Friday, January 24, 2014

Six months of Millie Jane.

This baby hit the six month mark yesterday.

I know this is the point where most moms say "it's flown by" won't be hearing that from me today.

Let's be's been a long six months.

But this baby....

oh my.

These days, she steals my heart everyday. 

This past month seemed to be that magic month for Millie.  For the longest time, I kept hearing those other parents who have been through the colic trenches say "one month it just magically stops and they seem happy." It seemed like our magic month was never coming, but it finally showed up.  Colic seems to finally be a thing of the past. Praise Jesus!!!

She has only two modes...happy or screaming. Thankfully, she's happy majority of the time these days.

Her smile still takes up her whole face and her laugh....I never get tired of hearing it.  At six months old, she has one of those laughs that comes from her gut and you can't help but to smile when she laughs.

She's just now taking a liking to baby food, but to be honest, I think she would rather have table food.

She's a screacher and she's LOUD....not one of her finest qualities. 

She wants to be moving so badly.  We all say she's going to walk before she learns to crawl.

She still watching Olivia like a hawk and you can tell she loves her so.  I was honestly a little worried about their age difference.  Their at that age difference that things could go either way, but it looks like they are going to be close.

The car situation seems to be getting better little by little.  We can now drive to the grocery store without us losing our minds.  However, long trips still are still a little dicey.  Hopefully by the time summer vacation rolls around, she'll be completely over her car issues.

She's got one little bottom tooth poking through and it should be completely out pretty soon. 

Oh, and she looks like a mini David to me.

Six months.

It seemed like it was forever away and we were never going to make it....but we did.

We survived.

Those first six months will probably never be forgotten, but we're hoping the next six months brings many more smiles and much better memories.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Farmhouse life: three days in.

Everyone has been asking for pictures, so here ya go.

Yesterday my mother-in-law took the girls for a few hours and I was able to knock out a lot (and Nic came and helped me for two hours!!!).  It finally feels a little more like a home and not like we're living among boxes. There are a few more boxes to be unpacked, things/areas that need to be organized, and of course, decorating in general, but here's what we're looking like three days in...

Okay, this room was originally going to be a small playroom, but after two nights, we kicked Amelia out of our bedroom and set it up as her little nursery.....and it may now be one of my favorite spaces in the house.  We are not a co-sleeping family at all.  David and I consider our bedroom our sanctuary and our own space.  We're not so hardcore that we don't allow our kids in our room at all, but we don't like them in there 24/7, so we needed to come up with a different plan.  This weekend we're going to hang a curtain across to make it more shut off, but 24 hours in, it's working perfectly.  Oddly, she's been sleeping/napping like a champ in it.

And because you know I like to keep things real...

So, things seem a little less overwhelming than they did on Tuesday.

We still have a long list of projects to be tackled, but it will take time and of course, I'll update every so often. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Welcome to Crazy!

The last week has ended up being one of the craziest we've had in awhile.

On Thursday evening, the girls and I left for my Pop Pop's funeral in Nashville.  We left at Amelia's bed time and though I wasn't stoked about driving that late at night with two small children alone, we made it with no problems and no tears.  Though I was glad I got to be with my family and say goodbye, I'll be honest, it was a tough trip.  We stayed in a hotel and hotels are not made for small children.  Plus, I was by myself with them.  My Mom, John, and my brother were awesome about coming to help me as much as they could, but it was still a lot of work.   We all got very little sleep and it wasn't our normal routine, but overall the girls were troopers and did as good as expected. It was a long 48 hours.

We headed back Saturday around lunch and I was hoping Amelia would sleep most of the way home but instead she screamed the majority of it.  Needless to say, she still hasn't gotten over her hate for the car seat.

Sunday, we moved to the farmhouse.

I've gotten a lot of "we didn't expect it so soon" and to be honest, we didn't either.  However, last week David realized this was his only week in the month with two days off in a row.  The rest of the month he only gets one day off a week and due to people on vacation, things couldn't be switched around.  So, things got kicked into high speed.

