Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day!!!

We had a nice and quiet Memorial Day.

David had to work (shocker!!!), so Olivia and I just hung around the house all morning going about our usual routine. The in-laws called earlier in the day and invited us over to swim and cookout whenever David got off, so as soon as he walked in the door, we walked right back out to head over their way.

And I'm soooooo mad at myself because I walked out and forgot any type of camera.

I'm mad because I have no pictures of my 20 month old having no fear and climbing up the six foot slide and going down that six foot slide that dumps you in the deep end by herself.

(Yes, we made sure there was someone close by in case she fell off the slide and someone in the deep end to catch her since she cannot yet swim).

I have no pictures of her eating her weight in watermelon.

I have no pictures of her showing off her totally white girl dance moves for the wedding this coming weekend.

I have no pictures of our trip to Bruster's for ice cream and her eating not only her ice cream, but her Grandpa's, her Nana's, her Daddy's, and her Mommy's. I'm not sure who walked out of there stickier...her or Nana, since she was sitting in Nana's lap.

So, our memorial day was filled with the usual memorial day stuff....swimming, hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill, a trip for ice cream....it was a great way to kick off the summer.

I'm working on the post with our beach pictures. Thank you for all the wonderful comments on my one posted beach picture. I laughed and told my mom that it was probably my best picture I got, so I hope everyone isn't too disappointed with the rest. We have a busy week this week....the wedding is finally here....so, I'll try my best to get the rest posted.

Happy Tuesday! : )

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Back Home

For the last seven days, life has looked like this...

We rolled in last night around midnight from a week in Gulf Shores, AL.

Today is filled with mounds of laundry to be washed, bags to be unpacked, a grocery store run (I just put a swim diaper on my kid since I used my last regular diaper last night), and bringing a certain little one down from her vacation high.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Life with a Toddler #2: Art Edition

  • Obviously we're really into art at the moment.
  • Whoever invented magic erasers deserves to be a billionaire and was obviously the parent of a small child.
  • I do hide the permanent markers up high, but it does no good when you have a 19 month old who has figured out how to drag a chair next to the kitchen cabinets and has no fear with climbing up.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

100 things (26-43)....

Here's 1-25 in case you missed it.

26. I do not drink the last of the milk in the jug. I'll drink the last of the sweet tea, the last of the diet coke, the last of the wine, but NEVER the milk. Why this is??? No earthly clue and only something that has developed in my adult years!

27. One of my biggest fears is one of my children getting ran over by a car in our own driveway.

28. I can be a bit sarcastic....okay, I'm usually very sarcastic.

29. I did not realize the importance of female friendships until I became a mother.

30. If I could wear flip-flops everyday for the rest of my life and never wear "real" shoes again, I'd be okay with that.

31. Even though I've said "I'd survive," if anything ever where to happen to husband, I don't think I'd survive without him. He really is my rock.

32. Unloading the dish washer and putting up the clean laundry are my most hated household chores.

33. I in all honesty want an iphone just for the camera. I'm jealous when I see all over facebook and blog great pictures taken with iphones (Blackberry's take awful pictures).

34. I like the idea of travel, but I'm really a homebody.

35. I cannot hear Faith Hill's "A Baby Changes Everything" and not break down in tears.

36. I am known for my dishwasher loading skills. I load a dishwasher better than anyone I know and I've even been asked at dinner parties or holidays to come help load the dishwasher. No lie.

37. I have an obsession with pens and other office supplies.

38. The Help is probably my all time favorite book.

39. I can cry at the drop of a hat.

40. I'm not one to be afraid of confrontation.

41. I'm officially addicted to Pinterest.

42. My "I know I'll never ever in a million years" dream job would be to be a country music singer.

43. I cannot sing to save my life.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Baby Love

At Olivia's 15 month check up in January, her pediatrician asked me if she had started showing any interest in baby dolls yet. She hadn't really, so I said no and the doctor said that most babies start at 18 months, so I may notice it within the next couple of months.

