Friday, May 24, 2013

Unfortunately, we can't all be the blond Rapunzel.

Several of my friends on facebook have just in the last few weeks drastically cut their hair short.  Let me put it out there that I am not one of those brave people.  Though I have much respect for all of them for being so brave and their cuts look super cute, I like my hair long and long it will stay for a while now.  EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. I cut it short, I regret it and at some point and time in tears over it.  So, call me a wimp, I don't care....I'm still going to rock the long hair.

However, my poor kid cannot rock the long hair and I have no issues at all with cutting her's short. 

If you've been reading long enough, you know Olivia didn't have hardly any hair till she was about two and a half, by that time she was rocking the toddler mullet.  So, after a couple of "you can do it" pep talks from a few other mom friends, I cut her hair to just above shoulder length at the beginning of last summer and it looked super cute on her.  It was like she finally had hair!

Last fall she asked me if she could grow it out like Rapunzel.  Though I loved it short, I agreed.  However, I was pretty sure we weren't going to make it a full 70 feet like her idol, but we've been growing it out ever since. 

But y'all......oh my gosh it's been a battle.

I bet the best day of Mother Gothel's life was the day Rapunzel learned to brush her own hair and to get the knots out by herself. 

EVERY.SINGLE.DAY its a cry fest and fight over brushing it/fixing it/touching it/looking at it.

It's so bad that anytime she sees a info commercial for the Michel Mercier Detangling Brush on tv, she flips and begs me for one.  She seriously told me the other day that was all she wanted for her birthday.  Y'all, it's that bad.  What three year old asks for a hair brush for their birthday?!?!? A traumatized one that is! 

On top of that, she HATES having her hair up.  If I put it up to get it out of her face, it's back down in less than ten minutes. I understand that she doesn't like having it up and I try really hard not to force it on her and to respect that, but the constant hair in her face DRIVES.ME.CRAZY!!!  

Let's not mention the fact that I'm constantly brushing bits of food out of it.

Yes, the other day I actually brushed bits of an orange out of it.  How the heck do you get oranges stuck in your hair?!?!?

So, a couple of months ago, we sat down and had a heart to heart Mother/Daughter talk.....not all of us can be the blond Rapunzel.  Some of us were made to be more the brown hair Rapunzel and she was at this point in life, a brown hair Rapunzel.

Yes, just call me a dream killer, but in my defense, our sanity was teetering on that edge.

However, we had a dance recital coming up and she really wanted to wear her hair in a bun like her teacher Miss. Kelli, so I told her we'd wait till after the recital and then prayed I'd learn how to do a proper top bun.

Well, we got through the recital and I successfully got her hair in a top bun.  Yes, there were tears from both parties 2 out of 3 operation top bun sessions.

Earlier this week, I causally brought up the conversation of getting her hair cut off.  I was surprised that she immediately said "yes, I want it short!"

I was even kinda disappointed because I had already mentally prepared myself to battle over it, but she didn't even give me an ounce of a fight.

I waited the rest of the week and we talked about it every day.  I seriously asked her at least twenty times a day if she was sure she wanted it short because I do not want to have to be paying for therapy in a few years for crushing her Rapunzel dreams.

She held her ground and didn't once wavier about the decision. 

So, you better believe first thing this morning we were waiting for the salon to open to cut it off.



Baby girl, you make a beautiful brown hair Rapunzel! Way to be one of the brave ones!!! : )

Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Little Ballerina.

Y'all, I'm sorry.  I kinda forgot I had a blog this week.  We have been crazy busy for us and yesterday was the first day in over a week I didn't have to get out of my pajamas which is a big deal for us, so I took full advantage of it and didn't do squat.  Well, I did put on my swimsuit for an hour or two. 

Judge me all you want.


It was an exciting weekend at our house.

My girl made her stage debut.

And I must say, she was a star.

She was that kid that stopped and waved every twenty seconds during the performance.

 (picture curtsey of my fellow dance mom & friend Rebecca)

I was worried before hand that I would cry during the performance, because I'm a crier and seeing my little girl growing up can always bring me to tears.  I did cry, however, I cried because I was laughing so hard at her. She had everyone laughing.

It was so cute that we even ended up ordering a DVD of the recital.   We're suckers like that.

And I can't forget my other girl Josie...

It was fun to see how far she's come since her first year of dance when she was just Olivia's age. 

Both the girls did awesome and it was so fun to see them performing at the same recital.  We now live a little bit of ways from the dance studio and I've been debating about moving her to a new studio closer to where we live, but getting to watch the girls dance together almost makes me want to keep driving.

