Friday, December 31, 2010

Oh Yeah, I'm rocking them.

I have an confession.

I'm totally rocking and loving the jeggings at the moment.

I should be honest and admit that I'm one of those that will make fun of a fashion craze one year, and then totally be sporting it the next. When jeggings first started coming out, I said a few times "who would ever wear those?"

Well, I guess I would.

If you've been too afraid to try jeggings, you should know that they are soooo comfy. I like to think of them as maternity pants for non pregnant people. If you eat too much, you don't have to worry about needing to unbuttoning your pants, the elastic just automatically stretches with your stomach.

I finally decided to come over to the jeggings side when I decided that skinny jeans weren't skinny enough to wear with my boots. Yep, I just said skinny jeans weren't skinny enough for me. The problem for me personally is that in jeans, I have to buy a size that is big in the bootay area and a little baggy everywhere else. This was never a problem when I wore bootcut jeans everyday. It is however with skinny jeans in the boots. One of my pet peeves is when people have their jeans tucked into their pants and the jeans are all shoved in the boot and crinkled looking (you know what I'm talking about). I like to see a smooth line where the boot meats the jeans. This drives me insane...just ask Nicole.

I've found my favorite pairs (I'm up to three now) so far are A.N.A brand from JcPenny's. They are my favorites because 1. they are usually on sale for $19.99 (y'all know I'm cheap). 2. they have pockets, buttons, and look very much like real jeans. 3. they have elastic waistbands, but I guess I already mentioned that.

A.N.A. Denim Jegging

Is anyone else that's not a size 00 celebrity rocking the jeggings or I'm the only one?

Thursday, December 30, 2010

On my mind.

-Traveling with Olivia completely stresses me out and puts me on edge. Though in reality, Olivia always puts me on edge. I've been walking on the edge all week. Last time I swore I wouldn't travel with her again till she was five and I went back on my words. No, seriously, I'm not taking her anywhere till she's ten.

-We're still up here in Virginia and I'm still using others computers, so that is the reason for no pictures and just words this week. I'm going to feel completely stupid posting Christmas pictures almost two weeks after Christmas, but I really want y'all to see her kitchen set Santa brought her.

-So, I was really, really good with all the Christmas money I received and didn't do any after Christmas shopping (minus one pair of jeggings I bought on sale). I bought myself a purse/camera bag to carry my Nikon in on a daily basis, and I am so excited to get it next week!!! Thank you everyone for the Christmas money and everyone should be proud of me that I bought myself something and not Olivia!

-My aunt Jane is cooking breakfast and it smells delicious. Y'all should be jealous right now.

-Since I'm in my bff/soul mate Aubry's wedding in June, this momma needs to start getting her butt in gear and work off these last few baby pounds (I'm 7lbs. over my starting point, in case your wondering). I know it's pretty typical to start working out in January, but I guess it's good to have an event to works for.

-I'm so excited for 2011 and what it will bring for the Mabrey's and those around us.

-I think I need another cup of coffee this morning.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I want....

~to be a more patient mother.

~to be the trophy wife for my husband.

~to be full of faith.

~to feel confident in the decisions I'm making.

~to be a better friend.

~to be dedicated to something.

~to be a believer.

~to be in shape again.

~to be creative.

~to be rid of my doubts.

~to feel beautiful everyday.

~to be inspirational.

Monday, December 27, 2010

A quick Chritmas recap


Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

We did for sure. Santa brought Olivia a kitchen set, as many already know, and it'safe to say it was a huge hit. I'm still debating if she was more surprised by the kitchen or the fact her Nana and Grandpa were there when she woke up. She was filled with "ooooh's" when she saw the kitchen. Pictures to come soon.

We spent the rest of the day with both my family and David's. David was able to join us for a quick two hours on Christmas day, but it was too quick. Though this was my fourth Christmas with David working, it was only my second with him workimg and us having a child. Surprisingly, it was still hard. Not as hard as last year, but I still missed him on Christmas day. It made it a little easier since my in laws came to spend the night with us to be there on Christmas morning. I'm pretty sure I asked them about twenty times to come stay with us every Christmas Eve night.