A few months went by and she hadn't taken any notice of her three baby dolls she owns, but I didn't think anything of it and have never pushed them. This past month though, she started to pick them up more and more.

In last week though, it seems she hasn't been able to put them down.

Like always, there is one in particular that she is attracted to and unfortunately it's not that American girl Bitty Baby that her Grandparents got as a special 1st birthday gift. We purposely got her the Bitty Baby at a young age in the hopes that she would take to it, cause let's be honest, some of those wal-mart babies are plain evil looking. No luck just yet, she's gone for the $10 Target baby instead.

I have to say that I'm loving watching her interacting with her babies. She holds them the right way, she feeds them, she loves on them, she takes them for rides in her car or wagon, she pushes them in the baby stroller. For some reason, it makes her seem so much older.

It's crazy and scary how much she grown and changed since hitting that 18 month mark. She seems more and more like a little person and less and less like a baby everyday. Some days I look at her and think "where did my baby go?" I know I'll be saying that for the rest of my life, but still, it's hard to wrap your head around somedays.

Oh and in case you haven't noticed....she doesn't wear clothes too much when we're home.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Five years ago, at this very moment...

My Dad was walking his baby girl down the aisle.

We both had tears in our eyes.
The weather was perfect, all our closets family and friends were there, and we said "I do" looking over our most favorite place to be, the beach.

I got to marry the boy who had been by my side for seven years prior. The boy who sat next to me in homeroom through four years of high school and numerous other classes. I got to marry my best friend.

And then we partied next to the beach till they kicked us out...literally.

It was a wonderful, magical day and I enjoyed every moment of it. I would do it over in a heartbeat...with him of course.

Happy Anniversary Babe!
Thank you for five wonderful years!
I cannot wait to see what the next five bring us!
Love you always!!! : )

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Grown-Up table

My Mother's Day present was delivered this past Sunday.

Let me start off by saying that we have bought very few pieces of furniture in our house. Yes, this is something that I'm proud off. I can make a short list of "new furniture" we've bought in our five years of marriage...

  • two couches and two loveseats
  • Olivia's crib and mattress
  • Our king size mattress
  • the office chair
  • Ikea bookcase
  • Ikea desk
  • tv stand
Every single other piece of furniture has been handed down to us. Which I think is impressive since we've got 3700 sq. feet to fill and our house is far from empty looking.

I will go ahead and admit it, I'm a hoarder when it comes to furniture. If anyone who knows me well enough is getting rid of any type of furniture, they usually call me. And I usually always take whatever it is. I'm sure I've mentioned before that one of the reasons I fell in love with our house is because of it's easy access attic space. It's helped greatly with my furniture hoarding.

My belief is that I might need it someday. I read in a magazine article a year or so ago, that one of my favorite authors, Mary Kay Andrews, also hoarded furniture for years. After years of hoarding furniture, she bought a vacation home on Tybee Island and was able to furnish her entire vacation house with furniture that had been in her basement for years. This is always my argument to David when he begs me to get rid of some of it, since we have a goal to own a vacation home before we're 40.

That being said, my house does not look like some eclectic mix of random stuff. I know I don't talk on it much on here, but I'm half way decent with interior design and even with hand me down mix match furniture, I can always make everything work together. I'm known for slapping a coat of paint onto anything. I'm not scared.

One thing I've been longing for for some time now is a bigger dinning table. We've been eating off a smaller breakfast room table since the beginning of our marriage and it's worked perfectly. Now though we have the space for something bigger. When we first moved in, I put a formal dinning room table (we inherited) in our formal dinning room, but it wasn't really my style and needed some work. We took it down a few months ago and decided to turn the formal dinning room into an office, so we've been crowding people around our little breakfast table since after Christmas. Whenever we have people over, we've been sitting on top of each other when eating. Needless to say, we haven't been having many dinner parties.

I've been in love with the farmhouse tables for awhile and naturally, decided that we needed to build one since you can find plans for them all over the internet. It's been on my project list for sometime now, but like a 100 other things, something we just haven't gotten around to.

