Friday, March 29, 2013

Lessons in Egg Dying.

Confession: I can be one of those controlling moms.

I will be the first to admit, I have no problem telling Olivia "the right way" to do something.

Its something I've struggled with for sometime and something I am desperately trying to let go of. 

I often find myself saying "that's not right the way to do it"

Wednesday morning, I decided to skip doing our normal school work and we'd spend the morning dying eggs.  I walked away with a few lessons learned from our egg dying activities that morning.

I decided to go the old fashioned way and use actual food coloring instead of one of the $2 egg coloring kits.  My thinking was it would give us deeper egg color.

Well, set up for that way of egg dying was way more involved than dropping some tablets in and watching them fizzle away.  It felt like I spent most of the morning getting it set up and ready.  My only saving grace was that for the first time since she started talking, my child didn't come in and ask me fifty times "what are you doing?"  Even though it took my entire morning, I was able to get it all set up without her hovering under me excitedly waiting to dye eggs.

 We got to the actual dying eggs part and from the get go, I started to inform her of the "correct way to dye eggs."  Because I have some how suddenly become the egg dying expert.  She'd plunk them in and then move on to the next, once every egg was nestled into a bowl, she was ready to take them out.  I kept trying to explain to her that they had to soak for a few minutes so we can get a "rich color."  Yes, those may have been the exact words I used on a three year old.  She wasn't having any of it and started to just take them out with her bare hands and plunk them down in a different color.

The control freak in me started having panic attacks.

I started saying "No! That's not how you do it!" 

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks....

let her do it the way she wants to...

half the fun is in the getting there....

don't ruin her creativity...

let her express herself...

she's not you...

stop controlling her every move...

Thank God that before I got the words "you're messing them up!" out of my mouth, I stopped myself and told her to go for it.

Lesson #1: Stick with the $2 dye kits.

Lesson #2: I put way too much thought into how egg shells look, considering that they will be taken off and thrown in the trash in just a matter of days.

Lesson #3:  Just because its not my way, doesn't mean it the wrong way.

And I must say, her way produces something just as beautiful.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Fail.

I hate to admit it, but I have not put much thought into Easter this year.  With all the stuff going on pregnancy wise the past few weeks, it just hasn't been on my mind.  Plus, don't get me started about how Easter is so early this year.  I really think that it should only be allowed to happen in April, not that anyone asked me.

At the beginning of the week though, we dove into Easter activities.

Let's be honest, a holiday week is a homeschool moms time to shine. 

Cue craft and fun activity overload. 

We've mostly been using bits and pieces of Easter Pre-school packs from Confessions of a Homeschooler and Over The Big Moon.

Since Monday was another cold and windy day in Georgia (I've decided the song Rainy Night in Georgia should be changed to Cold and Windy in Georgia because that pretty much describes the past two months), I decided to bust out the fun activities first day of the week, which is something I rarely do (save it for the end of the week when we're both about to lose it). I found a shaving cream egg art on Pinterest and though the craft part of it turned out to be a bust for us, once she got used to it, she had a ball playing in the shaving cream.  She played in it for over an hour and only got out because I made her since lunch was ready.

Tuesday we played Easter Letter Bingo and she had fun with this egg matching game I also found on Pinterest.  Wednesday we took a break from actual school work and dyed eggs. 

However, though our week has been filled with Easter fun, I have failed to get the true meaning of Easter thru to her.

We had talked a little each day about what Easter means and reviewed our Resurrection Eggs (and Nic, I know you just said it in your mind how its supposed to be said), but I'll be honest, I was having a hard time explaining it. 

By Tuesday afternoon, listening to her talk over and over again about how excited she was for eggs and candy was literally making me sick to my stomach. 

I had already used our storybook bible to try to explain but the story was a little too long and above the head for her.  So, I started just improvising.  Obviously, it wasn't working. 

