel like is fair.  He works on average two full time jobs a week, so I feel like there is not much I should ask from him as far as household stuff goes....I just ask for money (so who really has the better end of this deal).  You may not necessarily agree with this, but this is how it works for us and we both have no problem with it.

Like most families though we do have weeks, that by default, it seems like all we do is eat out.  We just happened to have a couple of those weeks in a row when this conversation occurred.

So, I'm sure you are getting that my point to prove was that I would cook ALL WEEK LONG....which is a big deal for me because once again, I don't like to cook.

That was at the beginning of the month and now that we are almost to the end, I am proud to say that I've cooked almost the whole month and we've only ate out maybe four or fives times....which is good for us.

Not long after that conversation my MIL (who sides with me because she doesn't enjoy to cook either) and I came up with the idea that he could start cooking a few times a week...why, because he actually claims to enjoy cooking!!!  I proposed that he just tell me what he wants to cook, I make the list and do all the shopping. However, can you believe that he wasn't up for that idea???

His response to our offer "how would you like it if I added more to your chore list?"  Which is funny because seriously, what else more is there to add to my list???  Which by the way, we totally laughed about this because even he realized the silliness of his statement after he said it.

So, I'm still proving my point and making sure to cook dinner more often than I even care to and maybe I'll show him that, just maybe, housewives can do it all after all.


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The rainy day blues.

I had an actual post I had planned for today, but it's another rainy day here and I've got a case of the rainy day blues.  What I'm really saying is that the post didn't get finished and I'm not in the mood to finish it.  Normally, I try to soak up the rainy days and use them as a day to rest and chill, but being that we've had several rainy days a week for the past two months, I'm kinda over those days.

We've been trying to come up with something to do today to get us out of the house, but we're coming up on empty so far.  It's cold and rainy, so we'll have to do something inside and we're just all kinda sick of being stuck inside in general.  I asked Olivia what she wanted to do today and the only thing she could come up was "go outside and ride my bike in the the Summer."

Well, that's kinda a hard one to pull off at the moment.

In case you missed it, Nicole wrote a great post titled Confessing about mommy hood yesterday along the same lines of my post yesterday, but with a little more seriousness.  Also, I read a good one the Megan from Tales of the Trees wrote about the same subject in a post titled Being Authentic.  I think its ironic that I read a couple of different post about feeling the pressures of being a mom all within the same twenty four hours.  I think that kinda says something, don't you?  If you have a few minutes, I suggest you read them both.

I know a lot of these are repeats, but here are a few instagram pics I've posted in recent weeks, just in case you're one of the two people that haven't seen them.

Over the weekend, I finally finished The Dovekeepers.  I've been reading it off and on since Christmas and was getting to the point, I just wanted it over with.  I loved the beginning and the end, but got a little bored with it during the middle, but by that point, I was 300 pages in and had too much invested in it.  It was the first book I've ever read set in the ancient times, so I really enjoyed reading it for that reason alone.  I wouldn't say it was one of my all time favorites, but it is definitely a story I won't forget.

I'm officially 18 weeks today. That seems like we've come so far, but still got so long to go.  July still seems so far away.  We have a very important doctors appointment this Friday and I'm super excited about it.  More on that later in the week.

That's all I've got today.

I'm off to intervene in a game of candy land between a three year old and  thirty year old.  It sounds like things are getting violent in there.  

Stay dry and have a happy Tuesday.

Monday, February 25, 2013

my parenting tatics suck

Let me set the scene....

A few weeks ago, it was one of those cold windy days in which we were stuck inside all day.  It was getting later in the day and close to nap time....or shall I say, close to the time I attempt to put her down for a nap. Some days I win...most days, not.

She had been activiely playing all morning and there are toys strewn all over the house.  I'm cool with that being that we don't have a playroom and I usually just let her have at the entire house while playing and then attempt at some type of cleaning later in the day.  So, I calmly tell her that we needed to start picking up some of these toys because it was time to go lay down.