I mentioned awhile back that we had a family member unexpectedly die back in April, well a few weeks ago, it was mentioned that we were about to have to start cleaning out that family member's house and they had some furniture we need to get rid of. Another family member mentioned to us that the dinning room suit was for sale and we asked if we could possibly purchase it. They named a price and we said "we'll take it!!!" It was a great deal that we couldn't pass up.

Since this was a couple of weeks before Mother's Day and I told David, if you can get me that table, I would be extremely happy with it for a Mother's Day gift. I'm happy to say he came through and we have our first what I'm calling "grown up" table.

It's over 7ft. long, it doesn't need to be painted, and all the chairs match.

We had to take out the buffet that used to be on that side wall to the right, but I love how clean it makes the breakfast room look.

The upholstery on the chairs is white, so I'm sure those will be recovered soon. Which is why there is a towel under Olivia's high chair. We had a little chuckle that you could tell there were no kids in their house.

I'm excited to finally have a little more table room for guest to eat at and a table that we can eat at as our family grows. David's excited for the fact that when he sits next to me to eat that I will no longer be hitting him with my elbows. He says I protect my food when I eat like I'm in prison.

I'm even more excited to say that in staying with our cheap furniture way, we got the whole set for under $100.

I'll be sending out dinner invitations soon to eat at the grown up table.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Her last hoo-rah!

The final countdown to my cousin Aubry's big day is finally here.

We only have a little over two weeks to go.

I think I've failed to mention that I was given the honor to stand right beside her as her Maid of Honor (I think technically I'm a matron). Whichever, I'm extremely honored to be given that position.

This past Friday we decided to celebrate her final days of singledom with a bachorlette party.

We were trying to get a little creative with what exactly we should do, since A. none of us are real party animals and B. several of those attending (like bride and groom sisters) were under age.

Aubry's cousin Kristen (who is also in the wedding) came up with the idea of us going to dinner and then a paint-your-own pottery place.

So, Friday night we headed up to Atlanta for dinner at the Original El Taco, which was basically fancy mexican food. It was delicious and I got to come home and brag to David I ate one of his favorites for dinner, fish tacos. Oh, and their sangria was to die for.

After dinner, we headed over to All Fired Up. We got our own room and was allowed to bring our own desserts and drinks. Kristen picked up some cupcakes from Cami Cakes and they were seriously the most delicious cupcakes I've ever tasted. I've been craving them since.

I think it's safe to say it was a hit and we all had a great time. We decided to all paint something that the newlyweds could use in there house, so we painted few bowls and plates.

I decided to try my hand at a plate. I'm glad I did, because a few of the ladies who painted a bowl, said it was harder than they thought it would be. I kept mine pretty simple.

They glaze and fire them for you, so they are all pretty and shiny when you pick them up. I told Aubry that I'm going to request to eat off my plate any time I come to her house.

Afterwards, a few of us attempted to go see the movie Bridesmaids which had just came out that day and seemed fitting. Unfortunately we missed the last showing by 15 minutes and since we all had a busy next day, we decided to call it a night. I told you we were party animals! : )

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A couple of updates


I finally bite the bullet and bought a new blog layout. I was tired of the last one and ready for a change. I've been looking for a few months now and finally found a pre-made that fit most of my wants. I know the blog currently looks a little funny, but it's still a work in progress and hopefully I'll get my new header soon. I kinda thought that maybe if I bought a new layout, I might want to blog more.

We'll see....

I figured tonight, I'll give y'all an update on a couple of things.

First off, we finally got a email from our case worker last week. About two weeks before that, David had emailed her asking if there was any update on the progress of our homestudy and the sibling group she had told us about. A little over two weeks went by and we didn't hear a thing from her. She finally emailed David last Wednesday and said our homestudy was still waiting for final approval and that she was still looking out for a match for us. So, we took that as the sibling group went to someone else, or she found out more info about them and decided they were not the right fit for us. Either way, we still believe strongly that God will send us the right children at the right time. We honestly weren't that upset about it, we were actually just glad to finally get a response from them. It's nice to know we haven't been completely forgotten about just yet.

