My heart

I have nothing really to go with these pictures.
I just love them.
I feel like they perfectly describe us right now.

Her and I are at a good stage right now.
It's hard to believe that just a few months ago, I felt like I was at my wits end with her.
Now, I seriously cannot get enough of her.
I miss her after we put her down for bed at night.
That's saying a lot since I spend all day, everyday with her.

It scares me that her world is about to be turned upside down.
Though I know in the long run it's for the best, it worries me on how the first few months are going to go.
And I would be straight up lying if I didn't say I'm worried about our relationship when other children come into the picture.
I'm sure that I would feel that way regardless of how other children are to come into our family.
I just want her to know she will ALWAYS be my baby and always have my heart.

I love those pursed lips that never seem to leave her face now.
Her crazy hair/baby mullet.
How she says "mmmm....." with every bite she takes.
Her not so sneaky sneakiness.
Her dancing skills that she refuses to let me get on video.
And the fact she says "mama" a thousand times a day.

And now I'm about in tears.



Elizabeth said…
This makes my heart smile :)
The Popes said…
She won't forget. Just make sure you tell her every single day.

I still ask Josie, " you know you're my favorite, most special little girl right?" every night.
Kameron said…
The same feelings come when you are pregnant with another baby too. i felt so guilty for a bit that Nate would have to share us with his sister because all he'd ever known was being alone with us. Once She came though all the doubt left. You don't realize how much room there is in your heart for more kids until they are there and then you see them with their siblings and it makes it all worth it!

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