About ten minutes of whining and crying about how she doesn't want to pick up her stuff ensues.

"Fine then, I'll throw your toys in the trash, since you don't want to pick them up."

Now, I'm sure your thinking "well, that's kinda childish to say" but that was the first thing I could think of and I needed something because my asking kindly was not getting me anywhere and let's be honest, we've all been there at some point in time.

I'm expecting a cry out of "NO!!!" and her to immediately start picking up just something....but no, I end up with a...


Ummm....not really what I was looking for.

I throw out an "I'm serious, I'm going to throw away whatever you don't pick up."


And then she proceeds to walk into the kitchen and starts throwing them in the trash can herself!


At this point, I'm about speechless and grasping at straws....I mean like I was really going to throw them away...most of them were brand new toys she had just gotten for Christmas less than two months ago.

I responded with a "No, like put them in a trash bag and on the curb for the trash man to pick up. 

My threats were still a no win and she continues to chunk toys in the trash and hollers "I DON'T CARE!!!"

I immediately panic and start fishing the toys out of the trash. 

"Okay, I'm lying, I'm lying...I'm not really throwing them away.  These things were gifts that people spent their hard earned money on and we're not throwing them away....."

Obviously...I lose. 

I'm honestly not quite sure how we ended this one.  The toys eventually were picked up and put back where they belong...not in trash...and I'm certain a nap was not taken. 

All I do know is, I won't be attempting  to write a parenting book anytime soon.  

Friday, February 22, 2013

A taste of Spring.

I'm not a fan of winter as you most already know.

But even I can say that we've been lucky this winter.  Not as nice as last years, but we haven't had much of a true winter...even by Southern standards.  We haven't had a single snow or ice day and most days the temps are in the 40's/50's.  We have had a lot of rain and some very windy days, but otherwise, its been okay.

However, I am over the little taste of Spring that we get each week.

Since before Christmas, the weather pattern each week has stuck to a really nice day in the upper 60's, followed by alternating cold windy ones and rainy ones.

You get just a taste and it leaves you craving for more.

My child loves to be outdoors even more than I do, so we head outside every chance that we get and soak it up for all its worth. 

And then we're usually stuck inside for the next week, till we get that little taste again.

After a week of some cold and windy weather, we got one of those days yesterday.  We headed outside late morning and stayed out till dinner time.

We even skipped nap.  Such rebels.

I was brave and let her play with my nice camera (with a few rules of course). She spent our day playing Dora the Explorer (which is crazy to me because she rarely watches her) and taking pics of jungle animals.

(An Olivia Original)

 (An Olivia Original)

 (An Olivia Original)

I'm certain I have the next National Geographic photographer on my hands.

Keeping with tradition, we're once again stuck inside for the next few days due to rain.

I'm certain she asks at least ten times a day "Is it summer yet?"

Roughly only 66 more days...not that I'm counting or anything. 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

My husbands favorite pregnancy stage!

I want to apologize because I realize my last few posts have been a little wordy.  I'm sure you all have better things to do than listen to me ramble, so I'll work on that...just not today.

This week has just gotten away from me. I actually spent all this morning thinking how it sucked I was out of money already for the week and then it hit me that it's Thursday and tomorrow is payday! Whoop!

I've been nesting all week.

When we moved, we went from 3700 sq. feet to 1600 sq. feet and we realized that we (okay, me) had a lot of junk. It's crazy how we had only lived in that house for three years and the amount of stuff we had accumulated. To put it in perspective, the house we lived in before our last house was about 1100 sq. feet. When we moved from that house to our big house, we moved our entire house in one load in big moving truck. Fast forward to this move only three years later and it took us two loads in the same sized truck, plus a couple of trips with a pickup truck.  Straight up ridiculous. 

