A PMS(ing) Baby

It has been a rough past few days.

Olivia is in one of those moods...she's constantly whinny, crying, clingy, etc.

Every few weeks or so, she gets in one of these moods and stays in it for about a week. I would honestly feel safe in calling it a early case of PMS. Of course, it seems to coincide with my week of PMS. Help my poor husband!

Thankfully, the only thing that is keeping me from being committed this week is my BFF Alison and her fb messages (and for the record, she is a legit BFF and I'm not just throwing that out there, I've known her...F...O...R...E...V...E...R and we're still buds even after my bad perm experience of 1994), the fact that David looked at me this morning after about an hour of Olivia's PMS(ing) and asked "has it been like this all week?" and the fact that I have a girl date this afternoon with my sister wife Nic (who is now a hair model!!!!).

So, is my baby the only one who does this???

I'm serious, she does this every few weeks and I seriously think about shipping her off to live with someone else, but then she's a little angel the next few weeks afterwards and I decide I'll keep her!

Lord Help Us!!!!


Tristan said…
miss Olivia is just her own little person...she seems like quite the perfect little challenge.

God gave her that spunk..Lord help her future husband..hehe.

Hope your girl date is fabulous!!
Kameron said…
Arielle doesn't do that but Nate does it enough to make up for both of them. Not sure I see a pattern like once a month but he goes through phases for sure.
Molly said…
Cooper has been "PMSing" too! They just get in funky emotional moods...much like us I guess. haha! Hang in there!

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