Love these two!

Thank you to everyone who came out to watch her.  We may have had a crowd, but it made her day to have all her favorite people there!

I cannot lie, I hope this it the first of many more recitals!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Marriage Bed: 7 Years late

I posted it on Instagram yesterday evening, but something exciting happened in our household yesterday.

For the first time in seven years of marriage, we have a headboard and a footboard.

A few months ago, I told David I already knew what I wanted for  a Mother's Day/Anniversary gift....I wanted a certain bed frame from Ikea for our bed. 

And I had to have it before Amelia came!!!

Every other bed in our house has a bed frame but ours and it has been driving me crazy for years now.

I've decided that married couples are one way or the other.  Either they take care of the Master bedroom first thing after the wedding day or they wait ten years and three kids later.  Obviously we were in the later group...minus a kid and a few years.

My advice is to any young couple is to take care of it before kids, if not, I promise you will always find others things to spend the money on.

The truth is that we actually have had a bed frame on a few occasions throughout our marriage. When we first got married, we slept on a queen sized bed from David's childhood.  Only problem was a queen sized bed.  On our one year anniversary we bought ourselves a king sized mattress, but we could only afford the mattress.  So the bed rested on bed rails.  Over the years, I've pinned for a fancy frame, but we either never had the money or when we did, it always went to something more important.  Every so often, we'd move the queen sized bed back into our room, so I could have a legit bed frame, but we just couldn't sleep well on a queen sized bed and after a short time, move the king sized back in.  Plus, add in the fact we at least a couple nights a week have a little person crawling into bed with us at night, we need the space of a king sized bed.

If the bed looks familiar to some, yes, we also own the full sized version of this particular bed frame.  Last year we bought the full sized version for Olivia's big girl bed, I'm in love with it, but she doesn't like it.  After months of going back and forth, she's sleeping on a daybed we got from her Nana.  The full sized version is currently in the nursery serving as a guest bed/middle of the night feeding bed. When Olivia was first born, I slept in our guest room for the first few months so her multiple wakes during the night wouldn't bother Dave who had to be up at 5am to get to be at work.  I've always said that if we ever had another newborn, I would put a bed along with a crib in there to make things easier so I don't have to get up and walk across the house five times a night.

So, there is a little sneak peek of Amelia's nursery.  Which can we talk about for a second???  I have a friend who has been hounding me for months now about her nursery and can I be honest, I've had no motivation to do anything about it.  Which is completely opposite from baby #1. By this far along with Olivia, her nursery was completed and waiting ready for her to come home to.  This go round...."Ummm.....I'll get to it one day." It's funny how you learn that the baby won't hate you for life if don't have a completely decked out nursery when they walk in/carried in from the hospital.  In fact, three years later, I think Olivia could still really care less.

And poor Amelia....I'm being extremely frugal. I've so far spent a whopping $40 on her nursery.  Pretty much everything in her room is from another room in our house.  I have a few other things I need to get and we have some furniture to paint, but when its all said and done, her nursery will be done for under $75.  Yes, I may have told David I'd rather spend the money on our bedroom than hers.

 I promise though we love you my second child.

Back to our bed.....I decided that since Olivia wasn't going to love the bed I picked out for her, I was going to get one of my own to love.  Even though its a little girlie, the husband agreed.  He is going to be in a house full of females, so he might as well get used to it. 

Last night crawling into bed, I was honestly giddy.  I told Dave that "two kids and mortgage didn't do it for me, but I now officially feel grown up." 

Side note: A few people have asked about my instagram and you can find me at anmabrey.  I am set to private, but just send me a request and I'll approve you if you don't look too crazy.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

This week.

My week has been thrown off and it's all Dave's fault.  Instead of being off his usual Monday/Tusday, Dave was off Tuesday/Wednesday, so I'm totally thrown.  I'm a creature of habit.

I seriously woke up this morning thinking about what we had to get done today and thinking it was gymnastics night, when we just went to gymnastics a mere eleven hours before. 

Maybe that's more of a result of sleeping on the couch. 

I've been sleeping so well lately and then last night the streak was over.  We went to bed around 11 and I woke up at 11:30 wide awake.  After laying there till 1am, I moved to the couch and watched Golden Girls on the Hallmark channel.  At some point I fell asleep and when Dave left for work at 5am, he woke me up to move me to our bed.  I'm partly placing blame on my MIL because she asked yesterday "how have you've been sleeping?"  Or maybe it's partly to blame for that 1/2 price frappe the husband went and got us at 5pm.  Yeah, that was a smart idea.