To be completely honest, we're really hoping for only two. We told them that in our homestudy interview, but we know how they work and they'll call you with anything. With taking in three, we would have to get a new car and ideally, we'd like to keep my car a couple more years. Plus, I'm not 100% decided yet wether I would like to get pregnant again or not. Our ideal number of kids is 3 or 4. We don't want to go over four and I go back and forth about having another one of our own (David doesn't care either way~he is leaving that decision to me), so if we are to take in three, having another one of our own would kinda be decided for us. Which, that still may very well be the case of what happens. Only time will tell.

Secondly, it's kinda surprised me how many people have asked me in the last week or two how I'm doing on my Gone with The Wind challenge. I'm still trucking along. I had to stop for a few days and read this months bookclub book, but I picked it right back up after. I'm about 70% through it....which on a side note, you can tell who owns a kindle when you ask them about a book and they tell you how far they are by a percentage.....I'm hoping to finish it within the next week.

Third...it's freezing here (which I guess is not technically an update, but I wanted to complain about it). Today was the first time I believe I've ever cooked chili for dinner and wore a sweatshirt in May (and was still cold). We have had the heat on for the last two days. The cold weather is putting me in the mood for Christmas. I'm seriously about to ask David if we can watch a Christmas movie tonight...I'm sure he be all for that! Please come back summer temperatures, or at least Spring!!!

Hope your having a happy Tuesday!!! : )

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A new neighborhood image

We've worked hard these last fifteen months, trying to create a new image for our house. For the last six or seven years, it's been known as the house no one can seem to keep, since it's been in foreclosure three times before. It's also spent the last fifteen years as the house with the ugly yard. Excuse me....the "natural landscape" as one nice little old lady neighbor put it one day.

Earlier in the Spring we did a good amount of work cutting down trees and leveling out the yard, trying to make it look like that someone at least cares about the look of the yard and is trying to do something with years of neglect.

I guess we did pretty good since several neighbors stopped by to say how much they appreciated we were finally doing something with it.

Yesterday however, we got a unexpected new look to our house.

This whole little weathervane/tower thing bit the dust.

In fact, it was pretty surprising. Olivia and I walked out to get the mail and on our way back towards the house, I noticed a noise coming from the tower. We stopped and I told Olivia that something must have gotten in it. All the sudden, the thing came crashing to the ground.

Thankfully, David was a little late coming home, because it fell right where he parks his car everyday. He pulled up only five minutes after. Thankfully, there was no damage to any cars or anybody.

It was obvious it was rotted, but the fact that it was a clear sunny day without a wind gust in sight, made it a little shocking.

David climbed up and took the rest of it down. Thankfully, the roof did not look damaged or in need of any repairs. I don't think we'll rebuild one to put back up. I liked it since it gave our house a little character, but not enough to shell out the money for a new one anytime soon. For now, he's just going to cover the open area with new shingles.

So, if you come over, that's what happened to the weathervane. It's one part of our house that people usually comment on, so I'm kinda bummed now I can no longer say, we're the house with the weathervane. We were the only house in the neighborhood that had one. Now we're just starting to look like everyone else.

Oh, please don't judge my flower beds, I ran out of motivation for the yard a while back. They'll have to wait till fall or next spring.

Monday, May 9, 2011

this mother's day

~I got to have some girl time with just her and her. No kids. No husbands. It rarely happens it's just us. We got to talk without interruptions, we laughed, we drank coffee after 3pm, and went to our other place of worship. It was awesome.

~I woke up Sunday and had breakfast delivered for me and baby girl. Along with a frozen coffee just for me.

~I got to sleep in past 7 and my usual early bird slept in till 10. I got to sit and eat my delivered breakfast in peace and quiet.

~Had two very sweet cards waiting for me on my nightstand. One had an Outback gift card in it. Only a few will understand why that is hilarious and the perfect representation of our marriage.

~Heard a wonderful Mother's Day message at church. It was a nice reminder that I am a awesome wife and mother, and to stop continuously comparing myself to what society tells me I should be doing, looking like, or needing.