So, purging has quickly became my favorite way to pass time. Not only did we not have the space for it, I honestly just don't want to have to move that much stuff again. I started right after our move in November, but my number goal for 2013 was to get rid of all this stuff. When I found out we had a baby on the way for Summer 2013, it put me in high mode to get it done and get it done quickly. I've been making so many trips to the Goodwill donation center, the dude that works there and I are on a first name basis. True story.

I'm down to the last few boxes inside the house. However, we have a detached garage that hadn't been touched since we moved in. We basically threw a bunch of stuff in there and shut the door. Monday we had perfect February weather, so I had been prepping Dave for a week beforehand that we would be cleaning it out come Monday. Of course, I had other motives for cleaning out the detached garage and the attached garage, but more on that in a sec.

(Keeping it real...the last few boxes I have to go through!)

Nesting. It's my husbands favorite stage of pregnancy (note the sarcasm please).

Normally, I would have tackled the garage on my own. I've always been a re-arranger and I can usually move my entire house by myself. However, I'm already at that stage that I cannot lift very much, especially furniture, so he has to help me move everything. Yes, he always obliges and doesn't roll his eyes too much, but it's not one of his favorite things to do. Especially since I'll move one thing and then decide its not right and immediately move it again. In thirteen years, he's learned its no use to even protest and just moves whatever it is I ask him.

We got the detached garage cleaned out and amazingly it only required two trips to the Goodwill. Along with that, we got the attached garage completely cleared out too and that was my main motive right there.

We need a space for school.

When we moved, we decided to take Olivia out of preschool. I have a post on our decision that has been sitting in my drafts for two months now, but I haven't gotten it finished. I guess I'm still looking for the right words. I know most of you have been around long enough to know that we have always fluttered back and forth with the idea of homeschooling. Not long before we knew baby #2 was coming along, we decided that even if Olivia was our only child, we felt like it was still the right thing for our family and we wanted to give it a shot. So, when we moved, we pulled her out of school and I got busy sitting down and doing actual school stuff with her.

We're four months in and she's loved it. My original plan was to use our third bedroom as a school room, but then news of baby #2 came along and we now need that room in a few months. We've been doing school at the dinning room table and we had our school closet and a wall with our stuff on it, however, it felt like we were quickly growing out of the space. Years ago, I came across Edie at Life In Grace's homeschool room in her garage and I've always loved the idea. We're outside people and days I can have all the windows in the house open are my favorites. Just something about the idea of having a huge door open and doing school with all that fresh air coming in intrigued me.

Because of the baby's due date, I was in a hurry to get it done and more ready for next year than anything. We got the garage cleaned out and a rough set up with the furniture we were going to use. After letting it sit for a day, I wasn't exactly sure I was going to be happy with it....just yet. The biggest reason was that between laying some carpet down and painting, it was going to cost us a couple hundred dollars. I'm just not ready to shell out that kinda money yet for a school room.

Sooooo, back to the drawing board. I then suggested let's take out all the furniture in the dining room and put the school room furniture in it instead. He obliged and then I spent the next day getting things set up.

And, I'm in love.



I have a few things I need to buy and a few more things to get organized, but I think it will work perfectly for what we need at the moment.

We currently do not have a table in our breakfast area. I've tired several different ones we already owned, but none of them would work size wise. We only have one table that would work, but due to a moment of DIY insanity a few years back, I cut the legs off it and tried to use it as a coffee table in our old house. I was never happy with it and have several times regretted that snap decision. Thankfully, it was just the table legs and we're now on a search for new legs. That way we don't have to eat at our school table every meal.

I have no clue how long we will be here and I may eventually bite the bullet to fix up the garage, but regardless, I have already told Dave that our next house will have one extra room that we can use for school.

Till then, we're making it work.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Catching up.

We had a crazy busy week (for us at least) and I'm so excited to have absolutely nothing to do for the next two days.  I need some down time to recover.  I'm a total homebody and I seriously plan on spending my entire weekend just hanging around the house.