Atlanta also got it's first white Christmas in over 100 years. It was crazy to see how much snow parts of Georgia got. Though it did snow at our house, there was not very much of it and it was pretty much gone by the time we woke on Sunday morning. I guess it still counts as a white Christmas.

Olivia and I are leaving today to head up to Virginia to visit some of my family. In fact, we're in car at this moment and I'm blogging from my new toy Santa brought me (a kindle~and I LOVE it). My dad is driving in case anyone is concerned I'm blogging and driving. I promise I'm not that addicted to blogging. As usual, we had to leave David behind at the waffle. I left the laptop at home and this thing isn't the easiest thing to type on. So basically, I'm saying don't expect much from me this week probably.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and we'll most likely see you in the new year!

Friday, December 24, 2010

A Christmas Lesson Learned.

I'm a little mad at myself this week. I was a little too much of a procrastinator with some Christmas stuff and looking back on the week, I didn't enjoy it at all. I was stressed. I had little patience with David and Olivia. I cried several times and that even includes an ugly cry. All around, I was a mess. This is the first I've sat down all week and you could have pretty much describe me as a chicken running around without it's head all week. I know everyone is usually running around like crazy, but I told myself that I was going to "prepare" for Christmas this year and enjoy the days leading up to it. Um...yeah, that went out the window long ago.

(For the record....this includes Christmas cards. I've gotten several questions about Christmas cards from us and I'm ashamed to say I didn't get them out. I promise to do better next year. I'm thinking of maybe sending New Year cards this year???)

Lesson learned.

I really want to work on this while Olivia is young. I don't want her to remember the days leading up to Christmas with her momma telling her to "shoo and to go find something constructive to do," while I finish gifts. Yeah, that statement to a 14 month old means nothing if your wondering. I want that romantic idea of us making gingerbread houses and curled up on the couch watching Christmas movies while drinking hot chocolate. Yeah, that's what I want.

So, I'm going to work on it for next year. Christmas comes every year at the same time and somehow it always seems to sneak up on us. Why is that??? One of my goals for next year is going to be to "prepare" for Christmas ahead of time and not the week of Christmas. Olivia will really be able to enjoy all the usual Christmas activities next Christmas and I'd rather spend my time creating those special memories with her.

So, I hope your week has been a little less crazy than mine. Hopefully you "prepared" a little better than I did. Tonight both our families are joining together at our house for the annual Mitchell Spaghetti dinner. The homemade spaghetti and meatballs are in the crock pot and already smelling delicious. Christmas Eve is my favorite part of our Christmas traditions. No gifts, just a yummy dinner and a evening spent enjoying each others company.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas eve and day spent with loved ones!!!

Merry Christmas from the Mabrey's!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!

Today is my Mom's 50th birthday!

Unfortunately, I managed to give her the deathly stomach virus of 2011 for her birthday weekend. I'm giving like that. Thankfully, she's fully recovered and able to enjoy her day today.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Thank you for all you do for us. I don't know what I'd do without you.

Hope you have a wonderful day!!!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Most Favorite

A couple of weeks ago when I posted the post about the cheap and easy hurricane vases, my bloggy friend Tristan asked in her comment about my Nativity scene.

Well Tristan, I'm so happy that you asked.

Hands down, it's my most favorite Christmas decoration I own and I think I can say it always will be.

I'm sure your thinking "duh, it's the nativity, it should be your favorite!" But I have to admit, that's not why it's my favorite.

It's my favorite because it's got history.

This nativity originally belonged to my great-grandmother (my Meme's mother) (Meme is my dad's mother for those who don't know) and then it was passed along to my meme and sat underneath her tree when I was a child. When I was a child, I LOVED this nativity scene. It use to have a few more pieces and it had a little more to the actual stable part, but I could sit under her tree for hours and play with it. In fact, some of my earliest Christmas memories are of myself under her tree playing with this nativity.

