I feel like I'm all over the place these last few days.

A certain someone under three feet tall, woke up with an attitude and has not gotten off of it all morning. She is being a complete drama queen today and I'm over it. At the gym this morning, she proceeded to literally throw herself on the floor, after I told her she couldn't take home the toy that belonged to the gym. I just walked out of the room and I'm pretty sure gave the childcare worker a few seconds of panic to wonder if I was really going to leave her there. After sixty seconds, I opened the door and told to get it together. She hasn't seemed to be able to get it together since. Which is wonderful since...

Our home study is this afternoon.

Yep, already. Crazy.

Things are moving really fast suddenly and even though I know that doesn't mean we'll have kids by the end of the month, I guess it still is the realization that we could have more children soon. Especially, since we're asking for children that normally people don't want to adopt.

We have our last class this Saturday and we only have one thing left on our list of to do's (fingerprints), then we'll be open to receive children.


In a good way of course.

Like almost everyone else in the country, I'm ready for Spring. Thankfully we don't have snow like everyone else, but it's still cold. I'm just over it. I've also hit that point in the season where I feel like I have nothing to wear. I'm so sick of wearing the same thing everyday. Since it's been so cold, my wardrobe has been limited it feels. I know by August, I'll be complaining of the same thing, but right now, I'm ready for short sleeves and flip flops.

Speaking of which....I have not bought OK a single thing for spring/summer. NOT ONE THING. When everything went on clearance last year, I was too scared to buy anything since her sizes are so crazy. Well, her sizes are still crazy. It looks like for spring/summer, she'll be in a 3t tops, 24 month/2t dresses, and a 18 months in shorts. Now tell me that ain't crazy? Her 2t size t-shirts are already starting to look a little small on her, but her 18 month jeans are falling off her waist and almost too short. I need to get on the ball and buy her something or she seriously won't have anything to wear but cutoffs when it ever does warm up.

Say a little prayer for me this afternoon...one of us might be going home with the caseworker.


Tristan said…
oh geez...i'll be praying :)

maybe if you got 24 month pants with adjustable waist???
Kim said…
Poor OK... poor Amber! Hope everything goes well today with the caseworker.. keep us all posted!!
Kameron said…
I hope it went well although I'm pretty sure they wouldn't hold crazy toddler behavior against you!