Monday morning I rushed to the grocery store while David was home for a quick minute (because he honestly hasn't been home very much in the last two weeks), after that we helped him get packed and headed to lunch for our last family meal together for a few days.  He then headed out on waffle business for a few days, so it was just me and my girl most of the week.

Obviously, I don't spread the word around when he's gone, but a few people knew and I got a few questions on how I do when he's gone. Honestly, I don't mind it too much.  The first trip he took while back, for whatever reason, I put it on my agenda to get a bunch of painting done and basically locked myself in the house with a toddler and gallons of paint for three days.  Well, needless to say, it didn't go over well and we were both going crazy when he walked in the door.  Since then, I've learned to keep us busy when he's away. I do actually like when he goes every so often because I feel like I get a few more things done than when he is here.  Also, I try to make it a big deal of just being her and I to Olivia and we do special things like have a pizza picnic or letting her sleep in the big bed with me, so she doesn't mind it too much either.


Monday night we had book club and it was at one of my favorite host house! We always get good comfort food (not that we don't get good food at the others houses) and she's just one of those ladies who is great at hosting.  We had a few rainy days here and her soup, salad, and hot bread was perfect for a rainy night in Georgia. The book was a hit all around and gave a good discussion.  You can read more about it here at Nic's.

Tuesday it poured all day long.  This was our only day we had nowhere to be and no plans, so we stayed in catching up on school stuff and puttering around the house till dinner time when we drove two doors down to join Nana & Papa's for dinner.  That's the nice thing about living so close to grandparents, they invite us over for dinner when David's gone, so for the last couple of trips, I haven't had to worry about dinner.

Wednesday morning I meet up with one of my college roommates, whom I hadn't seen in ten years!!! Since we moved, we are now only about 30 minutes away from each other.  Oddly, David has ran into her a few times over the years, but I hadn't seen her since the day I moved out of our rental house and back home. She has two little boys, one being just a few months younger than Olivia, so we meet up at a local Chick-fil-a and let the kids run wild on the indoor playground while we spent the next couple of hours catching up.  It was great to see her and I'm hoping we can get together more often now that we're close!!!  Olivia spent the next two days randomly telling people "I have a new friend at chick-fil-a!"  I guess that means she had fun.

We ran a few errands afterwards, until it was time to go pick up Dave. We were excited to have him back and thankful he made it home in time to take her to gymnastics.  She started gymnastics back in January and I went a few times, but I couldn't take it.  My blood was always boiling by the time we left.  Olivia had a hard time adjusting and listening to the teacher and it seemed like chaos the entire hour.  So, I was banned from gymnastics by my husband.  He's been taking her for the past few weeks and it gives me at least an hour to myself every week.  He says she's made great improvements and doing really well.  He's even given me permission to come watch in a couple more weeks.

On Thursday, we headed out to our little home school co-op.  Nicole, Kelsey, and I have joined forces and started our own little co-op.  It seemed hard to find one in our area that offered what we wanted and could fit our schedule, so we started our own.  We meet once a month at different houses and do a few activities together and let the kids play.  We're only a couple of meetings in, but so far it's going really well and we're excited about upcoming stuff planned.


We didn't do much for actual Valentine's Day.  Dave and I have honestly always been kinda off and on with Valentine's Day.  Some years we do something and exchange gifts, but this year was an off year and we were both okay with that.  However, this year, Olivia was really excited about it.  She had several times throughout the week asked me if I "thought her daddy would get her a special Valentine?" I assured her he would and made sure to go get her a couple of things (in his defense, he honestly has been really busy at work over the past couple of weeks).  I got up Thursday morning, made pink pancakes, and made sure to decorate the table with reds and pinks, I was disappointed when she didn't seem too impressed and repeatably keep asking why we didn't do it with daddy (probably because he was out the door at 5:30am and I was not getting up that early to make pancakes...just sayin!)?  She even refused to open her gift till he got home that night.  Girl has more will power than I do, that's for sure.  We had dance that night, so he did rush home to ride with us and we ended our night in the chick-fil-a drive thru and ate in the car.  That's love right there!!! : )