I love it because it's simple.

It only includes Mary, Joesph, two lambs, and of course the baby Jesus.

The stable is made out of cardboard. The figurines are made of plastic and super glued to the cardboard. The scene in the back is simply printed onto paper.

It's as simple as it gets, but it's beauty comes from it's simplicity.

I never got to really know my great grandmother since she lived in another state and I was younger when she died. I have however grown up listening to the stories my family tells of her and I like to imagine that she treated this nativity with pride even with it being as simple as it is. I would think that anyone who would smooth out the aluminum foil after it's already been used to re use it again, would take great pride of a cardboard and plastic nativity scene.

And my apologies to my family if I'm totally making this up in my head (I'm pretty sure I've heard y'all saying this about Nanny before). Just let me keep thinking this if it's not. K? Thanks.

When I lived with Meme before I married David, I kinda took the nativity to use with the Christmas decor in my room. When I moved out to marry David, I kinda took the Nativity with me. Luckily, Meme has never said anything about it (that I remember at least and yes, I've displayed it proudly and it's not like I hide it when she comes over or anything). I'd like to think that since she knows how much I loved it as a child, she knows that I love owning it as an adult. Plus, she knows I'm a sap for family history stuff.

I however am not as nice as she was and I keep it up off the floor so little hands and dogs cannot get to it. It's pretty fragile now. I also have to admit that I do not pack it away with the other Christmas decor in the attic. It's wrapped in tissue paper in it's own box and now stays packed in a spare closet in our bedroom. Why? Because if I had minutes to grab stuff before evacuating my house, this would be the one of those things I would grab no doubt.

And that my friends, is my most favorite Christmas decor.

P.S. You caught me Tristan! Yep, my stockings are from the dollar store!!!! : )

P.S.S I didn't take a pic of the baby Jesus because I couldn't get a halfway decent one and I was tired of trying. I promise I'm not trying to leave out the reason for the season.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Back from the Dead.

Hello?!?!?!? Anyone still out there????

After a crazy busy weekend last weekend, I unfortunately came down with a stomach virus this week and felt like I was literally going to die. At one point in time, David may or may not have found me in the fetal position in our bedroom asking for him to kill me. It was bad people. Bad.

After thinking back, I haven't been sick like that since my sophomore year of college. So that was like eight years ago. In eight years, you easily forget how being sick like that plain out sucks. For the record, morning sickness was nothing compared to that stomach virus. In fact, I'd take 20 weeks of morning sickness any day over that mess. With morning sickness, you get sick and then feel a 100 times better and then I usually wanted to eat afterward. With that crazy stuff the other day, I felt worse and worse every time I got sick. I couldn't keep anything down, even water. Then I spent most of the next day completely drained since I hadn't ate or drank anything in over 24 hours. It was a little 12 hour virus that took me two days to recover from. Unfortunately, it then it passed on to David and today to my mom, who's in town visiting from Nashville this weekend. We think Olivia had a touch of it the other day, but so far, she's been good and we've been keeping us sick folk away from her as best we can.

So, unfortunately, that pretty much sums up the Mabrey's week.

With all that, this is the only pic I have of my munchkin this week.

Monday she went to stay with her Nana while Nicole and I did some Christmas shopping. I successfully got her mullet hair into pigtails for the first time. Plus, she wanted to wear a Hello Kitty watch she got from McDonald's (cause y'all know I'm all about healthy eating), she looked so grown up with her pigtails and watch on. I had to shed a little tear.

I'm sure it's safe to say we're in full blown toddler stage now. It's crazy to think that this time last year, she was just rolling over for the first time. This past month has been the biggest change in her I think I've ever seen. She's now 98% off of bottles and drinking her milk cold now. She's sleeping 12 1/2 hours straight almost every night and on most days, only taking one long nap. The list could go on, but the biggest thing is she seems more happier everyday. Those that know Olivia will understand what I'm talking about. Though I don't want to wish the days away, I'm happy to see her move out of the baby stage. Being a baby never agreed with Olivia.