My saint of a Mother in law took the girls all day Sunday and I started making trips back and forth to the farmhouse with the van.  Sunday afternoon, David's dad brought home a moving truck (if you are in our area and ever need one, David's dad has the hook up with Penske moving trucks) and started loading the moving truck before David could even get home.  Our original plan was to load everything, mattresses to go in last, and then we'd go to the farmhouse, unload the mattresses, and leave the rest for David and I to unload on Monday.  Well, the guys ended up unloading the whole truck on Sunday night. 

Seriously, they are rock stars when it comes to moving (maybe because we move all the time???).  They loaded and unloaded our house in four hours!!!  I told David that if things didn't work out at the waffle, they could totally be professional movers.  He however kinda rolled his eyes on that one.

Anyways....we're here at the farmhouse now and I have internet again as of this morning!

So, as you can see, life has been a tad bit crazy.

Currently I'm standing in a sea of boxes and feeling very overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done.  Teething six month olds don't really let you get a lot done when it comes to unpacking.

It's only been two days, but I'm loving it so far. 

Our furniture seems to be made for the house and it's funny because things we thought wouldn't fit (like our kind size bed and dining room table), seem to fit perfectly.  We're short on closets and storage space, so it's going to be tricky figuring that stuff out, but we'll get there.

The girls are both doing wonderfully.  Olivia is in heaven with her best friend 50 yards away (and Mama is too) and she is loving the farmhouse in general.  The girls haven't slept in the same room yet, Amelia has been sleeping in the pack and play in our room, but hopefully it will come soon enough. I'm ready for her to be sleeping through the night for several reasons....after six months, I'm tired.

Though we are not taking credit for any of the renovations that the other family did, there is still a lot that needs to be done, so David has had his hands full the past two days with trying to get the essential things taken care of.

I'd love to wiggle my nose and have everything magically in place and projects finished, but I have to keep reminding myself these things take time.

And with morning views like this....

It's totally going to be worth it.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Farmhouse love and our school room these days. first off, you guys are excited about the farmhouse move.

That was the most read post on my blog EVER and probably the one we got the most love on.


You people always surprise me.

Anyways....thanks for all the love on the upcoming move yesterday.

We're all super excited too!

We may or may not be counting down the days now.


One of my favorite things to see about other homeschooling families is where they do school.  When I check out a new homeschooling blog, that's usually one of the first things I look for.  I'm a sucker for a good school room.

For the past year, our formal dining room has served as our school room.  Though I've moved some things in and out of it or tried this table or that one...the soul purpose of the room has stayed the same.  When we first moved into our current house, I was a little bummed I would have to use the formal dinning room as a school room (because we had soooo many fancy dinners in our last one...sarcasm), but I honestly ended up loving it a lot more than I thought I would.

It's right by the kitchen, so it makes craft clean up a cinch and it makes it easier for me to get a few chores done while Olivia works on stuff she can already do independently.  Yeah, there are alphabet posters on the wall for everyone to see and baskets upon baskets of random crafts Livi refuses to let me throw away, but that's apart of homeschooling and it's part of our lives.

Ever since we've returned from Christmas break, our school room has looked a little different. 

We're moving in a few weeks, so the school room has been packed up and this is our essentials.

And you know what????  I'm enjoying it.  

It's got everything we use on a daily basis for both her and I.  Can you believe there is seven weeks worth of school in that tote!?!?! Plus wipes for messy hands!

For a little over a year now, I've been soaking up the simple in life.  We've been trying hard to make things simpler for family.

Though there are a few more things that we need, like craft stuff, etc., things that aren't as easy to carry around in a bag, I'm hoping to keep up this same idea even after we move.