Friday morning I had an appointment for my (hopefully) final blood work for all the testing for the baby.  It was a quick in and out.  I can call to get the results in a few days, or I can wait till my next appointment which is less than two weeks away.  I've decided to just wait, because I'm not one to sit and worry over test results.  I'm happy to have all my blood work out of the way though and praying our next visit will be our last to the specialist.  Though it means extra pictures of the baby, it also means we have a healthy baby.  I go Monday for my 16 week checkup and excited to hear the baby's heart beat again.  Ironically, though its only been two weeks, it feels like it's been forever.

After my appointment we went to have lunch with Nana and ended up doing a little shopping.  Olivia has been in need of new shoes and she had to have these rainbow shoes.  I love them and they make me happy every time I look down at her feet (they are from Carters for anyone whose curious).  They just scream summer & warm weather, don't they?

I'm off to be lazy....for a minute or two.  Happy Weekend!!! : )

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A couple of things...

Thank you all for your help on my last post!!!

Some of you ladies had me cracking up and had some pretty good ideas.  I did have a friend that asked an actual cop for me and he gave me similar advice as Amy K. did in the comments (just in case any of you have a similar problem in the future).  He did however say that as satisfying as a throwing out some nails may be (cough, cough Kameron), that he really wouldn't suggest that.  For me personally, I thought it was a great idea and one I was really considering.

So, would y'all like to hear the ironic part of it all....they haven't been back since I got all your advice!!! Maybe they are one of the tens of people that read this little blog and were too embarrassed to come back??? Or maybe since it was almost Valentine's day, he dumped her because he couldn't afford a gift for his wife and his girlfriend??? I mean, let's be honest, we all know he cannot afford to take her to a hotel room....just saying.

Now to move on to a completely different topic...

One of the first blogs I started reading years ago was Melanie at Big Mama blog.  I loved her sense of humor and her story telling.  The woman is a story teller and her blog post make me laugh on a daily basis.  I love reading about her daughter Carolina because Olivia is seriously nothing but a younger version.  I cannot tell you how many times I've walked away from Melanie's blog thinking that someone was watching through our windows and sharing my daily battles with Olivia.

Awhile ago, Melanie announced she was writing a book on motherhood called Sparkly Green Earrings and I've been very anxious for its arrival.  Well, that day was last Friday and on Saturday morning, the mail lady showed up with my copy that I had per-ordered months ago.  I finished it last night and I cannot recommend it enough to all my fellow mothers out there.  From how you cringe every time you hear someone compare child raising to having dogs, to the years...yes, years....that you go without sleep, to nap time, clothing, and food battles....she covers it all and reminds us that we're not alone on this crazy train called motherhood. Along with the laughs, there are also sweet and gentle reminders that as crazy as the motherhood train is, why we women keep signing up for more. 

Even if you are not a big reader, this book is an easy read and will have you laughing the entire time (and maybe a little teary eyed at the end...or maybe its just the pregnancy hormones).  I've notices a few times now that when bloggers come out with books, it can feel like some of book is nothing but a repeat of their blogs.  However, I've been reading Big Mama Blog for years now and none of it felt like a repeat.  Like I said, I can't recommend this one enough.  In the past few years I've read several parenting books and I have to say that Sparkly Green Earrings is hands down my favorite.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Lovers Lane....What would you do?

So, I have a situation and I need some advice.

As you most already know, we moved three months ago. One of my biggest disappointments about moving was that I was losing the running path I have come to know and love over the past year. Honestly, I had my route memorized. I knew every bump and crack in the road and exactly how far I had to go to get the mileage I needed that day.

The area we moved to isn't exactly runner friendly. Our neighborhood is off of very busy roads with no sidewalks and we live in a very small only two streets small. Though that is a plus in the fact we pretty much are at least familiar with almost everyone in our neighborhood, it also means I would have to make a billion laps around the neighborhood to actually get some mileage out and lets be honest, that can get boring pretty fast.