We have another busy weekend and then Christmas will be here!!! I still have so much to do, but I have come to terms it will always be like that for me since I'm a procrastinator and can admit to it. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Clearing the air.

I wanted to clear the air after my post from the other day.

It was not my intention to make David out to be the bad guy. My intentions were to be a reminder of choosing our words wisely. Unfortunately, I guess that's not how it came across.

It may have been best to let myself calm down before I logged onto Blogger, but I didn't and my feelings from the day spilled out onto the screen.

I've said before, my marriage is wonderful and I still hold that statement to be true, but it's also like every other marriage and we fight. GASP!!!! Majority of the time, it's over little stuff that has just built up over time and that's what it was the other day. I strive for my blog to be a true representation of us and it's our story, so that includes the good and bad. Even though our life is wonderful, it's no where near perfect and I don't want that picture to come across. I can gaurentee that a few years from now, we'll look back at that post and laugh.

Even though David was the one who originally screwed up on Tuesday (he admits it was his fault, because it was), I'm the one at fault for not letting it go. Even though I truly knew in my heart that what he said was said completely out of anger and he did not really mean. Because when you sit down and think about the fact that I don't deserve a break because "it's the life I choose (that of a SAHM)," it really makes no sense.

Yep, that was a stupid statement wasn't it? I'm going to blame it on the fact we learned Wednesday morning that he has callouses that has formed under his eyelids due to bad contacts and that is why his eyes are always bothering him. Yeah, it was as gross as it sounds. He's on some special eye drops and driving around blind for the next few days. Beware if you drive the streets in between his Waffle stores.

After a quick explanation that I think he should start turning down his 21 days a years waffle house gives him for vacation since "it's the life he choose." he quickly came to see my side. We're all good now, laughing about it (hence all the jokes on fb about "the life we choose" all week), and I've already gotten one night off and another coming tonight.

The sooner these two people I work for learn that a happy momma makes a happy life for them, the better off we'll all be.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Next Chapter-December

Since I was the only one who brought my camera, it looks like I get to recap this months bookclub.

We had bookclub last night and I can say, without a doubt, I love bookclub so much. I know I say it every month, but it really is on the top of my list of favorite nights of the month. If you don't have one, you need to get a bookclub. Even if you don't read. Most of the time, we have people who don't even read the book but yet, still come just cause they love it so much. Except last night, everyone read and finished the book. I think that's a first in bookclub history.

Darlene (Nicole's Momma-in-law) was in charge of this months bookclub. In fact, a couple of months ago, when we realized that Darlene would have Decembers meeting, Nicole and I got really excited because Darlene's house is gorgeous during Christmas. Don't get me wrong, her house is always gorgeous, but at Christmas, it's even better. I love her house. Maybe it's because she's a Nana or something, but her house just always feels like home. You know what I'm talking about?

And this is what we ate off of....

I felt fancy.

For the record, those green cloth napkins were the softest napkins I have ever wiped my face with. Seriously, they were like wiping your face with a cloud.

I came home and told David that I without a doubt wanted to have a formal dining room now. We do have a empty room that is refereed to as a dinning room, but we've been debating back and forth whether to make it a dinning room or an office. I want to start having fancy dinners with all the trimmings like Darlene does. Even if I only use it for bookclub, it always makes dinners feel a little extra special.

Not only is Darlene's house and dinning room table gorgeous, she's an awesome cook too. In fact, I get to hear on a regular basis about her yummy cooking. I've tried several times to invite myself over for their family's Monday night dinners. I'm still waiting for my standing invitation, but I might just start showing up.

She made chicken pot pie and it was wonderful.

