Awesome Day

Yesterday I spent an entire day with just me and him.

Well, at least eight hours of it.

We did a little shopping.

He's now on the TJ-Maxx/Marshall's bandwagon since he found (of all things) tools there.

We talked about our life.

We went to eat lunch at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants.

Courtesy of these two, our meal was taken care of.

Then we went to do a little more shopping to walk off all the cheese dip we ate.

We talked about our future.

Then we went here for an hour long couples massage.

It was so very relaxing.

I got rubbed down by a big guy named Tony while my husband was lying next to me being rubbed down by another lady.

I love being, as my mom calls it, rubbed down by strangers.

Then we stopped here for a little pick me up.

We talked about us.

And then made our way to see this.

It was good and sad all in one. Not necessary the best, but not the worst I've seen.

The music at least made it worth it.

We talked about our fears (the movie spawned that conversation).

Then we headed home to cuddle with the one we decided we actually missed all day.

A BIG thank you to those who took care of lunch.

A BIG thank you to Tony for making my sore muscles feel better.

A BIG thank you to my husband for paying for Tony to make my sore muscles feel better.

A BIGGER thank you to my sisterwife for putting up with my little one all day.

And the BIGGEST thank you to my husband for the awesome day.

We needed it.


The Popes said…
Man, you're kid must have done a number on me yesterday cause this totally made me cry!

I need sleep.
Tristan said…
:) glad you had an awesome deserve it!

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