At the beginning of this month, my MIL and I came up with a route that works and we've been walking it several times a week for a month now. Side note: I was given the all clear from my doctor to keep running, but to be honest (stop reading now Dad and skip to the next paragraph), it felt like my uterus was falling out. So, I've temporary giving up running and stuck to walking and the elliptical at the gym 3-4 times a week. However, I miss it bad and counting down the days till I can be back running again.

There is a neighborhood directly behind ours that was started but never completed due to the real estate bust. They only got one street finished and then put several big boulders up to block off the roads to the rest of the neighborhood that was left empty. It's been like this for several years now and I can say that there hasn't been a problem with dumping trash or anything of that nature.

We have access to this unfinished neighborhood through my in laws back yard, it's bigger than ours, so we cut through and walk that neighborhood and then another larger one directly across the street from it. We get a good four miles out of it and we're excited about our new path.

Though I realize this is breaking a big runner's law with sharing where I walk. We always walk together, so please do not come murder us. Thank you. Our family appreciates it.

Anyways....I should share that I can view this neighborhood from my house. Not long after we started this walking path, I one day noticed a truck that was sitting in the back of this neighborhood. In the two months before, I had never seen it and it was one of those things, I would have noticed it. She's lived here before the neighborhood was even built and has not seen a car back there in years. Well, it stayed there for hours. Later while walking, I mentioned it to my MIL and we were curious to why it was there. I mean, they had to really go out of their way to get back there. You cannot easily get back there with just any kind of car. You would have to be in a big truck like this one to get there.

Over the next few weeks, the same truck starts showing up several days a week and parking for hours in the same exact spot. Monday of last week we went out to walk and realized as we set off that "the truck" is there. I immediately whisper to my MIL "that's the one" and we start lowering our voices contemplating do we turn around or possible meet our end (one of us watches too much CSI and the other too much 20/20). We keep on and as we approach, we suddenly see a mess of limbs and two people quickly trying to get their clothes back on and looking at us in terror.

We suddenly realize we have the upper hand in this situation and they for sure got caught doing something they knew they were not supposed to be doing with each other...if you catch my drift. 

We were even brave enough to loudly question whether there we should snap a picture of their tag and if there was a facebook page we could post it to. However, we are not that mean, so we did not.

The truck quickly leaves and we think we've seen the last of it.

Until three days later when its back and in the same exact spot.

And now that I know what their doing, it's driving me batty. Here's the problem...I can see this truck from every back window of my house. My kitchen, living room, Olivia's room, the baby's future room.....EVERYWHERE I CAN SEE IT!!!! When they came back, I literally had to shut all the blinds just because I was tired of looking at it for four hours straight. Honestly, if it had been just a couple guys hiding from work to take a long siesta, whatever, but I know what these people are doing, so I want them gone. Even my three year old asks me "what's that truck doing back there, mama?" I mean, how do respond now that I know?!?! I just stuck with "something they are not supposed to be doing" for the record.

Before you go standing up for them, let me just say that it's obvious they are doing something they do not want to get caught doing. This is a serious hiding place. I mean, you could throw a dead body back there kinda hiding place. I am honestly not too comfortable being back there alone. If they were a legit couple, they would not be hiding that much, am I right? And it's not some "couple trying to rekindle the romance" or experimenting kinda deal. Their pattern is too frequent and if a legit couple got caught doing it outdoors, I doubt they'd go right back to the same spot just three days later.

Here's the deal...Yes, I realize its none of my business what they are doing and honestly I could care less. Yes, I am tired of seeing it, but there are families who live in that neighborhood and families with kids. On our walks, we have often walked past kids playing on the boulders just around the bend from their "spot." In fact, David often takes Olivia over there every so often to climb "the mountains." Not only that, they are technically trespassing since the boulders are there to clearly keep people out. Which, yes, I understand that we are too if you want to be technical. However, we're not doing something that you should be concerned about your kids catching us doing it.