We won't have a room that we will call a "school room." Like 80% of other homeschool families out there, we'll have to use our whole house as a school room and in reality, isn't that really what's it's supposed to be about? Though I would still love a permanent school room again one day,  I am excited to make things a little more simpler with our school time.  I'm embarrassed to say that at times, I feel like already at the age four I've made things too complicated with school.  It's so easy to get caught up in the hoopla of what everyone else is doing.

I know the older she gets, the more we'll have to have, but I'm hoping to stick with this "simpler" way for a little while.

And maybe...just maybe...that simpler way can flow into other aspects of our lives. 

Monday, January 13, 2014

We're moving to the farm.

Okay, so it's not technically a true farm at the moment, but hopefully soon it will be a little hobby farm with chickens, pigs, and maybe one day a couple of horses.

As Nicole announced on her blog Friday, we're moving to the farmhouse in just a few weeks.

Nic shared most of the story, but the family who originally planned on moving in and who did all the hard work on renovations could no longer move in because of an sudden out of state move, so that's where we come into the picture.

The funny part is, it all started with Josie.  Right after they were told the other family wouldn't be able to move in, Josie asked me if we could move into the farmhouse.  My initial response was "no....sorry, but that won't work."  We want to remain friends.

But, then we started thinking more about and thought maybe...just could work.

We then spent the next month discussing things, setting up some boundaries, working out the last of the details and then making it official.

Now that we've worked out the details, the anticipation has grown greatly and we're all a little excited.  It's rare that you have a whole family be best friends.  Our kids are best friends, our husbands are best be able to live right next door seems like a dream come true.  We've laughed because years ago we used to throw around "wouldn't it be so cool to live next door to each other" never thinking it would actually be a possibility one day. 

It may seem kinda out of left field that David and I want to have a small hobby farm, but it's actually been a dream of ours since before we got married.  Through the years we have talked often of how one day we wanted a little bit of land and a small little farm of our own.  However though, there are a lot of things that contributed to the fact that right now wasn't the best time in our lives to achieve that dream. 

The set up with the Popes though kinda gives a chance to take a stab at hobby farm life with out any major commitment just in case David gets a opportunity that we can't pass up job wise.

Plus, if you know us, we're suckers for an old house.  Owning an old farm house has been a fixture on our life bucket list since the beginning, so for now "living" in an old farm house will satisfy that want.  We have always loved the character and quirkiness of old houses and the farmhouse for sure fits that description.

A few have asked what any worries we have are and to be completely's Amelia sleeping through the night.  Though we're not losing much space square feet wise, we are losing a bedroom and the girls will have to share.  We're not opposed to kids sharing rooms and had always planned for the girls to eventually share a room, but we thought it would be farther down the road.  Right now Amelia still gets up multiple times a night.  I'm hoping we only have a few more months of that and then they can share a room without her waking Livi up ten times a night.  I may or may not be praying each day that she just magically starts sleeping through the night.  My prayers haven't been answered just yet.

Otherwise, we're really excited and can't wait to move in.  Excited to have space for our girls to roam, best friends to live beside, and the chance to start a new hobby.

I'm sure there will be plenty of stories of the farm in the blogs future. 

It's going to be an adventure for sure.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

What a week.

We're only eleven days into 2014 and my has it been full.

Sadly, in the wee hours of Friday morning, I got a call from my mom saying that our beloved PopPop had gone on to heaven. 

 (on the right~Love this picture!)

PopPop has only been a fixture in my life for the past fourteen years or so, but he has had a great impact on my life just in that short time.  He always had such a great attitude about life, a smile on his face, a silly joke to share, or whistling a tune.  I told David, he's one of those people you look at and say "I pray I can have an attitude like that at his age."  He was always such a joy to be around.  He and our Nana have been living with my parents for a little while now and one of my favorite memories of him was from one of our last visits.  I had walked into the kitchen on one of the first afternoons we were there and he was making himself a sandwich, he offered to make me one and I politely turned him down since I wasn't quite hungry yet.  For the remainder of our trip, every time we'd encounter each other, even at 7am, he'd ask me "could I make you a sandwich?" and then he'd give a little wink and a smile.  That will be how I always remember him, asking me if he could make me a sandwich with a tinkle in his eye.