It was freezing (for us Southerners) and the chicken pot pie hit the spot. She also made a giant pot of wassail (???? I'm sure I'm totally not spelling it right). I'm not usually a big cider person, but it was perfect for the cold night.

Of course, no bookclub meeting at Darlene's is official with her famous chocolate cake. I even saw people putting in request on facebook for her to make her chocolate cake like two months ago.

This stuff is heaven in a bunt pan. This cake has officially become my favorite since I first had it over the summer. Anytime Nicole tells me she made it, I now demand her to bring me a piece. It's so yummy. You unfortunately cannot understand it's greatness until you've had it.

I guess I should mention this months book.

We read Finding Noel by Richard Paul Evans. It was a good little book. We all finished it and everyone enjoyed it. It was the perfect pick for the holidays. If your looking for a light, good, uplifting holiday read, I highly recommend it. In fact, half way through, I realized I had already read it and I still finished it the second time around.

Thank you Darlene for a wonderful night! Everything was perfect. In fact, I vote regardless of our schedule, December bookclub should always be at your house.

I'll see you on Monday for family dinner!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday

So....I'm back on the wagon for What I Wore Wednesdays!

I didn't get a picture for everyday, but I guess four out of seven isn't too bad.

I moved the mirror into the playroom since it has better lighting than my closet, but evidently, it shows the finger prints and dust. I'll try to clean it for next week. No promises.


Hanging out at home.
Keeping it real.
I hung out in my lounging clothes all day.

t-shirt: from my last job
tank top: rainbow
pants: old navy (LOVE THEM)
headband: wal-mart

Shopping with the MIL

shirt: wal-mart
white tank: rainbow (I own about ten of them)
jeans: kohl's
flats: target

Parade Day

green top: target
gray tank: old navy
white tank: rainbow
scarf: American Eagle
jeans: Kohl's
shoes: new balance that I've had forever

It was freezing at the parade, so I also had about two more layers on top of this, but I shed them before I took my picture.

This is a funny picture to me.
I know it's a little blurry, but it's the only one I've ever taken where you can see my face.

black pants: target
beaded necklace: local boutique store
sliver necklace: Nashville flea market

Sundays outfit is a little boring. I had a cute scarf on at church, but some reason took it off before I remembered to take my photo.

What did you wear this week???

Link up at The Pleated Poppy.

The Real Deal

As many of you might have read already, we went to a real parade this past weekend.

When I say a "real parade," I'm talking about one with balloons and floats. Not one with just a bunch of high school kids riding in the back of trucks and throwing candy at you.

My Aunt, Uncle, and cousins have been going for years to the Atlanta Christmas parade and after our trial run parade in October, I kinda invited ourselves to tag along. And then the Pope's invited themselves, but you all already read that.

I'll spare you from posting a picture of EVERY.SINGLE.PART of the parade that I had to take. Why I need a picture of every balloon and marching band that walked by, who knows?

I guess if the hosts of the parade ever need to reference what balloons or marching bands were in the 2010 parade, I've got them covered.

Look! Olivia refusing to sit for a picture. Something new and different!

Evidently, Olivia is more a fan of the little parades, because she did not pay any attention to this one. She ended up being passed back and forth between everyone in our group.

Josie and Nicole were probably the one one's in our group even watching the parade.


The hoodlums, I mean kids, across the street from us were a rough crowd. They had to have two police stand there with them throughout the entire parade.

At one point, they attacked the Medieval Times Knights and booed the Shrek guy who was wearing an Obama t-shirt. Obviously, their Republicans.

We did however score some clown noses.

Unfortunately, we forgot to wear them at church the next morning like Josie thought we should have.

About half way through the parade, our two littlest parade attenders decided they were over it.

Sleeping on Grandpa's shoulders seemed much more pleasing.

And yes, they both slept through all the marching bands and noisy crowd.

Next year, hopefully these two will be a little more into it.

Nic evidently felt the need to also take a picture of every part of the parade, so if you feel the need to see more of the actual parade, here's the post.