As the day went on, I would cringe each time she would mention eggs and candy.  It got so bad, I jumped up, told Dave that I had to run to the store to get something to make her start to understand better, and was out the door in less than ten minutes.

I'm not one to talk continuously about religion or even that great about being at church every Sunday, but it was killing me she was being so "commercial" about it.  I told David I felt like it was a big parent fail.

After a quick trip to the bookstore and $20 later, I came home with some real meaning of Easter.

We've been reading them all each time we sit down to read and I'm hoping it is starting to sink in just a little.

The Easter Story and The Story of Easter (I cannot find a link to it online but got it at BAM)are quick and easy read which break the Easter story down as simply as possible. 

The Berenstain Bears are a favorite of Olivia's.  For about a year now, she has been in love with them and even though they are kinda wordy, she will sit and listen to them word for word and then ask you to re-read it.  When I saw the Easter Story version sitting on the bookstore shelf, I knew that was our golden ticket (plus it came with stickers which are my child's love language).  It was like it was sent from Heaven above when I opened it up and saw that the story begins with brother and sister bear talking about how excited they were for all the Easter candy (the story goes on to explain the real meaning of Easter). Of course, that one has been her favorite and she has asked repeatedly to read it the past couple of days.

She has quit with the consistent candy and eggs talk, but I still feel like I've completely failed at explaining the true meaning of Easter this go round. 

However, next year, I'll be ready for it. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I'm raising a hoarder and married a good man.

I should confess, I use to be a borderline hoarder.  I would keep anything and everything.  My thoughts reasoning was always "what if we need it one day? I'm just trying to save money so we don't have to re-buy it."  It would drive my husband crazy.

 However, last summer we put our house up for sale and it hit me....I'm going to have to eventually move all this junk.  So, I became a purger over night and I started to get rid of everything.  

There are so many reasons I'm happy we moved, but one of them is that I was forced to get rid of even more stuff after the move.  We cut our square footage over half, so I had no choice.  We just don't have the space to keep much of anything.  Now nothing is safe...I will get rid of anything and everything.  I love living in a smaller space though.  We have already sworn we will never live in anything as big as our last house again.  We're small space people for life now. three year old does not feel the same way.

She has no problem taking mommy or daddy's stuff to the trash or to Goodwill, but take her stuff and its a throw down. 


Worst of all, she's a paper hoarder.

 These are her projects/school work from the last few months.  EVERY.SINGLE.TIME I try to throw something away, she notices somethings missing. 

A couple of weeks ago during nap time, I finally got brave enough to throw away a Valentine Day card she got from the grandparents. In my defense, it had been sitting in a stack of papers for weeks by then.

I guess I didn't hide it far enough down in the trash can and not even twenty minutes afterwards, she saw it in the trash can.

Cue the drama.

She was in shock her card was in the trash and started demanding to know who put it there.

"I think Daddy threw it away.  I'm sure it was an accident."

Now should be a good time to state that he had left for work at 6am that morning and was no where near the scene of the crime when it went down.

Yes, I totally threw my husband under the bus for something he did not even do.

I thought she'd get over it and move on, but she then proceeded for the next three hours talk about how mad she was at him throwing away her Valentine Card.

So, I had to call him and admit to what I did and like any good respectable adult, I begged him to take the fall for me. 

Weeks later, she's still bringing it up and he's still taking the blame. 

He may only leave one oreo in the package or eat me if we get lost going West, but he's still a good man.

Monday, March 25, 2013

One word to describe this go round...fear.

I'm often asked "how you feeling?" this go round.  Most of those whom I get this question from, were around for my first pregnancy, so they know I was sick majority of the time while pregnant with Olivia.

I'll quickly respond "great!!"  This pregnancy has so far has been so much easier "physically" than the last.  To be honest, most of the time I don't even feel pregnant until I feel her wiggling in around inside and I'm quickly reminded I'm growing a tiny human inside me. 

However, I'm not being totally honest.  If you were to ask me how "I was feeling emotionally?"  I'd probably break down in tears right then and there.