Yes, I'm slowly adding caffeine in the form of coffee back into my life. I think it makes me a nicer person and let's be honest, I'm in the third trimester, so I deserve some kind of vice considering my first vice of choice is still off limits.

I know, I'm so exciting this week.

(her pose of choice)

However, tonight is not gymnastics, it's dance night.  Next week is our last week of dance till fall and I'm kinda sad about it.  She loves it and for a three year old, actually kinda good.  I promise I'm not being one of those annoying moms, those who know me in non internet life will tell you I'll be the first to claim that Olivia was not the prettiest baby.  So, I promise I am not one of those parents, but after a couple of parent watch nights, I can confidently say my three year old is one of the best in the class.  Keeping in mind this is three year old ballet....I'm not talking best as in the Russian Ballet will be calling us soon.  The mere fact she can follow the teachers instructions and stand on her star shoots her to the top of the class.  And for the record...because I pray that none of those moms read my blog....some of those kids in there are straight up weird.  Weird as in Dave and I were scared by them.  Some of those parents should be concerned...seriously.

Side note: I cleaned out the pantry last night and my child just opened the pantry door and exclaimed "What happened to our food! We need some food!!!"  The sad part is we have plenty of food in there for us to eat, we just had that much old food that needed to be thrown away.  I might or might not have thrown away a bag of powdered sugar that I bought to use at Olivia's first birthday.  I might have also thrown away a few bottles of different spices that had an expiration date from 2010 on them.  Obviously, I should clean out the pantry more than once every three years.

Speaking of cleaning...the nesting bug has officially hit.  Last night at 9:30pm I felt the need to spray paint a few items that I've had sitting around for years.  I may have got a few odd looks from my neighbor who was taking her dog out one last time for the evening.  I was also hanging pictures in Olivia's room at 10pm.  She may have been up helping me.  Mom of the year, right here.

Oh, and did I mention that we have friends whom we haven't seen in almost two years and who have never been to our home coming over Saturday to hang out....that may have a little something to do with my nesting kicking in also.  Nothing like new company coming over to get your butt in gear to actually do something with your home....kinda like clean it.

Now that I think about it, my husband may have invited them over just because he knew it would get me to clean the house. 

He's a cleaver one that Dave. 

No wonder his employees call him a ninja.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The parenting moments I live for.

The past few weeks have been rough parenting weeks.

I'll be the first to admit that it's been my fault.

I've been tired, kinda depressed, and just over everything in general.  To be completely honest, I was just not really feeling like being a parent.  Yeah, I said it.  

Please tell me I'm not the only one who has woken up and had days that they just didn't feel like putting forth the effort parenting wise.

Someone? Anyone?

However, it was all starting to catch up with us and last week seemed to be the one in which it all came to head.  As the only way I could describe it on Instagram "the s**t hit the fan" one night.  To sum things up, at one point during the week, Olivia was screaming how she "hated Amelia and would never love her," while I sat there bawling and my poor husband just sat there looking like he was about to be in tears too.

As I said last week, it hurts to hear your three year old say those kinds of things and hurts worse to know you're the cause of them.

And yes, I knew she'd have this kind of reaction at some point and time.  However, I at least thought it would be after Amelia showed her face.

After that night, I was determined to not let our last few weeks of "just us"continue down this path.  I was trying to get my own attitude under control and trying to rein hers back in, but honestly, I was just feeling defeated.

But then, a new week dawns and with it comes moment after moment in which my child steals my heart all over again. 

And shows me that I'm not totally screwing her up...just yet at least. 


The moments that remind me that I can do this parenting thing and we're going to make another day. 

Moments that remind me it's not going to be easy, but so worth the wild.

Monday, May 6, 2013

A busy weekend, but a quiet Monday.

We had a busy weekend that was filled with graduation festivities. 

My cousin Kyndall was graduating from a college in south Georgia, so on Friday afternoon, the family headed three hours south to watch her walk across the stage.

We headed down there with my dad (David had to work of course) and  when we walked into our fourth floor hotel room, Olivia ran to the window and exclaimed "I can see the whole world from here and palm trees!!!"  Seriously the cutest moment of the weekend.

However, the weekend was about this girl...

 (stolen fb pic)

I cannot tell you how proud we are of this girl. She has busted her butt over the past four years.  She was on the deans list for four straight years and Saturday she graduated magna cum laude from the Speech Language Pathology program. She walked across the stage on Saturday with her bachelor's degree and seriously starts her masters program this Thursday.  On top of being a smart girl, she's also one of the sweetest.  At her graduation party on Sunday, she thanked all of us at least twenty times for dedicating our whole weekend to her.  Needless to say, we were all happy to dedicate our whole weekend to her.  No one else deserved it more. 

