Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A different kind of sleep issue

I need an intervention.

Last night we were heading home from dinner and I was about to fall asleep in the car. Problem was that it was only 9pm.

The night before, I was again in bed by 9pm.

I'm pretty sure that Saturday night was no different and on Friday I made it to 9:45pm.

I finally admitted to David that I think I have a problem. He said he had noticed, but he was giving me a little longer before he said something.

I don't know if I'm making up for all those months of not getting any sleep or what, but now I think I'm getting too much sleep.

I'm usually in bed by 9:30 or 10pm and I usually sleep till 7am. That means I'm regularly sleeping nine plus hours a night. I just can't seem to get up early or stay up late and this is really starting to bother me. I need to be a night owl or a early bird. I can't be neither one.

Physically, I feel fine. No, I'm not pregnant (since when a woman says she tired, that's usually the first thing asked) and when I was with Olivia, I was a different kind of tired. I was just tired ALL THE TIME. I'm not sleepy during the day, nor do I take any naps. Actually, once I get going, I feel great during the day.

Besides the fact that someone my age doesn't usually sleep nine hours a night, it more of an issue that this leaves me with no time without the baby to get anything accomplished. When I wake up, I only have about thirty minutes before she wakes and it takes that whole thirty minutes to start functioning. She usually goes to bed around 8:00-8:30pm, so at night I've got maybe an hour to do anything (which lets be honest usually is spent watching my favorite TLC shows).

Last night I told David that I was going to get up early today and this morning I did get up at 5:30 due to a 20lb. alarm that started crying. I managed to make a pot of coffee and had all good intentions of working out, but I ended up sitting in the sunroom and reading (i.e. not being productive). So, obviously, I'm not a productive morning person. In the past, I've never been much of a morning person. My mom's side of the family is filled with night owls (especially my mom and brother) and I use to be one of those until I married David. David is a morning person. Even on his off days or vacation, he's up early. When I was working, we both had to be up early and we always went to bed at the same time. I think I've now just gotten into this weird habit that I have to always go to bed the same time David does, even though now I don't have to be up at the same time. So, I'm not sure if that's contributing to my problem.

It's only been going on for the last three weeks or so. If I've been having super busy days I could understand, but even though we've been busy, we haven't been that busy. Plus, I should admit that I haven't been eating the best, nor exercising like I should be this past month. I'm sure that has nothing to do with it right (that's sarcasm people)???

Has anyone else had this problem and can offer some advice on how to correct it???

Monday, August 30, 2010

Ideas from the Idea House

I didn't mean to take a blogging break last week, but obviously, that's what happened. Last week just ended up being "one of those weeks" if you know what I mean. After a lazy weekend of not doing much of anything, I feel recovered and looking forward to a new week.

Last week when my Mom and Nana came down, they had originally planned on leaving on Thursday night after dinner, but we had a last minute change of plans and they stayed till Friday afternoon. Since David was off, Mom suggested she would take Olivia for the day and us two head out for a day date. Of course we jumped at the offer and I knew exactly how we were going to spend our day.

Sidenote: You couldn't tell by my blog, but I am a house junkie. I LOVE decorating and just LOVE houses in general. Majority of blogs I read are house related, my monthly magazine subscriptions are all home magazines, and I still search our local real estate search engine even though we're not planning on buying or moving anytime soon. I LOVE houses and always have. Anyways...this years Southern Living Design House happens to be twenty minutes down the road from where we live. I've been trying to find a time to go when I don't have the little one (I wanted to enjoy myself and not worry about her breaking everything) and Friday we headed that way for our day date. Before anyone says "oh, poor David," he also enjoys looking at houses and enjoys going to stuff like that, so he enjoyed himself.

I took about two hundred pictures and have decided to save you all from the misery of looking at all of them, so I've decided to just post my favorite's of the house. You can check out the August 2010 issue of Southern Living for all the details or click here.

We've been asked about twenty times this weekend if we got any "ideas" from the idea house, so these are a few of the "ideas" we want to use in our own home.

The house was four stories and I would have to say the fourth story was our favorite.

This is a type of family room with a wet bar. David was studying it for his man cave whenever we finish off the unfinished upstairs in our own house. Though we weren't a big fan of the colors on the wall, we loved the cozy feel of the room.