So, what do I do?

Someone suggested I kindly post a sign out there asking them to go else where and stating how people still live there and our kids play out there and if we saw them again, we'd call the cops.

Or, I call the cops on them?

Or, do I just wait till Spring and pray the leaves on the trees block my view?

What would you do?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Monday is a Monday

Don't you love when you are looking forward to a fresh new week and have all these grand plans...but then Monday rolls around and completely throws you for a loop and then feels as though it throws off the rest of the week that has yet to roll around.

Yeah, that sums up my Monday.

See, even stay at home moms can dread Mondays.

Sunday we noticed Olivia's eye was red and swollen, but it was not pink eye red and swollen. We went about our day and I asked her several times if she had hit it on something, but the only response was "I don't know." We stuck with our plans for the day and headed off to a Super Bowl party with long time friends that we don't get to see too often these days and a few that we see all the time. We had fun, it was loud (six kids loud), lots of yummy food (it helps to be friends with a professional chef), and lots of conversation. Pretty much a great night.

We left at the power outage, so we get a certain little one in bed at a somewhat decent hour, and I noticed her eye was a little more red than it was earlier. After a call to my personal dr. (i.e. my mother-in-law who's a nurse) and a call to our pediatricians night time nurse. It was decided it wasn't something serious enough to take her anywhere that night, but she needed to be seen in the morning.

I had a OB appointment in the morning. Exactly 40 minutes away from Olivia's pediatrician who we are still currently seeing since we just moved and have yet had a need to switch.

Oh and once again, I should know by now not to google anything. I know to stay away from webmd, because webmd=cancer no matter what your symptoms. However, it is still not good to google anything, put it that way.

Thankfully, David was off and could take Olivia to her appointment while I went to mine. Can I say how hard it was to let him take her? I have been to every dr. appointment in the past three years but her very first one when I was back in the hospital after her birth. We luckily got an appointment with her actual pediatrician, so that put a few of my fears at ease because she's seen Olivia since she was two months old. But still, as a control freak, it was a hard pill for this mom to swallow.

I may have text him about 20 different times asking how it was going.

While they were at their appointment, I went to mine. Overall, things were good, but my Dr. did mention that they found some type of bacteria in my system at my 7 week appointment that would require the baby to stay for at least a minimum of 48 hours for observation and that I should let the pediatrician know I had it. That was basically all I walked away with.

Well, at the time she was telling me all this information, I was getting text from David about what was wrong with Olivia. So, to be honest, I was only half listening and did not get the name of what she said I had or why it was important or could possibly be an issue. She acted like it was not a big deal and even said it was very common. I know my dr. well enough to know that if it was something to be worried about, she would let me know. Plus, she did mention that she had already got my first round of blood work back from the specialist and so far, all looked good.

Oh, and I passed my glucose test and that big babies are just genetic....which I've been saying all along now.

So, on top of that....guess what??? Olivia ended up having that scary thing that I googled.

Yeah....see where I'm going with all this.

Basically, I walked out of my appointment feeling defeated.

Thankfully we took her in and it's only scary if you don't get on any antibiotics and let it go untreated. However, when reading google at 9:30pm on a Sunday night, it sounds scary. There is a technical name for it, but basically a cold she had turned into a sinus infection and then moved to her eye. She's now on antibiotics and her eye is still noticeably red, but already starting to go down some.

As far as what my Dr. told me, the couple of people I shared the info with yesterday suggested I call to ask to speak to the dr and ask a few more questions. I've decided to wait since I go back to the dr. in less than two weeks and just ask my questions then in personal and not have a three year old constantly interrupting me. I truly feel in my heart that if there was anything that needed to be done for it, they would have done something. My dr. is known as a pretty conservative dr. in the sense she does not take chances with things. Kind like how they have already told me my need to see the specialist isn't really huge. It's rare I will have a child with what my brother has, however, they don't want take chances. So, I can live with not having a few answers for a couple of weeks. I should have asked then what this means exactly, but I was not in the right mind.

