Sorry for not posting all week.

I honestly had not even realized that I had not posted all week until Thursday. Then it was kinda like "hmm, I haven't posted all week" followed by a little shoulder shrug. Of course, a few of my fans reached out to see if I was still alive.

I'm happy to report that I am in fact alive and well!

This past week just has been a weird one. It seems like we've been running around like crazy all week and I feel as though I have nothing to show for it. Does anyone else feel that way sometimes about how they spend their time, or is it just me?

I do have a couple of reasons for not posting...

1. I just haven't been in a bloggy mood. Lately I've felt that blogging was just another thing on my list of things to do and this week, it was feeling like more of a chore than something I enjoyed doing. In fact, the one day I did sit down to write a post, Becky wrote the exact post on her blog with how I was feeling here. She pretty much summed it up for me. Not that I consider myself a Pioneer Woman or have anywhere near the readers Becky has, but I think every blogger feels like that at different points of time. So I told myself this week to not worry about it and to just blog whenever I felt like it.

2. My computer is having some serious issues at the moment. I'm sure it has nothing to do with a certain 15 month old who is not afraid to climb up on top of the desk or counter to reach the computer and bang away on it. I honestly try my best to keep it as far away as possible from her, but evidently, I'm not doing a great job. David's trying to work on getting it fixed cheaply. Money for a new computer will not be in our bank account anytime soon, so we're trying to make do. That also is the reason for no pictures of that certain baby at the moment. My computer can no longer handle anymore pictures for the moment. Yes, there are ways to fix that, like buying extra memory, but there were a few things that had to take priority and be bought this month (i.e. a bridesmaid dress and a new vacuum~our floors were seriously disgusting and I'm embarrassed to tell you how long it had been since they were last vacuumed). So hopefully things can be fixed soon and it will be a little easier to blog. Right now, every post seems to take forever to write.

This past week was filled with breakfast with friends from Texas, David working different shifts, MOPS meetings, church, and our now daily trips to the gym. I've been good and keeping up with my goal to make it at least four times a week! So far, my favorite class is spin. I always feel like I get a good work out after that hour!

Today we celebrated this big fat baby's 1st birthday!

Olivia is.....still Olivia! She loves going to the childcare at the gym. She made two little friends there her age who's momma's are taking the same classes as me. So she sees them pretty much everyday. One of them is a little boy and he always runs up to hug Olivia when she walks in. She just stands there and stares at him like he's crazy! It always cracks me up. She's been having trouble sleeping lately and keeps getting up through out the night, so I'm not quite sure what that is about. Hopefully, it will end soon. She has however become an official bag lady! I'm so proud! She LOVES taking my old purses (or anything that remotely resembles a bag) and carrying it around on her shoulder all day. She cracks us up walking around trying to stick anything she can find in her purse! I'm trying to get a picture of it, but she's at the stage right now, anytime I pick up the camera she runs in the other direction!

Oh and for our special date last week....David (kinda) surprised me and took me to see Beauty & The Beast at the Fox Theatre in the big city! Beauty & The Beast has always been one of my favorite Disney movies growing up (and still is) and I've heard from several people that the musical was fantastic. On Thursday night when I found out David had arranged for an all night babysitter on Friday, I suggested going to see it. I'll be honest and say that David really wasn't looking forward to it. He thought it was going to be lame and was taking me to do his hubby duties. Well, we were both really surprised! It was honestly much better than we both thought it would be and was actually quite hilarious. Though it was appropriate for all ages, they threw in a lot of one liners that were over the kids heads (think the Shrek movies). We decided to make it a traditional Atlanta night out of it and went before the show for some chili dogs at The Varsity. Both the Fox Theatre and The Varsity are historical Atlanta landmarks. Evidently, we weren't the only ones with the same idea because there were a lot of people dressed up at The Varsity, which isn't the normal attire for there. We had a great night and I was so thankful we got the chance to go. I would highly recommend it if it comes to a city near you!

(after note: Sorry, no pictures of date night. Your not allowed to take pictures at the Fox (I got in trouble last time), so I didn't bother taking my big camera. Plus, by the time we dropped Olivia off, we were kinda rushed on time to eat and make the show, so I didn't think about getting my point and shoot out. Sorry!)

Other than that, all I have to say is that I'm ready for Spring!!!!!!! I am soooo over this cold weather! Thankfully, we don't have snow, but it is still COLD!!!! I'm ready for flip flops and not having to wear a jacket!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

And I'll try my best to do better next week!


Tristan said…
wowzers..hahaha..what a post! nice to be filled in!!
Jennifer said…
I try not to put pressure on myself to blog every day either. Do what you YOU want to do - it's your blog right? (o: Glad you had a fun date night!

And I'm ready for warmer weather too - flip flops and capris! Come on spring!

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