Regardless of the look on his face, I promise he was having a good time. At this moment, he was being envious of the wet bar in front of him with the flat screen television mounted to the wall. Yes, we do have a wet bar in our own home now, but since it's in the playroom we're not planning on using it as a wet bar anytime soon. He wants one in his man cave.

I loved this huge cork board in the craft room.

I was trying to think of ways to pull this off and Nic gave me an awesome idea on how to for not that much money.

I loved the kids bathroom.

I've been struggling with what to do with Olivia's bathroom. I would love to do it all girlie, but if we had a little boy in the future, I don't want to spend the money to redo it. So, right now it sits barren. They did a great job on making the bathroom gender friendly. I loved the colors.

When I do get around to doing something, I will definitely steal this idea of the stand to hold towels.

Since we're on the subject of bathrooms. I LOVED the master bath. It had everything I could ever possibly want. The lighting, windows, the claw foot tub. The list could go on. Since we are going to redo our own master bath in the future. I love these vanities.

Plus, we loved the drains in the shower. Everyone in the house at that time seemed to be impressed with the shower drains of all things. As we were walking around, we heard several people mention them and telling others to not forget to look.

The kitchen was gorgeous and amazingly it was all Ikea. I loved that they showed how Ikea could fit into a traditional looking home. I didn't get a good picture of the entire kitchen, but I did get a pic of the farmhouse table.

I have been lusting over farmhouse tables lately and promise that I will have one in my own house soon. As you can see in the picture above they had a family room in the kitchen, for awhile now, I've been contemplating the idea of turning our breakfast area into a little sitting room and then making the dinning room our main eating area. David is all for this idea, but I want to wait till we get hardwood floors in the dining room. I'm still kicking myself for not going ahead and doing it before we moved in. A woman with a two month old should not be allowed to make decisions on home renovations due to her lack of sleep and ability to not thinking clearly.

I also wanna steal this idea. I evidently have a thing for cork boards at the moment.

Plus, I really want some barn doors.

We're thinking about looking into these types of doors for our master bath. Our master bath currently does not have a door and we eventually want to add one.

This was my absolute favorite spot in the entire house.

They even had a fan waiting for me.

I really really really need a hanging daybed. Like really.

Overall, the house is gorgeous no doubt, but it wasn't really our style. We weren't in love with the layout of the house and the colors, but we still had a great time, got some great ideas, and would highly recommend going if your in the area and into that type of thing.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We're Back in Business

Exciting news....I got my camera back today!!!! It was a long few weeks without it. That day when it broke, I honestly said "oh, I'll get it fixed eventually." Silly me, I missed it majorly. I've been carrying around my point & shoot (is that how you spell it? it looks funny to me), but it wasn't getting the results like the fancy dancy nikon, and every time I would take a picture, I would complain about how crappy the picture came out. That would be the reason for no pic's lately. I know there are some great point & shoot's out there, I just don't happen to own one.

I told Olivia Kate she better get ready because the mamarazzi is back in business!

I also received a text from Amy saying I better get back to blogging, because if not, everyone was going to think I had a big announcement (i.e. a baby on the way).

Have you noticed lately that is what happens when a fairly regular blogger falls off the wagon? They return with the big announcement that they're expecting. Well, we've noticed that lately. Though I completely understand why they fall off the blogging band wagon during that first trimester.

Sorry, no baby on the way, my mom and nana are in town this week. We've been busy fitting in as much as we can these past couple of days. I will hopefully be resuming blogging later in the week.

Happy Wednesday!!!

P.S. Only 3 more days till Nic comes back (Not that I'm counting down or anything)!!! : )

Friday, August 20, 2010

The problem with being a boy...

Sometimes it's embarrassing being the first boy after a bunch of baby girls.

You get stuck having to sit in purple bumbos.

And pink tea party exersaucsers.

But having those girls fight over you isn't so bad.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


After Nicole posted about our crafty day on Tuesday, I noticed a couple of questions on the flowers that Amy and I made, so I decided to let y'all in on our newest craft craze we're loving.

I've been loving the flowers you pin to clothes for awhile now. I've been searching for tutorials that a beginner could do because of course I wanted to make some of my own. I just so happen to come across both of these tutorials within days of each other. They are both super simple and they are very beginner friendly. To make either flower, all you need to do is know how to work a pair of scissors and a hot glue gun. No sewing is required for either!!!