I was thrown off for the whole day. I even called and wished my cousin a Happy Birthday and it wasn't even her birthday. Thankfully, she excused my pregnancy brain.

There were a couple of highlights, like my four mile walk with my MIL and dinner with our best couple friends. At least I didn't have to worry about dinner after a day like that. To be honest, if it wasn't for Nic, we would have most likely ended up at Chick-fil-a or something.

So, that was my Monday. Mondays can be not so fun even when you don't have to clock in somewhere.

Here's hoping to a better Tuesday. However, so far its not looking good.

For the record, morning sickness is not fun. It's even worse when you have a three year old that refuses to leave the bathroom and asking you repeatedly "why you spitting in the toilet?"

On that note, I think I'm just going to give up and go back to bed.

Happy Birthday to Auntie Aubry on the right day!!!!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

First Day-February 2013

It's that time of the month...First Day!!!

Here is a peek into our first day in February!

Disclaimer: I kinda fell off the picture taking wagon after nap. The rest of our evening consisted of Dinner with Nana & Papaw and chocolate chip cookies.

Linking up with Nicole:

Friday, February 1, 2013

Hormones....they are "on fire."

So, I really have no excuse for my absence besides the fact that I just have not been in the mood to write. So, totally going against all "how to be a good blogger" rules, I decided to not write until the mood hit me.

It finally hit me the other day, so here I am again.

I don't have much to say about the last twenty something days, but that the pregnancy hormones are now a raging these days or I should say they are "on fire."

This pregnancy has been the complete opposite of my pregnancy with Olivia. So much so, I can understand why other women actually decide to have more than one child. Honestly after my pregnancy with Olivia, I never could see how other women could "just Love to be pregnant." Now I'm not running around screaming "I love being pregnant!!!" but I can say this pregnancy has been much kinder to me than my last. I've only been sick a hand full of times (six exactly, but who's counting), besides a couple of weeks in the first trimester, I've had energy. I've even felt up working out several times a week, which was not the case the first time around. Needless to say, overall I cannot complain. However, the hormones are a different story.

Yesterday I was honestly mad all day long that the garbage truck was late picking up our trash. Seriously.

I complained about it ALL.DAY.LONG.

My poor friend called me early yesterday morning and I'm sure ten minutes into the text conversation she was wishing she wasn't the first to have called me yesterday.

Because I really was whining to her about how my trash had yet to be picked up, all while she had bigger issues like a bean her son had gotten stuck up his nose and not trying to get sucker punched during a  middle school brawl that occurred right in front of her (she's a middle school teacher, she doesn't just hang out at middle schools).  I know you are feeling sorry for me at the moment. I promise I have bigger issues in life than my trash man not coming on time and yes, I'm pretty sure she was rolling her eyes at me at some point during our conversation.

Blame it on the hormones.

Later that night, I was craving some Chick-fil-a something fierce. Normally we eat at Chick-fil-a every Thursday night after dance, but after a loving disagreement with my husband over the weekend (a whole different post in itself), I was trying to prove a point and had decided to put a meal in the crockpot for after dance instead of our usual Thursday night date. Well, I was craving it anyways and went by myself to get Chick-fil-a while my family ate what I had fixed (yes, that's the kind of mother I am). On the way home from feeding my pregnant lady cravings, I found myself bawling over Alicia Key's "Girl on Fire" which was playing on the radio.

Seriously?!?!?! Get a grip, Amber!!!

Once again, blame it on the hormones.

See, aren't you glad I haven't been around the past few weeks?

Asking for prayers for my poor family (and friends)....we've got a long way to go with this pregnancy.

And I'm certain I will not be hearing from that same friend early this morning.

Oh, and I may or may not had to come home and download "Girl on fire." Now I can bawl all I want.

Happy Weekend.