2011 Goals

I love setting goals for the new year.

I don't like to call them resolutions, because that word somehow always seems to be followed by BIG FAT FAILURE, but if I call them goals, they seem a little easier to achieve.

There is just something about the new year and a new clean slate that gets me fired up.

In a good way.

I decided this year to keep it simple and to just a few. That way, obviously, they are things I can actually work towards and achieve.

1. Start exercising on a regular/daily basis (i.e. make it a habit)~ Yes, I could just say the usual...I want lose weight....because yes, that is my ultimate goal, but I thought if I for now, work on the working out part, then hopefully the other will come with it. I'm not going to set some outrages number that I need to reach, but I do want to lose some weight because we're thinking about baby number two and I do not want to be carrying these few extra pounds from Olivia when I do get pregnant with baby Mabes #2.

2. Read 20 books~ I'm honestly not even sure how many books I read in 2010, but I'm sure it was close to this number. I need to look back and count in the little notebook where I keep track of what I read. Am I the only one that does that? I just thought 20 sounded like a good, round number. That gives me 12 books from bookclub and 8 picks of my own. I made a list of the one's I want to read on my own. No promises, I can stick to that list.

***After writing this, I went back to count how many books I read in 2010 and it added up to 18. For the record book club members, that number does not count The Poisonwood Bible...which I would not recommend...I hated it and refused to finish it. So, technically I read 18 1/2 books last year. I think 20 still sounds like a good number to reach for.***

3. Slow down and be more patient with Olivia~ One of my biggest short comings is my patience. I have very little of it and for some reason (maybe because she's just like me or because we spend 24/7/365 together), my patience is littlest for Olivia. I completely realize this and it's one of my biggest fears that I'll never get it in control with her. After doing lots of thinking, praying, and talking about it with others, I honestly think my issue is that I move to fast for her. Though her little legs move pretty fast already, she's not yet caught up with me. She gets upset and frustrated that she cannot keep up with me and I get upset and frustrated with her for getting upset and frustrated. This probably makes no sense to anyone reading this but those I've talked to about it. Just trust me with this one.

4. Spend more One on One time with my husband~ We did a bad job of making time for just us this past year. Excuses for work and Olivia were always made. We're not heading to divorce court or anything, but it has put some strain on our marriage at times. We both (on our own) made this a goal to work on this year. My marriage to David is still my #1 priority and I want to keep it that way.

So that's my new year goals. I may, in a few months, post on how I'm doing.

Who else made goals for this year???


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