This pregnancy has pretty much drained me emotionally and the sucky part is, I'm only half way through it. 

I've vaguely have talked about it publicly, but it seems as though every time I go to the doctor, there's something we should be "concerned about." 

Nine times out of ten, it ends up being nothing, but its been presented in a way that gets me worked up and stressed out each and every time.  It's to the point I dread going to appointments anymore.

Here's pretty much the routine now....I go to the doctor, told there is something they are concerned about, freak out for a day or two and completely stress, after more phone calls to the doctor I finally calm my nerves and move on with life with the next week or so, a week or so before my next appointment, I start prepping myself for the next doctors appointment and usually it involves fear over "what's wrong now?," go to the doctors appointment and start all over again with a new concern.

It's been a continuous cycle since January.  If I were to be completely honest with my feelings, I've spent this entire pregnancy so far in fear.

A week ago Monday, I went in for my 20 week ultrasound and instead of it being a fun, joyous moment, they noticed my amniotic fluid was a "little low."  They tell me to take it easy the rest of the day and drink, drink, drink, plenty of water and they schedule me an appointment to come back first thing Tuesday morning for another ultrasound.  I had to be honest and admit that I did not have much water over the weekend.  I had more caffeine than I have been drinking.  Normally, I'm pretty good about it, but we had a lot going on and I sometimes forget when we have stuff going on.  I'm better about water intake when I'm at home doing nothing.  So, I follow orders and spend the day doing nothing but drinking water.  We went back in first thing Tuesday morning and they said my fluid was back to normal level, but on the low side of it.  She tells me what I do "only what I have to do," to keep up with the water intake, and they'll see me in three weeks.

Do "only what I have to?"  What does that mean?!?!  I stay at home with a three year old!!!  I'd be better off with a desk job. 

So, it may just be us, but it felt like I was getting totally conflicting info and I put in a call to my actual doctor.  This might be a good time to state that I have only seen an actual doctor twice my entire pregnancy, all the other office visits, for some reason I've been stuck with the PA.  Which this is were the blame of it falls on me, because I've should have been more adamant that I only wanted to see a physician.  My doctor was most likely under the impression that I was just seeing other doctors in the practice (something they encourage) and from a conversation with her late Tuesday night, it had not been brought to any doctor in the practice attention as to what they thought was going on.

We told a few people on Monday because we felt like it never hurts to have a few prayers.  Luckily, we got word from a few people who knew "so and so" who had a similar problem and everything turned out fine. Of course though, when doing a little bit of research on the Internet (will we ever learn to stay away!!!) we did not walk away with warm fuzzes.  I called my actual doctor on Tuesday afternoon to get a second opinion on what was actually going on and just to let her in since she obviously had no clue.  She called back late that night after a full day at the hospital and said from what she could see, things looked normal.  Since I'm already considered "high risk" and seeing the specialist, she asked if they could move my appointment up a week just to be sure that things were looking okay.  Just so no one starts to question my doctor, she even called me on Thursday afternoon to check on me and to make sure I was able to get an appointment with the specialist.  Obviously, she had no clue to what was going on earlier in the week.

Friday morning I headed out for my third ultrasound of the week, but this time with the specialist.  I gave the ultrasound tech a run down of what was going on and we headed in the exam room to check on Amelia.  She said that everything looked fine to her.  My fluid level was measuring a 10 which is on the low side of normal, but she told me that some women just are naturally on the low side of fluid, it doesn't necessarily mean anything is wrong.  Amelia is in the breech position, so the tech stated several times it could just be due to the way she's positioned.  Regardless, they consider it to fall into the normal range.  She said she was measuring at 13 oz. and everything looked good.  The specialist Doctor came in after and said she felt everything was fine, but wasn't ready to release me yet.  Because of the concern over the fluid levels and that the baby was measuring on the low side of the normal range size wise, she wants to follow up in four weeks.  This kinda bummed me because I was so hoping she'd say everything was fine and dismiss me, but once again, I have to go back.

