More Proof

As though we need more proof that my hubby and I are complete dorks.....

Last night we got into a lengthy discussion on how long we thought it would have taken to reach his parents house by horse and buggy if we had lived two hundred years ago.

You mean.....we're the only ones who talk about stuff like that???


You know it resulted in a google search of MPH a horse travels in one day.

And in case your wondering....

His parents live about 25ish miles away and it currently takes us about 35 minutes by car.

By horse, it all depends....

If it's the whole family in a takes all day.

Just him riding bareback.....around 4-6 hours we're figuring.

Either way, we would have only seen them a couple times a year.

Visiting my mom in Nashville....Never!!! (Sorry, Mom)

And that's the kind of stuff the Mabrey's talk about on a Sunday night.

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The Popes said…
I love it! I'm suprised the Mr. didn't want to find a horse to borrow and test out his numbers!

I can't wait to hear what Olivia wants to talk about!
Tristan said…
Anonymous said…
and I thought smelling the popcorn bag was weird... ya'll are hilarious!!
Elizabeth said…
This is so funny! It reminds me of some of the stuff the hubs and I said while painting last night...the paint fumes were getting to me. Imagine: I'm on top of the counter painting on top of the cabinets....I asked him if he would have dated me if I was that LOL
Kameron said…
That's hilarious! I love hypothetical questions like that. It's nice to be dorky with your hubby! At least you know you'll never run out of things to talk about. :)
Tristan said…
Hey! My blog is going private! I need your email so i can approve you to read :)

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