The Happiest Mommy on this Block!

It only took 7 months, but I think it is now safe to say that we are now officially sleeping through the night!!!!!

For the past eight nights in a row, OK has slept through the night!!!

This has made for a much happier baby and mommy. It's amazing what a little sleep has done for our relationship. Seriously, I thought this day would never come.

For others who might ask, there was no magic way or anything special that worked. I tried EVERYTHING in the help books and nothing worked. Other moms who had already gone through the same thing told me that she would do it when she was ready and that's exactly what she did. I finally stopped pushing the issue and she did it on her own.

Thanks OK for the best Mother's Day gift a mommy could ask for!

I don't want to push my luck, but you think we can now start working on sleeping in a little later?

Well, a mommy can dream can't she?


Kameron said…
Trust me, 7 months is pretty good. I know people with 2 year olds that are still getting up in the night. Ugh. We are just shy over 5 months and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it starts happening for us soon too. She only woke up once last night and that was nice. I hear the sleeping in doesn't come until they're teenagers! :o)
Molly said…
That is great! Happy Mothers Day for sure!
Elizabeth said…
Yayy! That sounds like a wonderful Mother's Day gift! :)
The Popes said…
Yea OK!!!

Josie JUST started sleeping past 8 and I feel your joy!

And Olivia gets prettier and prettier every picture I see of her! I miss her!

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