Oh, and I should say that other than those two things, everything function wise looked great (i.e. her kidneys, bladder, heartbeat, etc.)

So, honestly, my emotions are all over the place the past week or so.  One minute I'm fine, the next I'm freaking out.  That's pretty much why I haven't been around on any type of social media like I normally am. 

There is a huge part of me that looks at it as there's not much I can a take a magic pill and have my fluid magically rise kinda I'm having faith she's being taking cared of by the one above.  Over the weekend I felt good about it all and that everything would be okay, but today I find myself scared again over what could go wrong.  If I don't feel her moving, I find myself suddenly freaking out and thinking the worst.  We're only 22 weeks into this thing and we have a long way to go.  I find myself constantly praying that we can just make it thru the next 17 weeks. I'm trying to have faith, but lets be honest, it can be so hard at times.

I found these quotes on Pinterest over the weekend and I've honestly repeated them to myself over and over again over the past few days.



So, that's what has been going on lately.  I go back for my next appointment on April 9th to see my regular doctor (I had been scheduled another appointment with the PA, but I made sure to call the office and have them schedule me with an actual physician) and then I go back to the specialist on the 22nd of April.  I think once I have a few more appointments where they say everything looks good, I'll feel better.  It's just getting to those.

Prayers are still being asked for and thank you for those that have already been sent.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's not just about us.

A week or so ago, my bestie Nic and I got into a fight.  A "we didn't talk for 24 hours straight" kinda fight.  Which is a big deal for us.  We have talked at least once a day for almost three years now.

Like 99% of the worlds problems, it was due to a misunderstanding and raging hormones.

I am ashamed to admit, but in my hurt and anger, I posted that "feel sorry for me" facebook status, looking for sympathy.  It's something I rarely do, I promise.  Those kinds of post usually drive me crazy too.  I got the sympathy I was looking for and even though it might have not been the right thing to do, I did get some comfort in knowing I'm not the only one who can feel that way at times.

A friend commented on the status that maybe it was time for a change and in my anger and hurt feelings, I agreed.  Maybe, it was time to move on?  I started thinking about what life would look like if our paths diverged.

Late that evening, I was still worked up and told Dave I had to get out to go walk.  I had to get my frustrations out.  After three and a half miles, my mind was starting to clear and my feelings starting to repair. I've come to learn in the past year that getting out and running (or walking at the moment) is my best meditation.  It's when I think the clearest and pray the most.  It's honestly when my life most the most sense to me.

While out walking that evening, it occured to me....

It's not just about us.

There are three little people involved.


Three little people who have known each other for their entire lives.

Three little people who have spent vacations together.

Three little people who have shared countless lunches and dinners together.


Three little people who have spent summers by the pool together and rainy days playing dress up.


Three little people who have literally seen each other on a weekly basis for pretty much their entire lives.


Three little people who have formed a relationship right along with Nic and I. 

The other day I introduced you to my life long best friend Alison.  I mentioned that its one of my biggest prayers that both my girls have a life long friend like Alison.  Nic and I talk a lot about keeping the girls close so they can both have a life long friend like Alison.  However, its easy to forget that these relationships take time and don't happen just over night.

One of our favorite blog post was written by a mom of a teenager daughter years ago (unfortunately I cannot find it) and the mom wrote a letter to her daughter about how she was the one who had strategically placed that certain friend in her daughters life.  Our girls were young, but we realized the importance of what this "wiser" mom was saying and how true her words were.  Parents are the ones who have the most influence over their child's friends.  This is something I greatly believe to be true. 

Twenty four hours later, we finally broke down...things were explained better, apologizes were given, love you's exchanged, and the promise to put it behind us and to move on.

Because it's not just about us.

Monday, March 18, 2013

She's my inspiration~A success story

I've been waiting for months now to share this story with you all!!!

This girl has gotten slight mention on the blog over the past few years, but it's time for her formal introduction.