I posted on Instagram that ironically, I was pregnant at her high school graduation with Olivia.



Okay, I'm about to admit that I had to do something totally vain and repost a pic of me on Sunday.  I got a couple of "you popped" comments over the weekend and I realized that this dress made me look much bigger than I am at the moment. 

This is a more accurate bump picture from Sunday before church in all non-maternity clothes.  

Obviously, maxi dresses are not necessarily a pregnant girls best friend. 

After a busy weekend, our Monday has been pretty quiet. 


David's car was having some trouble over the weekend and cannot be fixed till Tuesday, so he has my car for the day and we've been stuck at home car-less. Normally it's one of those little things that would bug me, however,  it has worked out well that we've been kinda stuck at home all day.  We've been having a "recovery" day from our busy weekend.

NPR has been on the radio all day, I've been planning and dreaming of our school year next year, while Olivia has alternated between playing with her babies and watching Sprout.  We also threw in a game of chutes & ladders, did some reading, and worked a little on Amelia's room this morning. 

It's four pm and it's safe to say I'm not getting dressed for the day.  For the record however, teeth have been brushed and faces washed. 

And the weather is helping with our "recovery" day. 

It seems like we've had the craziest weather lately.  It is never this "cool" in May and we're usually slowly venturing into the pool by this time a year.   I know we've needed it, but I'm ready for the rain to end and the warm weather to stay around.  I'm ready for swimming to take up most of our days. 

Although she seems content with washing windows. 

Friday, May 3, 2013

I can't sleep.

I'm going on four hours of sleep and since about 4am this morning, I've spent a good two hours typing a brutally honest post about some feelings I've been struggling with lately.

Most of it stems from my instagram picture on Wednesday morning.  Which by the way, I want to say thank you for those who sent encouragement my way that morning. 

However, after putting my feelings into words, I can't seem to hit the publish button.  The older and wiser (I hope at least) I get, I'm learning that somethings are better to keep private and at the moment, the feelings I've been struggling with are one of them. 

Or at least keep private between me and my two best friends.  Those ladies know who they are and as always, have loved me instead of judging me even after I've shared my heart. 

There once was a time I didn't cherish the girl friends in my life.  They always played second fiddle or heck, maybe even third or fourth....however, the older I get, the more and more I love them and cannot live without them.  I need them just as much (and some days even more) than I need David and Olivia. And I'm not talking about friends who are girls that you see on occasion when you have time or give a quick "how you doing?" on facebook, I'm talking about the girl friends who you talk to day in and day out.  Those who know more of whats going on in your life than your family really does.  Those who you sometimes call first before you even call your husband or your mom when the poop hits the fan...if you know what I mean.  These days, I honestly feel sorry (in a truly sympathetic way) for women who don't have at least one girlfriend like that of their own.  Seriously, if you do not have one....go find

Anyways, off my tangent....

One day I may share with the rest of the world what's been going on, but to be honest, I'm not quite ready for the judgement to come from it just yet.

Olivia and I are packing up this morning and heading down to South Georgia to attend my cousins college graduation.  She's worked so very hard these past four years and graduating with honors, so we are super proud of her and excited to spend the weekend celebrating her accomplishments. 

And we're excited to be staying in a hotel with an "inside pool!"  I'm sure it's already 80 degrees down there, but to a kid, there is something extra special about a "inside pool."  Thankfully Grandpa is traveling with us so I may be saved from pool duty.  Which reminds me, I need to call to remind him to bring a bathing suit.

This isn't really the post I had originally planned, so its now turned into just a "have a great weekend" kinda of one. 

So, have a great weekend! : )

Thursday, May 2, 2013

First Day~May 2013

It's first day! 

I cannot believe its May already.  April flew by it feels like.  Our May is super busy, so I'm hoping it flies by just as fast.  Yes, I may be a little anxious to get these next few months over with.  

Here's a peek into our first day of May in crappy cell phone pics....


 Clean sheets day...can you tell purple is our color of the moment?

Nap time...aka Olivia in her room taking all the pictures off her walls! : )

Talking and pacing...our families will laugh at this one. 

At this point they headed to gymnastics and I went to walk with the MIL.  The husband didn't snap a pic at gymnastics....blogger husband fail.  After four and a half years, he should know better by now!

It was a good one.

Head over to Nicole's to see what everyone else was up to yesterday!