Because I'm a lady...

One day last week, Olivia and I were taking advantage of a nice afternoon and playing outside. Out of no where, the mail lady came around the corner and started backing into our driveway. I was honestly freaked out. I thought...What the heck is she doing??? Then she jumped out of her little mail truck to hand me a package. Oh, I guess she was doing her job? Duh, silly me!!!

When I saw the package, my heart fluttered.

That very special delivery was for me.

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I decided to buy nothing after Christmas with my Christmas money...I decided to spend the money on one of these...

Jo Totes~Camera bags for ladies

Because we all know I'm more concerned with what type of camera strap is on my camera and what I'm carrying my camera in, rather than actually learning how to use my camera or buying something useful say like a new lens.

Truthfully, I've had a debate for awhile now on whether throwing it in my purse was such a great idea. Especially after it was broken. Though I know that's not how my camera was broke, after you shell out $200 to fix a camera, you think twice about where you throw it.

I have a real camera bag, but let's be honest, it's ugly. Plus, I have enough I'm lugging around already when I leave the house. I don't want to have to lug around a purse, a diaper bag, and a ugly camera bag.

About a month or so before Christmas, I stumbled across Jo Totes through another blog. I immediately bookmarked it, because I knew it was way to close to Christmas to make a purchase like that for myself. Though I won't lie...I did think about skimping on groceries a week or two in order to have it before Christmas. I was good though and we did not have to eat mac n' cheese for two weeks.

While we were up in Virginia, the day everyone else in our crew decided to go shopping, I turned the trip down and instead asked my dad to take me to an ATM, so I could deposit my Christmas money and buy my camera bag. Then I rushed back to order it. I was convinced they would sell out before I could get mine. thankfully, even though they were almost sold out of everything, they still had the exact one I wanted.

I loves it!!! It's absolutely perfect! It's a purse and a camera bag in one. That's why it's for ladies! ; ) There is enough room for all my stuff and I can carry my camera around on a daily basis. It's padded and comes with dividers to organize your stuff and it has lots of pockets. It's a bag lady's dream. Best of all...I don't have to worry about my camera getting damaged in my purse. Plus, it doesn't look like a camera bag, so I can still carry it even when I don't take my camera with me. The best part about it is that it's not heavy when you have all your stuff and camera in it. It must be magic.

Now that I have my own, I'll tell you that you need one for yourself. Most of them are sold out, so you may have to wait till spring for the one you like, but I guarantee it's worth the wait!


Tara Ball said…
LOVE it!! I've been looking for something to put my camera in as well. I hate having to carry my purse and then sling the crazy heavy camera on my normally knocks into doors and small childrens heads so I've stopped carrying it. :) I'm totally getting one of these..thanks!
Paige said…
oh my, i love it!

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