This is my life long friend Alison.

We met when were were five and we've been best friends since.  That's over 25 years if you don't want to do the math.We go way back and she's always been a constant in my life.

She's that "one" if you know what I mean, or as they say on Grey's Anatomy "she's my person."

She was there at the worst time in my life and didn't leave my side for 72 straight hours.  A month later when I lost it at a disciple now retreat, she stood by me and held me while I cried at my "other dad" Steve's graveside.  She was one of the first (and few) people I admitted to in the months following Olivia's birth that I wasn't happy and it was all such a constant struggle.  She has listened to me whine and cry over the past few years when I have literally said to her "Damn it! I just want another baby!!!!" and how it all felt unfair.  I told her a mere ten minutes after I told my husband that I was pregnant again. And I'll be honest, I only lasted about a week after I found out in January before I told her it was a girl. 

She's that friend who has never asked for recognition. She's always the one just standing in the wings.  Over the years I haven't always been the best friend to her, but she's always been in the background saying "I'm still here for you" and she always has been.

The older I get, the more and more I value our friendship and realize what a gift it truly is.  Life long friends are hard to come by and not everyone is blessed to have one.  One of my biggest prayers is that both my girls have an Alison in their lives.  She has literally seen me at my worst in life, but yet, she still loves me.  Over the past few years, the friends we hang out with seem to change on a yearly basis, but when I look ten years down the road, I still see her there.  We've already got big plans for how we're celebrating turning forty, so she better be! ; )

I'm a picky person when it comes to the people who inspire me.  There are very few people who make that list.  There is honestly only two people my age who inspire me and she's one of them.

Yesterday morning she completed her first half marathon in just 2 hours and 34 minutes!!!!

I know you're thinking "why is this such a big deal, you did it last year???"  Well, here's a quick run down of her story....

In Fall of 2011, her doctor told her she was pre-diabetic and something needed to change.  She was only thirty and not someone you would look at and think was that out of shape.  Just a couple of months later, two weeks before Christmas, she had to have surgery on her foot and had to be off her foot for about 12 weeks.  She spent that Christmas break on crutches and the rest of the following January and February on a scooter.  You know, one of those one leg scooters.....yes, I still make fun of her about it over a year later!

(A lady & her scooter.....this was on facebook, so it's fair game!)

The moment she got permission from her doctor, she started walking on her treadmill.  She started slow and worked her way up to walking three miles a few times a week.  In June of 2012, she slowly started running and completed her first 5k of her adult life towards the end of summer.  By the year mark of her foot surgery, she had already completed in a handful of races and was running on a daily basis.  In January of this year, she competed in her first 15k (9 miles).  Less than a year before, she was riding around on a scooter and here she was running nine miles!!!

Oh, and on top of that, she took control over her diet and lost 45lbs in about a year. She didn't follow any crazy diet or take any pills, she did it the good old fashion way with eating more healthier foods, exercising on a daily basis, and with time.

This weekend, a mere 14 months after her foot surgery and only nine months after she started running, she ran 13.1 miles!!!!

It's still crazy to me!

I have yet to mention that she has done all this while raising two small children, working a full time job, going back to school to add some type of specialists to her degree, and having a husband who is a head coach of a local high school baseball team (which means she's basically a single mom from January till June). 

I seriously ask her on a regular basis "How do you fit this all in???"

I honestly most days use her to motivate myself when I don't want to get up off the couch...."If she has time to do it, so do I."  Seriously, if any one can use the excuse "I don't have the time" it could be her. 

Alison doesn't make excuses.  If she has to get up at 4:30 am to fit her run in, she does.....and then she gets dressed and goes to work all day.  She's one of my biggest cheerleaders and supporters, but she doesn't cut me slack.  Even at five months pregnant, if I haven't done some form of exercise in a few days, she gets onto me and makes me feel guilty enough to get out the door.