Please keep my Nana, his wife of 60 years, and the rest of our family in your prayers.  It's for sure a difficult time for everyone.

Along with that, David's grandmother fell and broke her leg the week before.  She's already had to endure three surgeries within a weeks time and it looks like will have to endure a few more.  Because of her age and health, things have been pretty touch and go for the past two weeks, one day she's great, the next she's not.  So, please keep her in your prayers along with his family.  His grandfather has Alzheimers and this situation has been really hard on him.

Like the rest of the country, we were under a freeze watch for most of the early part of the week.  I did venture out on Tuesday, but I did not take the girls out for a few days because it was so dang cold.  Though we didn't get any snow or much ice, I don't ever remember it being that cold here.  Needless to say, those few days just verified the fact I cannot handle the cold weather.  The cold finally let up to a few days of blah on the weather this week.  We had to venture out in the rain yesterday because we were running dry on things and mama was in desperate need of a new straightener.

On Tuesday night I went to straighten my hair and my Chi wouldn't turn on.  I knew it was coming.  I had just said to David a few weeks before that I could just tell it was about it bite the dust.  It tamed my fro for 7 and a half years so I guess it's safe to say I got my money's worth.

Oh, and on Monday night, Amelia fell off the kitchen table and hit her head.

 I'm sure there was a large gasp from everyone just now.  

Thank God she's fine.  We haven't shared with the world (even the grandparents) because it was one of those stupid parent moves that you're afraid to admit to and you wonder why they trust you to even bring them home from the hospital.  I won't say who was to blame, but we followed the correct procedures suggested by the doctor and thankfully we're five days out and besides a little bump on her forehead, she is perfectly fine.  However, it did make for a nervous 24 hours.

And then David accidentally banged the other side of her head on the kitchen table the next night.  Yes, I'm expecting family services to knock on our door any moment now.  Thankfully that one didn't even seem to bother her. However, I may or may not have lost it on my husband at that point. 

In my defense, it's been a tense week.

However, we did have some fun news to share. 

If you missed it, you can read about it here.

More from me about it all later.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! : )

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A side note to yesterday's post and I lied....I do have one goal.

First off, I wanted to say that in my post yesterday it may have came across that I was blaming my un-enjoyable year all on Amelia. 

Remember that what you read on here is not always the full story.   That's not to say that I lie on my blog, I'm actually quite open....sometimes too open according to my husband....but I also don't share a lot of our life for everyone to read. 

Last year came with a lot of hardships. 

We've had some on going family issues that are stressful and emotionally draining for all in our extended family.  My blog though isn't the place to talk about it and at the end of the day, it's not my story to share.

We've had to deal with some legal issues with our old house that has left us stuck in between a rock and a hard place.  Obviously, since it's legal and involves some not so nice neighbors, the blog isn't the place to take about it.

We've had some issues with landlords who don't want to live up to their side of things, even though we pay our rent on time every month.  Being that we're still in our rental house, I don't want to make things any harder than they already are.

We've had several pest/rodent problems.  Pests/rodent issues are annoying.  When you have two small children, pests/rodents are stressful.  That's all I'm going to say about that.

So, add on a stressful pregnancy, then colic and can see why last year was a hard one and maybe not our best.

However, it doesn't mean I'm not grateful for my Millie Jane.  I love that baby girl with every fiber in me and I'd take a 100 hard years if it means I get to have her in our lives.

Just understand that any blog you read, you are only getting a glimpse into that persons life.  No matter how much they share, it's not the whole story. 

That being said, I do have one little goal for this year.

Pick up my real camera everyday. 

