That's why I don't bother...

You might have heard, Atlanta is iced in.

While everyone's facebook statues on Sunday night were hoping and praying for snow, I was praying it wouldn't do anything.

Some parts of North Georgia received snow and ice. We were the lucky ones to receive just ice.

BLAH!!! I hate it.

David of course still had to go into work because, heaven knows, people cannot live without the waffle. He got up and was out the door by 5:15am. I was wide awake and praying dearly he made it to work. He had to go pick up three other employees, so he was all over town. He finally text me at 7am saying he had made it to work. Fortunately, it was not all in vain considering he called at 9am and said they were already only $200 dollars away from making their entire day's sales goal. By yesterday afternoon, they were at the point if they had a second day like that, they were going to be completely out of food. Let's pray the truck can get here on Wednesday, or I'm sure all hell will break loose.

Evidently people cannot drive in the ice/snow to make it to work or school, but they can drive the waffle house to eat...go figure.

Yesterday afternoon I spent 15 minutes getting Olivia dressed to go outside to play and some pictures. At this point and time I had not realized yet that the entire driveway/sidewalk was completely iced over. So as soon as I opened the front door, she was out. I go after her, without my camera and leaving the front door open. Olivia was already halfway down the driveway and I was scared she was going to fall and bust her head open. I figured we wouldn't be out there long, so I just left it.

Suddenly, Olivia starts whining and pointing up to the street. I turn around and see Bella running up the road. I stand there for a few seconds trying to decide what to I leave Olivia and go after her? Run Olivia into the house and go after her? Or just let her go? I decided to pick up Olivia and we go half running up the road calling after Bella, who just keeps running in the other direction. I'm sure that having three dogs run away in less than a year will look bad on my record, so I keep going after her. Finally, she decides it must be too cold and starts walking back towards us. By this time, we're about four or five houses up the road, it's sleeting, Olivia is crying, and I've got on nothing but yoga pants, a sweat shirt, and rain boots. I'm sure the neighbors thought I was half crazy walking down an icy street carrying a toddler and a dog, who each weigh 20lbs. a piece. By the time we made it to the front door, I was about to drop them both.

And that is why I don't bother.

There will be no more pictures of my child playing in the snow anytime soon, because the next time my child is allowed to play in the snow/ice, she has to be old enough to go out by herself.

Plus, I still hate it and going out in it. period.

Make fun of me all you want, I don't care. I hate the snow, ice, and cold weather. If waffle had stores on a Caribbean island, I would ask for a transfer immediately.

And we've both got cabin fever like crazy already. Olivia has been off the wall these past two days and I've been wanting to curl up in a corner and cry. I even had not a tinge of guilt when David walked in from after 11 hours of work yesterday and said "here, I'm done." while handing Olivia over.

He already called this morning to say that most stores were already open today and he would be home at a decent time to take us out, or at least let me go out by myself. He's been driving my SUV these past two days since the weight is better distributed than his truck, so that is why I'm stuck at home. I don't trust myself to drive on the ice, let alone, drive on ice in his big truck.

Which I have a question.....what happened to global warming???? I've lived in Georgia my entire life and we hardly ever got snow growing up. Maybe once every five years or so. We have lived in this house not even a year yet and it's already snowed three times since we've been here. That is absolutely crazy to me.

So over it already.....


Jennifer said…
Oh man. I love reading your blog. You're so...normal. (o: I loved the part when you said when David gets home from work you hand him Olivia because you're done. Girl...I've had those days!

Ice stinks. It does that down here too occasionally and anytime anything "arctic" is predicted for the south I pray it all away. I hate cold weather, even though it only lasts for like three weeks here.

Hope everything melts soon!
Tristan said…
OH NO! ICE is no fun..I do love the snow though :)
Hope it melts soon!
Paige said…
Ice is zero fun!! Yuck! But your pictures are pretty!
Kameron said…
Global warming is what causes the wierd swings in weather. Ok, I will not become AL Gore in your comments! lol I hate cold too. We just got 2 feet of snow yesterday. I am the only one not jumping for joy I think!Glad you caught the dog. That would have sucked to get wet and freezing for nothing!

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