Yes, she is a woman, so she does do it for a little bit of vanity sake, but she made these changes and sticks with for her health.  She didn't want to live her life on pills or insulin.  She wanted to be there for her kids and husband and be healthy.

The best part is....she's not done yet! It took me three months, but I finally convinced her to try to go for full marathon with me.  After this baby comes and life settles down for the Mabreys, her and I will start training for a full marathon in (fingers crossed) fall 2014!

I know I've told you this twenty times already, but I am so proud of you and how far you've come!!! You have so much to be proud of! Thank you for being there the past twenty five years.  I seriously don't deserve your friendship.  You inspire me everyday and I cannot wait to run 26.2 miles next to you! I wouldn't pick anyone else to run next to!!! Love you my Penn-head!!! 
Always your Afro-puff

Friday, March 15, 2013

Somedays you just need to put a bucket over your head.

Last night, we pulled in from dance and my kid started having some kind of melt down over something.  I honestly don't even know what it was over.  She informed us she just wanted to sit in the car alone with a bucket on her head. 

So, we let her. 

And I can't say I blame her.

This week hasn't been on my favorites list.  Sitting in the car alone with a bucket over my head sounds like a good idea.  

Nothing worth posting on the blog, but let's just say I'm over it and ready to move on. 

I'm a big believer in the theory that each day is a new beginning and that's just how I'm treating today.

A fresh slate for a better day.

The weather is supposed to be even better than last weekends and we've got plans with the family.

And I'm excited about sharing my post for Monday.

For the record, she sat there for seriously about ten minutes and when she decided she was ready, she was completely happy again and over whatever it was.   Maybe she's onto something...

Happy Weekend folks! : )

Monday, March 11, 2013

Pure perfection.

This past weekend was pure perfection.

David was finishing up his first week of vacation for the year, so he was actually off on a real weekend! This only happens three times a year when he's on vacation.  Ninety nine percent of the time, it doesn't bother me at all that we don't have "real weekends," but when he is off on an actual weekend, it just feels right.

The weather was about as perfect as it gets around here for this time of year.

We had sunny skies and temps in the 70's all weekend long.

The best part was, we had absolutely no plans.


 We spent most of it outside soaking up the sun and just being together.

Olivia got plenty of play time in with Nana and Papaw, so she was a happy camper. 

While the guys took Olivia fishing in the creek behind our house, Nana and I went off Saturday afternoon to check out carseats and strollers.  Of course, we finally broke down and bought something for Amelia Jane.  A couple of years ago, I cleaned out Olivia's clothes and got rid of most of her size 0-24 months clothes.  Not sure why, but at the time it seemed like a good idea.  So, we started to rectify that problem and Amelia's wardrobe got a major boost in under two hours.

Can I say I had forgotten how sweet and tiny newborn onsies are?  I love a onesie and honestly think they are my favorite part of babyhood.  So much so, I wish I could still shove Livi in them. 

 Oh yeah, there was one dark moment...I might have had a total meltdown on my MIL over my phone while out shopping on Saturday afternoon.  I pulled my phone out of my purse to show something  her and when I looked at the screen, the little red slider button to turn it off was up.  It wouldn't let me cancel it out so I slide the button thinking it would turn it off and I'd just reset it.  Well, I did that and after 20 minutes of trying to get it back on, blank.  I totally freaked out and may or may not at one point have yelled at my MIL "YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND, THIS IS MY PHONE!!!!"

 Let's just say it was not one of my finer moments in life.

Thankfully, she took my hormonal pregnant self straight to the Verizon store and after the tech guy hit a magic button, it automatically turned back on and all was well with my world again.

God bless that lady.

Overall though, it was one heck of a weekend.  I wish every weekend could be that good.....minus the phone meltdowns.

Grandma is here for the next few days, so I'm pretty sure we'll be having a good week! 

Happy Monday! : )

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Can't argue that one.

While stopped at a stop light...

Livi: "Daddy, red means stop, green means go, and yellow means GO FASTER!!!"

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Off the top of my head...

