Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Sickies & School Issues...already.

We have a touch of the sickies at our house.

I joked to David that we just went to look at new schools and she woke up sick the next day.  Though I'm fully aware that it doesn't happen that fast, it was still a funny coincidence.

I'm 95% sure its just a cold with a little sore throat, but its kinda freaked me out because this is the first time she's been sick and she has been able to tell me what hurts.  She's repeatedly told me how "I don't feels well." and it breaks my heart every time I hear her say it.  We've been laying low and watching way too much Caillou on Netflix.  I think we'll have to skip dance tonight and I'm not looking forward to breaking that news to her.

We got a call from the preschool we were most impressed with on Tuesday and they are willing to accept her into one of their preschool classes.  I will admit that my mommy pride was flying high yesterday when they said they were highly impressed with her.  Soooo, that was a little relief yesterday.  We're still not a 100% sure which class she'll end up in.  She seems to fit in better with the three year old class, but she should technically be in the two year old class.

At the visitation on Tuesday, they were already talking about what to do with her in a couple of years when its time for kindergarten and having her repeat kindergarten twice and I was just like "Whoa, Whoa, Whoa...."  That is way too far for me to think about.  I think most parents or child care givers will agree that there is a huge difference in kids between the ages 2-3.  I think that by the end of the year, the other two year olds will be caught up to her, so I haven't ever really worried about it much before.  However, we still want her to be challenged and to be 100% honest with you, she never plays with kids her age (she calls them "babies").  Her best playmates are  ages 5, 7, & those factors make us lean towards the putting her in a class higher. 

I honestly never thought we would already be having these conversations already.

After spitting all that out, we're most likely going to put her in the two year old class and if she needs to be moved up, the director has already told me to just say when and they'll move her up. 

In other news, we still have yet to hear anything about the house inspection Monday.  No news is good news, so though I'm not quite ready to breathe yet, my nervousness over it all is starting to fade.  They have till tomorrow afternoon to address anything, so then I'll quit breathing into my brown paper bag and focus my nervousness on the appraisal instead. Gotta have something to fret about! : )

I told Nic last night that all of it is working out so easily and perfectly (selling the house, finding somewhere to rent, move in dates, etc.) that either it really is all meant to be or it's all about to fall apart at any moment.  She text messaged yelled at me to not say that, but when things start working out too perfectly, I get a little scared.  I consider myself an optimist, but I also consider myself a realist.

And no, I haven't began to pack the first box yet.  I'm afraid to jinx anything.

So what's your thoughts on moving her up in pre-k ?  Is it too early to be thinking about that stuff already? Do I have valid concerns over her not being challenged?  Should I just keep her with her age group since she already has social issues with kids her age?  Or am I just putting way too much into this all together?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Her Old Self.

This summer has been a hard one with Olivia. 

 As crazy as it may sound, we have started to see some major changes in her personality and changes that we haven't been crazy about. 

She went from confident and fearless to shy and afraid of everything. As the summer went on, she seemed to get worse and worse.  Things got to the point that she would cry if any kids (her age) she did not know even looked at her.  We'd be in the middle of Target and if one kid even looked at her, she would be in tears asking to go home.  The kid who would once beg to be taken somewhere at least once a day, was now begging to stay home all the time.  This was starting to happen on a daily basis and something we were honestly starting to worry about. 

Not only that, it has been a big enough change that other family members were starting to worry and comment on it too.  The past couple of months, she was no longer our spunky Livi Kate.

Olivia has always been an outgoing, fearless kid and last summer we could tell that she was getting lonely being the only kid at home.  Though we have plenty of friends with kids her age that she plays with, due to life being busy, she still only gets to play with those friends maybe once or twice a week. We decided to sign her up for pre-k and she had a great year last year.  Over the year we saw her grow and blossom.  She loved her teachers and came home talking about her school friends.  We eagerly signed her up for this school year when sign ups came during the Spring.

By mid-July, her behavior changes really started to become noticeable.  I was eagerly counting down the days till school started because I thought it would really help her and I'll be honest, I was ready for a break.   Around the same time that her behavior changes seemed to be at the worst, our house went under contract and I was at a loss of what I should do.  I didn't want to put her in her old preschool, to only pull her out one month later when we move.  Though I know kids adjust fairly easily, she's been so sensitive lately, I was already worried about what the move was going to do to her.  We decided to keep her home with me till we figured out what would happen with the house and where we were going to be, so I withdrew her from school (honestly, with tears in my eyes....she had a great teacher and school that we were going to miss dearly).

But last week, we kinda had the end all with her behavior.  We had a couple of incidents in which my Momma heart knew that we needed to do something and something soon.  Regardless of what went on with the house or what my dreams may be (I've always wanted to homeschool), I knew things wouldn't get better till we found a school and found one stat.  So, I started to ask around and got the names of a few places around the area we will be living next month and this morning we went to visit.