~I am waiting for a Mother's Day gift that I'm super excited about. Yes, he actually is getting me something, but it would not be available till next week, and it's not a "oh, I forgot and it won't be here till next week" kinda thing. I'll post about it when it gets here.

~Had a relaxing afternoon and did of all things, sewed a little something for Olivia. I was in the mood to sew and that's all I had to work on.

~My wonderful in-laws came down and we ate a dinner completely cooked by my hubby. He stuffed us with grilled fish, veggies, and a ton of other yummy stuff. I did clean up the dishes because I was starting to twitch not doing anything all day.

~We ate this for dessert and it was divine. One of my new favorite desserts.

~I started looking at Mother's Day in a different light. This year (even though I was) it wasn't about being pampered and celebrated, I spent most of the day celebrating the fact I am blessed to be called "mama." Last year, I guess I was so sleep deprived, I didn't think much of the day. This year however, I realized what a true gift motherhood is and how thankful I am to be a mother. That in its self, is the best Mother's Day gift I have received.

Friday, May 6, 2011

A big day....

For this little man....

The Pope's are heading into court this morning to find out where his future is heading.

We are very confident he's right where he is supposed to be and even more confident the courts will see that too.

You can catch up on his case progress here.

Even though we're all extremely happy and confident with where his case is heading, prayers are always appreciated. So, please say a little prayer for this little guy today.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Still here....


Remember me?

Probably not. But oh well....

I had to take a little break.

Last Sunday, I was talking to the hubby about life lately and I finally just looked at him and said "I'm just emotionally tired." That's when it hit me.....April had been rough for us.

Yes, believe it or not, everything is not so rosy and blissful in the Mabrey house all the time....like y'all ever really thought that! Ha!

April can be summed up with an unexpected death in the family, other family issues, croup, two sick parents (david & I), parents having surgery, birthdays, bridal showers, Easter, tornadoes, and then the kicker last week.....a wisdom tooth coming in for me.

If you were one of the fortunate who were smart and had your wisdom teeth taking out young, let me tell you....it's a witch. If that's what it feels like for babies when they cut teeth, then I completely understand why they hate the world. I was literally useless for two straight days. I did make it to the dentist on Tuesday and luckily it wasn't an immediate need to take out or infected. The dentist wants to take it out, but it's not a rush. Thankfully, it stopped hurting two days ago and I finally feel like a normal person again.

So, that's what's been up with us.

I was happy to see May roll in. Even though this is a crazy busy month for us, I welcomed it with open arms.

A couple of updates to the questions I get asked the most nowadays....

*Olivia has fully recovered from her croup and she's back to her normal wild child ways. I think she got a little spoiled with being held constantly when she was sick, so we're trying to work on that since she thinks she needs to still be held 24/7 and though I've gotten to the point I realize I need to soak it in cause she'll want nothing to do with me in 12 years, it's just hard and awkward carrying around a 25lb. three foot tall little person.

*We still have not heard one word from our caseworker about the sibling group. Yes, it's now been over a month. This is the most frustrating part of any adoption process, the W...A...I...T...I...N...G... Yes, we've sent emails and called, but we haven't gotten ANY response. We realize that we're not a priority since it's not an emergency placement, but it would still be nice to get a short email saying "hey, we haven't forgot about you." But, we're dealing with the government, so that is to be expected. We've stayed in contact with a few other couples from our training classes and we know we're not the only ones, so evidently, it's not just us. We still remain strong on our feelings and know it will all be God's timing, but still....it's frustrating. So please keep us in your prayers on that. I would just like to know something.

*We have had a visitor of and on this past week. This is our favorite little chocolate drop, Malachi...

Isn't he the cutest thing? He's Olivia's new little buddy. They get along perfectly. When he had to go home on Wednesday night, we had a little girl sobbing in the back seat because Malachi had to go home. His mama and I have already talked and we both support arranged marriages.

Ummm....that's all I have updates on for now.

I feel some of my blogging juices starting to flow again and have a few things floating in my head, so maybe I'll start posting more frequently again. But you know I never make promises.