The Flower Corsage can be found at V & Co. The tutorial is here.

I honestly wasn't as impressed with this outcome than I was with the other flower pin I'm posting below. Just something about it didn't work for me. I'm thinking it's the satin. I've started playing around with different sizes and I'm wanting to try it with actually fabric instead of ribbon. If I come up with the outcome I vision, I'll post it later.

The flower rings (and the center for ribbon flowers) can also be found on V & Co. here.

I really LOVE these rings. I'm loving the big flower ring craze at the moment and I've already bought one, but don't have the funds to buy one to match every outfit. I thought this was a great cheap alternative that I could do in a bunch of colors. I cut a small strip of fabric from all of Nic's scrap fabric to make more, now I just need to buy more of the adjustable rings. These too are really simple to make and only take about five minutes.

These flowers however, are my absolute favorite and Nicole didn't even get a picture to post on her blog.

These Satin Flowers can be found at Make it and Love it. The tutorial is here.

These you actually use satin fabric, but it comes out with such a different sheen than the ribbon. Satin fabric is cheap. I bought a half a yard of each color ($1.50 for a half yard at hobby lobby) and could seriously make about thirty of these from the leftovers. With these too, I'm playing around with sizes and what to use in the center. I'm thinking of trying buttons or the circle flowers from above for the center to try for some different looks.

I put pin backings on the backs of all mine because I plan on using them for myself. Obviously, they can easily be made with hair clips for a hair bow, but since Olivia is refusing bows at the moment, I didn't bother. Plus, it was fun to make something for myself for once.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


There are days that I have to remind myself,

that her traits that drive me most insane,

like her constant movement and curiosity,

or her strong willingness and refusal to give up,

are the same traits that will some day make me proud of the woman she's become.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A whole bunch of nothing

I've got nothing today.

I'm in one of those funny moods. I feel like I want to get out of the house, yet I don't feel like getting up to put on some respectable clothes. I'm still hanging in my workout clothes, but we haven't manged to make it to the park yet this morning to walk due to a little someone deciding to sleep in. Maybe we'll make it this evening.

Olivia has been sick AGAIN this week. Now she has a cold with a nasty runny nose. The poor kid hasn't gotten a break this month. First the stomach bug, then the hand, foot, mouth disease, and now this. Thankfully she is still her usual self despite all the sickness.

My birthday is this weekend. I'm not sad about it, nor am I happy about it which is funny cause normally I'm running around the entire week before claiming the whole week to be my birthday week. I think it's because I know that as soon as my birthday passes, my baby's will soon follow. Now that she's walking she's looking so much more like a toddler and that makes me wanna cry a little. This year has gone by way too fast.

Lately I've been in a looking for answers kinda mood. We've been making plans for our future and setting the goals that we want for the next ten years as a couple and a family (Are we the only one's who do this? Is it extremely strange to sit down and have a "meeting" about what our goals our for the future? I'm serious. Like a this is what we have to do next year, this is what we have to do in five years, in order to get to here conversation). Anyways....I've been struggling with the big questions like how many kids do I want? Do I want to homeschool or send them to private school? Do I really want to drive a mini-van? This is seriously things that I've honestly been losing sleep over and go over in my head all day long (Not really on the mini-van thing, I'm dead set on wanting my mini-van). David finally asked me the other day why did I feel like I had to have all the decisions made now? Yes, we have to plan for stuff, but we can also change our minds if we want. Why am I torturing myself over all this?

I'm really over summer right now. Yes, me, the self-proclaimed summer lover is over it. I don't remember it ever being this hot before. I think summer and I are about to break up. Fall has been looking pretty good lately.

My mom is coming to spend the week next week with us and I'm uber excited about it. We've seen her several times over the course of spring and summer, but there has always been some reason for the visit (i.e. family functions, weddings, etc.). This will be the first time since February that she is coming just to hang out and see us.

I'm taking my fancy dancy camera on Thursday to (fingers crossed) see if it can be fixed. When it first broke, I honestly thought I would just get it fixed whenever. I'm not one that makes a living off my camera, so I thought no big deal, but I've been missing it big time. David asked what I wanted to do this week on his off days and I yelled at him "take my camera!!!" I will honestly cry if they say it cannot be fixed because we do not have the funds at the moment for a new one. **say some prayers and fingers crossed**

And because people only read for the pictures...

