It's Monday!

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed I can no longer seem to put together one cohesive post anymore???

I keep trying, but nothing seems to come to my mind lately.

So, your stuck with a little bit of everything today.

We had a crazy busy weekend. Tried to babysit.....but the baby hated me, a little shopping trip, a bridal shower, a birthday party, church, dinner with friends. It was busy.

I've decided that I dislike when you have busy "planned" weekends. If it's a weekend that becomes busy with just last minute stuff, I don't mind, but having to be a certain somewhere at a certain time all weekend is no fun to me.

And yes, even being a stay-at-home mom and having a husband that works every weekend, a weekend is still a weekend.

I bought these shoes at Target on clearance a couple of weeks ago. They are way too big, but she will not take them off her feet.

This child is always giving some crazy faces.

The weather here has been perfect the past few weeks. I've heard several people say they know it will get cold again, but I'm thinking it's here to stay. We've spent as much time as we possibly can outside and it makes my heart happy she loves being outside so much.

We're supposed to get some bad storms tonight and I can say I'm kinda looking forward to it. I love a good storm every once and awhile. Just no tornadoes please!

A few people have asked......there has been nothing new on the adoption stuff. We haven't heard from our caseworker in a couple of weeks now, so we're assuming she got everything she needed for our homestudy to be finished up. It's kinda strange because we know that a few people in our class haven't even had their homestudy done yet, so it seemed kinda weird all our stuff has been pushed through so fast and we haven't heard anything yet. But, I keep telling myself that's it's only been two weeks since we finished our class, so now, we're just waiting....................that's the non fun part. I was talking about this with someone the other day and they compared it to finding out your pregnant and waiting those long nine months. Not to be rude, but I had to correct them. When your pregnant, you at least have a due date.......adoption....NO EARTHLY CLUE.

I took all these with my new "fixed" lens. Can you tell a difference? I feel like I can.

And that's about as professional as it's going to get with me!

Hope your having an awesome Monday!


Tristan said…
hahaha...I just love her..she is so cute!!!

oh no..the baby hated had that happen before,no fun!! blog is going private!! I need your email address!! TIMEL123@HOTMAIL.COM
Kameron said…
Great shots of the shoes! I need to get a fixed lens. Which one did you get?

If you think 2 weeks is long, my friends are adopting too and they are at 6 months waiting!! Granted they want a specific age range and a girl so that probably limits them a bit, but I am amazed at how long it takes sometimes!

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