Adoption Update

First off, I want to say thanks for all the encouraging words. We knew most everyone would be supportive and excited about it, so that makes us even more excited. A few people aren't thrilled, but it's our life not theirs, we feel like we are fulfilling a dream, and that we're making the best choice for our family.

So, there have been a few updates in the adoption process. It's one of those things that there will probably be a lot of updates in the beginning and then just a few here and there until we get a call. I'll just update if there are any changes.

Last Wednesday after I announced that we were adopting, we actually headed out to our Orientation meeting with the Foster Parent Resource Manager. This was just our initial meeting to make sure we didn't look crazy and to turn in our first batch of paperwork. We also had our background checked which gave us the all clear to be able to attend the training classes. Thankfully, we got a "y'all did great on the background check" and was cleared to start the IMPACT training classes that just happened to be starting that Saturday. Yeah, I kinda questioned how you can do "great" on a background check....I mean is it really that hard???

Honestly, my first opinion after sitting in the class....I want to do it even MORE.

I know your thinking "of course, that the point of the classes..." but actually, they always give you the worst case scenario and their job is to actually talk you out of doing it. That way they can weed out the people who just aren't going to cut it as foster/adoptive parents. They figure that if you still want to do it after hearing the worst, then you'll survive it. I've heard that for most of the training classes, over half of the class ends up dropping out before the end. Our class was pretty full, so we'll see how the next few weeks go.

Obviously, we already knew a great deal of what to expect and things that could possibly happen with these kids coming from these situations, so that was an advantaged for us. You could say that we weren't completely shocked walking out of the class you could say.

We were given a boat load of paper work to fill out and a long list of things we need to get done (physicals, drug tests, fingerprints, birth certificates, etc.). We've already finished filling out our paperwork. It took us two nights, but that was the most time consuming part of it all and we've got it checked off the list. We're working on the other stuff, but obviously, it will take the next few weeks. Then we'll have to sit and wait for our home study to be scheduled.

So that's basically it for now.

I do finally have a working computer and I'm trying to do better about blogging, but I'm having issues with the new system that's on the computer, especially when it comes to downloading my pictures. For some reason, the new system doesn't like to download the pictures from my camera and I'm completely frustrated at the moment. So sorry to the fam for the lack of OK pictures. Working on it.


Anonymous said…
Tell David to tell Brandon if you want him to fix anything on the computer.

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