How do mom's push these dang things? This was my first time pushing a double cart/stroller/whatever and I felt like I was pushing a dang boat. When my day to buy a double stroller comes, I will definitely be asking for advice on what is steerable.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Thanks Mom!

Me: (all excited) I was looking at my site meter today and it says my page gets on average over 50 views per day, so somebody is reading my blog!!!

Mom: Oh, I'm sure about 40 of those views are me. I just love the pictures of OK.

Thanks Mom. Not what I was really looking for.

For the record Mom, according to the location of my readers, you do not make up 40 of them. But I still appreciate your support! Can't wait to spend next week with you! : )

Soul Mates

"People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, and that's what everyone wants. But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that's holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life. A true soul mate is probably the most import person you'll ever meet, because they tear down your walls and smack you awake."

~Eat, Pray, Love

David, thank you for tearing down my walls and smacking me awake.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

"Oh, we could do that in two weeks..."

Those are the famous last words of my dear husband when I asked him how long it would take to redo the built-in entertainment center in the living room.

Fast forward three months later and it's finally done.

As you can see in the before pic, there had been a little bit of vandalism (the while paint spots) to the thing while the house was sitting empty for a few years (most likely to bored teenagers or something, we live in a safe neighborhood and I feel very safe here). Plus, we were not huge fans of the honey oak wood stain. No offense to anyone who is, it's just not our cup of tea. Also, the house was built in the mid nineties when flat screen televisions were not even heard of yet, so the space for the box tv would never be used by us. Our goal was to make the entire thing function for us.


As you can see we painted the entire thing white. I love the look of painted furniture and I love the crisp look that white gives. We also spray painted the brassy gold hardware a bronze color. As far as the structural changes, David and his dad realized that the box tv holder was actually it's own separate piece, so they took it off and cut it to match the same dept as the other half. Then they redid all the trim around it. Lastly, they added three shelves to make the old tv space a bookcase instead. All we had to buy was new trim for the top and two gallons of white paint (yep, it took that much). The wood to make the shelves for the bookcase side were remnants from the box tv holder.

I know your jealous of that maroon paint color on the wall that we discovered when we removed that side of the entertainment center! Doesn't that doesn't scream mid nineties?

Our only other big project this year to tackle is painting the living room. Then we'll take a break with the big projects till 2011.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Josie: "Ambuuur....do you have another baby growing in your heart?"

(photo credit: Nicole Pope)

Yes Josie Kathryn,

I do have another baby growing in my heart, but even if I did not, there was no way I could have said no to that sweet question.

Thank you for taking my breath away yesterday.

I love you so much Josie Kat!

Now if God would just send us another baby.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Just Call us Mr. & Mrs. Productive

Any time we get together with the family now a days, we're pretty much asked every time "have you been working on the house?"

Well, the answer is yes. Slowly, but we're working.

Here are a few projects we've knocked out over the last month.

1. I finally hung up the flag I received as a gift three years ago when we lived at our first house.

Better late than never. I'm amazed the thing didn't deteriorate in it's plastic wrapping.

2. David cleaned up the islands in front of the house and put down pine straw.

We were pretty bummed when we didn't get yard of the month last month. I mean, it was some improvement from before!

I'll refrain from showing you the rest of the yard. After much debate and going back and forth, we've finally come up with a financially reasonable plan to fix the front. We're hoping to start putting it in motion this fall.

3. We also got around to buying florescent light bulbs for the recessed lighting fixtures.

It makes such a huge difference and I'm now in love with recessed lighting! I'm so glad we finally bit the bullet and spent $60 in light bulbs. It was something that was hard for me to swallow.

Oh, and we spray painted the rims white. They were some ugly beige color and stuck out against the white ceiling.

4. We switched out the fan in the laundry room, replaced it with a dome light, and moved the fan to the kitchen.

That's an exciting room isn't it? I promise to one day make it pretty, but it's not at the top of the priority list at the moment.

The fan helps a little with cooling off the kitchen, but it makes a big difference in breaking up the long span of ceiling.

So, that's what we've been working on since we got back from vacation. I'm sure your thinking "well I could accomplish that in a weekend." I'm sure most people would go that route, but we're a little slow when it comes to projects around the house. I've finally come to terms that it will take us ten years to get everything like we want it and I'm pretty sure then we'll have to move.