Happy Monday!

We had a rough night last night (some may have already read on facebook), but I had my cup of coffee with an extra shot of caffeine and I'm making it through the day.

Actually, that cup of coffee must have done wonders, because I've been more productive today than I have in awhile. I decided to switch the closets that David and I use because I think his opening and closing the drawers in the closet are waking Olivia up in the mornings. They needed to be painted and the closet David was using needed a little repair to the shelves. Originally, I was just going to swtich our clothes over, but I decided to go ahead and paint them both. So, I've been priming and painting walls and shelves all day (and I put David to work as soon as he walked in). Right now, all our clothes are thrown in the middle of our bedroom floor, so I'm trying to knock out this project and not let it turn into a weeklong one.

Our weekend was low key and quiet. Friday night dinner with the parents, Saturday morning pancakes, celebrating Gabe's 1st birthday, pizza with the whole crew, church Sunday morning,and a lazy Sunday aftrnoon. I would say it was a good one.

This week wil hopefully be a low key one too!

I'm currently blogging from the kindle and it's not easy. The desktop is hopefully being fixed right now. The laptop is about kuput and we found out not worth even investing a little money to be fixed. I'm afraid to touch it because it might not turn back on and i would be devistated if i lose all my pictures. So, let's pray we get a little extra back in taxes since that will be the only extra money coming in anytime soon. Waffles are not selling at the moment. So, I'm not sure how much I'll get to blog this week.

I'm heading back to painting...I'm determined to have the closet project done in 24hours. There's always a first time for everything.


Tristan said…
good luck on the project..and hoepfully it helps you sleep in!!

BOO to your computers..sheesh..I'm missing pics of Olivia!!

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