Though I've been talking up "going to look at new schools" for the past week, she was not happy about it.  The entire forty minute drive there, she sat in the back seat crying and literally begging me to take her back home.  At one point, I teared up, seriously considered it, and questioned if I was doing the right thing.  Maybe she will be a shy and timid person all her life?  Maybe I should be nurturing those tendencies instead of pushing her out the door?  These questions continued to run through my head as I continued to reassure her it was all going to be okay.

We went to our first visit and she surprised me by walking right in and sitting right down.  Though I wasn't entirely in love with the place, I let her stay a minute and play.  The moment we walked out of the building, I started prepping her about going to visit one other school, but already, her nerves seemed to have eased.  The tears were already gone and she was excitedly talking about visiting the next school.

The moment we walked into the second school, I literally felt like I saw my child change before my eyes.  She immediately opened up and was talking to everyone that walked by, even the other kids her age who she just last week was crying over.  As we meet a few of the teachers and toured the classrooms, she got more and more excited and keep telling the director she "wanted to see more school"  We visited the Spanish and music teacher and I stood there amazed as she walked right up and talked to this lady like she had known her forever.  As we finished up the tour in the directors office to work out the details, she was crying to stay. 

She loved it and as crazy as it might sound, she seemed to blossom back into her old self in an instant. 

In my momma heart, I knew we had found where she needed to be and this was the answer to our prayers lately.  My fears that have grown over the summer, to the point they were consuming my constant thoughts, had instantly vanished.

I haven't seen her that happy in months now.

Even though I had to make promises that we would be back next week, she has seemed to keep up the excitement.  She was eager to tell her daddy about her new school and has continued to talk about it the rest of the day.  Just moments ago, David even mentioned he felt she already seemed to be happier and her old self this afternoon. 

So, next week, we'll start a new part of our new life and thankfully, a part that we're all excited about now.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Still here.

I keep sitting down to write something, but nothing seems to be coming out.

Life has been kinda crazy lately. 

Lots going on, but not all of it is mine to share.

What is mine to share....

~I turned 30 last week.   
That I guess really deserves a post all in its on.

~I turned 30 and seriously have felt like I've started falling apart physically.  

In the words of a friend of ours "I turned 30, woke up the next day, and everything just hurt!"  That is seriously how I have felt these past two weeks. 

~We had our home inspection this morning. 

So far, we haven't heard anything back, but praying its nothing but good news. 

~We have found somewhere to live at the end of next month when (fingers crossed) we officially sale our house.

More on that later when we have a for sure about how the inspection went.

 ~I withdrew Olivia from her pre-school that she was supposed to start today and we're going tomorrow to look at new ones near where we will hopefully be living in a month.

Can you tell I'm being very careful about getting my hopes up too soon about the house?

~After running only a handful of times during August and having a crazy next month, I decided to still go for the 1/2 at the end of September and officially registered this morning.  So, no going back now.

I guess I could technically, but I would be out $100 flipping dollars. Who says running is a cheap sport???  If you gave me birthday money, you now know what I spent it on....torturing myself!!!

And yes Alison, I am officially wishy-washy like you're thinking about now or maybe I'm just crazy? 

~Olivia has officially seemed to give up clothes.  

She wears them out, but strips to nothing but undies the moment we walk in EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.  I've given up.

So,  that's been life around here lately.

 *blurry, but still cute.*

Happy Monday.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Still In Shock.

One month,

Five showings,

and a house that is officially "under contract."

 As of yesterday afternoon, our house is officially under contract and fingers crossed, officially will be sold the first week of October  (Prayers it passes inspection because even though it did less than three years ago, you never know with those things and they are the most nerve racking part of the real estate basically, keep the prayers coming still).

We sold our house in less than a month.  I never imagined I'd say that. 

We're seriously in shock it has sold so fast.  Honestly, it has lead to a little bit of an emotional week around here and I'm not talking just from me, the Mr. has been kinda emotional too about it all.  I honestly cried while David was on the phone with our agent.  With the market the way it is, we'd thought we'd be sitting here for a good 8-12 months and though we truly are ready to move on, we did not think we'd have to say goodbye so fast. 

However, we will and we're excited for what the future holds for our little family. 

Thank you all for your advice and prayers! : )

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Grateful for a little one who can climb up in my bed and cuddle every morning, even if its 5am.

Grateful for my lifelong best friend, who stops during the middle of her busy work day to check on me and tell me she was thinking about me.

Grateful for Mother-in-laws who are also friends.

Grateful for cooler temps and rainy mornings.

Grateful for sweet texts from Mom that are powerful enough to suddenly bring tears to your eyes during lunch in a restaurant. 

Grateful for a husband who works eighty hour weeks and spends his off days installing new bathroom floors. 

Grateful for three hour bookclub dinners and only spending ten minutes out of those three actually talking about the book.

Grateful for the start of a new journey.

