And we're walking....

When are you allowed to say "she's walking"?

Some already saw my facebook post this past weekend, but I think it's safe to say that OK is walking now.

At least, she is now taking more steps than crawling

But if she needs to be somewhere in a hurry, she still sticks with crawling.

I doubt she'll be running any marathons any time soon, but she can now take about ten steps before she falls or takes a seat.

I'm fairly certain she'll have it down pat by her first birthday.

(That hand gets me every time)

Let the fun begin!


Kameron said…
Oh I pray Arielle waits longer! Nate was walking at 10 months and hasn't sat down since! Good luch chasing her all around the house now! :o)
Tristan said…
how fun!!
she's an early walker, little cutie!!
Tami W said…
Amber, I love the hands too...I love that outfit on her. So happy she is feeling better. Tell her get ready Grandma will be kissing and hugging her soon.
Jennifer said…
She needs to give Tommy some walking tips. He's being so stubborn about it! Love her little outfit!