Over the last year or so, I've got in the habit of just picking up my phone to capture my girl(s).  Though that's great for the quick everyday moments, when I scrow through the pictures on my computer these days, I miss pictures from the real camera.  There is such a difference in the pictures from Olivia's first two years of life taken with the good camera, compared to the ones of her third with the phone. 

This year I'm making it a goal to pick up my real camera at least once a day.

I charged my battery on Monday morning and set my good camera out in the living room where I can quickly grab it.  I'm hoping just picking it up once a day for a few weeks will make it a habit to reach for it first instead of the phone. 

Every moment of our life doesn't have to be on instagram.

Along with that, I don't want to be afraid to pull my camera out.  Silly as it may sound, I get camera shy a lot of times.  I'll bring my camera along and never pull it out.  Even when I'm at family functions.  This year though, I'm trying to get over that and pulling the camera out.  When I look back at pictures years from now, I want to see all those I love, not just my girls.

Oh, and obviously I need to look up some editing tutorials. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My word.


I realize that I kinda fell off the planet, but I'm trying to rejoin the world.

These arctic temperatures aren't helping much though.  They said on the news yesterday that it was colder in Atlanta than in Anchorage, Alaska.  Ummmm....what the heck?  I hadn't planned on leaving my house till the temps warmed a little, but I had to run away to Starbucks for some mommy time. Being stuck at home with a fussy teething baby can drive you a little batty.  Or maybe it's just me?

So, here I am.

I can't tell you how many times I've sat down to write in these past few weeks, but the words just aren't coming to me.

I feel like I have so much swirling around in my head, but I can't seem to get it out. 

I have several things I want to share, but I have to wait till the time is right.

So, I think that may be holding me up in the blogging department.

My apologies.

Naturally, I've been thinking about this new year and goals over the last week.  Usually by the time Christmas comes, I've already got my list of goals ready for the next year, but this year it really didn't hit me till New Years eve that I hadn't really thought of anything yet.

Maybe because I feel like I'm still in that "just trying to survive" mode with Amelia.

For the past few years now, it's been popular to pick a word and focus on that word instead of a long list of goals.  Though I've never really done it before, I decided to kinda go that route this year with my New Years goal. 

My word(s) for the year:

Enjoy it.

Is it sad that the first "word" to come to my mind when thinking about this year was Enjoy?  I don't know why, but I feel like that says so much about me.

Can I be honest?  I feel like I didn't enjoy life at all last year.  I feel like I was just going through the motions last year.  I feel like it was stolen from me but I know I have no one to blame but myself for it.

I've never been one of those women who enjoy being pregnant and then on top of that, it was rough pregnancy emotionally.  Then she got here and we've dealt with colic and reflux for the past five months.  I feel like I was just emotionally drained all of last year.

So, I want to enjoy this year.

I've decided I'm not putting pressure on myself to get anything else accomplished this year.  If I get to start blogging again on a daily basis....awesome.  If I lose those last ten baby pounds....awesome.  If I run a full marathon like I've been dreaming of for so long....even more awesome.  If I get finally get around to my ever growing reading list....go me!!!

I'm not saying I'm not going to try for those things, but.....if those things don't get crossed off my list by the time December rolls around, the year it not a loss.

I just want to enjoy my time. 

I want to enjoy my husband.
I want to enjoy my time with my girls.
I want to enjoy my family and friends.

I want to enjoy the good moments and not as fun (i.e. teething).
I want to enjoy what each season brings. 
I want to enjoy what I've been given and not long for any more for a moment.

I want to look back at 2014 and the first thing to come to my mind is "I enjoyed it." 

I know the year won't be without it's own struggles, but that doesn't mean I have to let those struggles steal my joy.

I wish I could say that I've succeeded in enjoying these first seven days, but I'm learning it's not that easy.  It's something that I still have to strive and work for.  I hope by the end of the year, I can learn to more naturally enjoy it all...the good and the bad.

So here's to a new year and the chance to enjoy it.