Grateful to have choices. 

Grateful for the ipad otterbox (It has been dropped at least five times since I've started typing).

Grateful for answers and peace. 


Monday, August 13, 2012

Knock, Knock...

The other night during bedtime story, out of no where, Olivia leaned over, knocked on my head, and said "knock, knock, is anybody in there?

Seriously, we D.I.E.D.

The story didn't even get finished,  tears were shed, and a run to the potty was needed.  

 I seriously don't remember what we did for entertainment before she came. 

Have a happy Monday! : )

Friday, August 10, 2012

Our Tiny Dancer

Well, her dance career officially began last night. 

 (Please forgive the crappy cell phone pics, I grabbed my real camera only to get there and realize it was completely dead....cue the tears and call me a bad blogger)

I was honestly more nervous over her first day of dance than I was her first day of preschool. Reason being, they officially can start when they are three, but they allow almost three year olds "try" it.  If they behave do well, they can stay, if not, come back later please.  She has been talking about dance for the past six months and since its the first thing she's actually been interested in, I didn't want her to be disappointed if they thought she wasn't ready. 

Being that Olivia is so close to being three,  I probably shouldn't have worried, but I know my child.

We've been having to have serious talks the week before over how she had to listen to Ms. K and the other teachers and how even though she watches Angelina Ballerina all the time, she is not a professional ballerina like she thinks she is. 

I live with a two year old who KNOWS-IT-ALL already.

Cue the chuckles from my family.  Yes, I realize I'm totally getting it handed back to me. 

I cannot imagine what it will be like in a few years.  At two, her and I already argue over whether the sky is blue or not. True story. 


I could tell she wasn't listening too well at first, but about halfway through, she seemed to get the hint that she had to follow Ms. K's rules.   After that, she was doing pretty awesome.  I think it was just a lot of excitement at first.  I was just glad I wasn't a mom who had to stick my head in for behavior corrections or my kid wasn't the one who had to be sent out twice (let's take a moment to feel for that mom, because we've all been there before haven't we?).  Considering we didn't have to deal with either of those, I considered it a success.

Oh and either she watches way too much Angelina Ballerina or she seriously has some natural talent for it.  I'm being serious. I'm not just being that "oh my kid is the best" parent. At certain points, she actually looked like she actually knew what she was doing.  Plus, she walks on her tippy toes ALL THE TIME....isn't that a "dancer" thing?  She said her favorite was tap, but I was expecting that since she's been walking around in the tap shoes for the past month. 

As you can see, she was getting down during the tap portion. Obviously she watches a lot of Fresh Beat Band too.

 They said they would see her next week, so I guess it's safe to say we can stick around.

Thursday, August 9, 2012


  • Olivia has seemed to be very needy these past two weeks and taking up a lot of my time (hence the lack of blogging suddenly).  However, its starting to wear on me and I'm ready for a break.  I'm trying, I'm really trying. 
  • I've been sooooo over the heat and ready for fall.  It's sad when you get excited about "low 80's." Don't worry, I'll make sure to complain to you all again next week about it, because I am the only one suffering!!! : )
  • We've had strong storms every afternoon for the last two weeks and I'm loving them.  It always seems like a good excuse to cuddle up and read or watch endless episodes of Arthur. 
  • I've been feeling kinda lonely.  Dave has been away for work a lot lately and it seems like everyone else is busy with the beginning of school or fitting in last minute summer plans, so I've felt like a loner lately.  This is the downside of being a parent of small children and staying home, its easy to feel lonely.  
  • I've been counting down the days till Dave and I's first "just us" trip in over four years. Yeah, you read that right.
  • It's been only three showings in three weeks, but I'm already over this house selling junk.  It's so stressful getting the house ready with a two year old around. I'm trying to convince Dave to not put it up for sale till we move out, but he's not buying the idea.  
  • I've been in need of a laptop (there is my plea for today, babe!
  • I've been so over the constant arguments that have no right or wrong answers and no end.  The working/sah mom war, the eat chicken or not war, the breast feeding/formula war, homeschool/public school.....I'm over them all. Do what is best for you/your family or what you feel to be right and can live with.  That person has to live with the decisions they make, not you.  I look around and feel like a new word many need to learn is TOLERANCE.    
  • My running has sucked to honestly with you.  I haven't been following any type of training schedule and I haven't even gotten in a long run in two weeks.  I'm lucky to get in three runs a week.  I'm seriously blaming the heat on this one.  It's either get up at 4:30am or run in 90 degrees at night....let me tell ya, neither are fun! 
  •  I've started getting a headache every afternoon for the past week.  It hits at the same time everyday and I feel useless for the rest of the evening.  Nothing diet or lifestyle has changed, so I have no clue where its coming from.  I'm pretty sure Dave is starting to think I'm crazy though.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

First Day: August


 (Don't judge my fatty Chick-fil-a meal~I allow myself this meal once a week)

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