I was on such a roll with blogging, but yesterday I just didn't have it in me.

I fell asleep on the couch at 4pm, slept for almost an hour, and then fell asleep again before 9pm. 

David's on vacation this week, so that's also kinda throwing my week off. We always use his Spring vacation just to hang out at home and get some much needed stuff done, which is pretty much what we're doing this week.  It's just so far been a busy week though.

Through word of mouth facebook stalking I found out about a co-op group that was in our area and geared towards younger kids Olivia's age.  They meet about twice a month to go on field trips or meet up at someones house.  Yesterday, they went to pizza hut for a tour and make their own personal pizzas.  Olivia and I joined them and she had fun.  I was also excited to meet other homeschool moms like me!!!  They were all so nice and there was not a blue jean jumper in sight! We're excited to join them for their other trips and think this will work perfectly for us now.  It's so hard to find groups for pre-school age (most co-ops around here start with elementary) and I think this will work perfect for us at the moment.

I've actually been in a rut with her and school lately.  Though we have been, I haven't felt like really doing school stuff with her.  I think a lot of it is because I decided a few weeks ago, to re-do the same curriculum we did this year, next year with her, only in more dept.  Olivia's at a hard age due to her birthday.  She is three, but if I go by "school age" she is still only in a " old two" preschool class.  So, I often find myself feeling like she should be doing more than what she is, but I have to often remind myself how old she actually is.  But it's funny because when I talk to other homeschool moms, I always get "your doing way more than I do." Yesterday got me excited to get back on it with her more seriously.

I also want to blame it on the weather because this weather has just put me in a blah mood in general.  I'm so over winter.  I'm so over it being 70 degrees one day and then 30 the next.  It's freezing cold AGAIN today! It's been really nice the past two days and today its freezing.  We're supposed to get warm weather all weekend starting tomorrow and we are all so ready for it.  Olivia may have had a little meltdown at breakfast over the fact it wasn't summer yet. We have a couple of outside things planned but we need the weather to cooperate.

I failed to mention that we celebrated a birthday on Monday!

This guy turned 31!

 (we had a double birthday)

He's not so much into celebrating birthdays these days.  We celebrated with the family over the weekend and then went to dinner with the parents on Monday night.  He's decide he's celebrating this year by doing the Tough Mudder in April.  If you've never heard of it, it's basically ten miles of hell, though it is for a great cause.  He's been working his butt off since after Christmas and it's starting to show.  I may look like a whale at the beach this year, but my hubby will be sporting a six pack. 

Oh, and he may have mentioned that he wants to do these with me.  I'm putting it on the blog so I have record of it. 

Thank you all so much for the congrats over our new baby girl! We're super excited about her and even more excited Olivia will get to have the sister she so badly has asked for.  I think there's nothing like that sister relationship!

Happy Wednesday! : )

Monday, March 4, 2013

I dream of running.

I finally had my first pregnancy meltdown over the weekend.  You know the one, the "its not fair." meltdown.

However, I confessed to the friend who got to listen to my melt down, that I felt like I had no right to complain and that I should just keep my mouth shut. I feel like I have no right to complain since this was something I've wanted so badly over the past few years and something I thought I'd never experience again.  Surprisingly, I'm pregnant again and this one has been ten times easier than the first, so it even adds on to the guilt of complaining. 

Being the good friend that she is, she let me complain for a minute and assured me that I was justified.  Being pregnant isn't necessary fun and it's a long nine months.

It seems as though just as I really got the running bug, I've had to put things on hold.

It's been killing me.

I've been living vicariously through my running (and regular life) BFF Alison. Even with me not running currently, we keep up our daily running banter and discuss her training runs.  Yeah, it exciting us at least.  She's set to run her first half in just a few short weeks.  It was to be my second half, but obviously, that got sidelined.  I wish so badly I could be right there beside her as she runs those 13.1 miles, but there is always next year.

I'm still keeping up with the exercising, but its just not the same.  I like to race.  I like having a training schedule to keep up with.  I like having a goal to reach and then starting on a new one the day after a race. I love that feeling of accomplishment after a race, whether its 3 miles or 13.  I'll be honest, I loved the feeling of having that medal put around my neck at the end of the 1/2.  It felt better than any piece of jewelry I've ever slipped on (minus the engagement & wedding ring).

So, what is a sidelined runner to do???

Dream of the next few years, I guess.


I've been searching for races and deciding how far I want to go.

I want another medal. I want a hundred of them to be honest.

I vagulay started thinking about it before I found out I was pregnant, but its really hit me the past couple of months.  I want to go all the way.  I want to run a full marathon.

I want to run the full 26.2 miles. 

A few years ago, that would have been a completely crazy thought.  Now though, it doesn't seem that crazy.

Obviously, its a long way off, but I've set my sights on a particular race and already have a vague training plan.  And after three months of trying to convince her, over the weekend, I finally convinced my running partner to join me.

I'm giving myself the time off after the baby comes in July, but my goal is to start running again by October of this year and running in my first race on Thanksgiving day.  I feel like that's plenty of time to get back to three miles.

Then its time to start training for our second 1/2 in the Spring.  We're currently looking at the Diva half marathon in April 2014 and since it's at Myrtle Beach, yes, we're planning on making it a girls weekend.

Then the big one will be the Savannah Rock 'N' Roll Marathon in November 2014.  It's flat, so we thought it would be a great first timer.

I honestly want to go a little farther than that though.  I first heard of the Goofy Challenge last fall when everyone was getting excited about the upcoming Disney runs.  You run a 1/2 marathon on a Saturday and a full on Sunday.  My ultimate goal is to complete in the Goofy Challenge sometime in either 2015 or 2016.

So, I'm putting them out there.  My goals, my dreams.

Now to keep counting down the days till I can get started on them! 


Saturday, March 2, 2013

First Day- March 2013

It's that time again....

First Day with Journey to Josie!

We didn't do much as far as the day went, but it was still a big day for us!

Here's a sneak peak into a first day that we will never forget!

(I guess my day technically started when my kid was up at almost 1am. Thankfully I was able to get her back to sleep and get back to sleep myself.)
(Love notes from the Hubby)


 (where I found her leftover lunch.)

 (she came up to me with a band aide and slapped it on my forehead because I had a booboo...also known as a pimple.)

(this horrible blurry pic is was walking up the street to Nana & Papaw's so she could spend the night.  It's the first time she's ever asked to and she looked so grown up with her book bag all packed.)

After dinner, we walked back home and crashed in the bed before 9pm like true adults do! : )

Go check out the rest of the first day posts! 


Friday, March 1, 2013

It's a....


It was confirmed this morning that it is indeed another baby girl. 

 Amelia Jane

 And yes, we're excited about it being another girl!!!
The doctor said all my test came back normal and everything looked great. We did get a little scare because of the position of the baby, they could not get a good picture of her heart and did not release me just yet.  They do not feel anything is wrong, but of course, I freaked out.  I called the doctor back after my appointment just for some reassurance, and after waiting all afternoon to hear back from her, she reassured me she's not saying anything is wrong or that she's concerned about anything, she just wanted to get a good picture of it, so I go back in April for another ultrasound.

So, sorry it took me so long to share with everyone.  I kinda had to get myself back together. 

Her name was the next on the list from our pregnancy with Olivia.  I am kinda bummed because we've heard of three other Amelia's being born since we found out we were pregnant, but I won when settling on Olivia, so this one went to Dave. He was set on Amelia no matter what I threw out to him.  I told him I didn't want her to be in a class full of Amelia's and he got me with "she won't, she'll be the only one since we want to homeschool."  Point taken.  However, after referring to her by her name (in private) for the past seven weeks, it feels like its perfect. Just like it did with Olivia.

Glad its finally all in the open. It's been a long seven weeks.