Five Things

1. We are slowly thawing out here in Atlanta. It was bad people. Bad. Thankfully, since we actually live a little farther south of Atlanta, we started to get back to normal yesterday. Kids went back to school, businesses opened, the waffle house food trucks came in...all is becoming right with the world again. I will say that those first three days of the week were the longest three days of my life. It can pretty much be summed up in this....

Thanks to my cousin Christa in Maryland for sending that so true description.

2. Thanks for all your sweet comments on my Life with a Toddler post. It always cracks Nicole and I up on the post that we think will get the most comments and the post that actually do. I would like to state for the record that the potty chair has never been "officially" used if you catch my drift. I bought it at Ikea before Christmas just to have her practice sitting on it (which she is scared and cries anytime I try). No bare bottoms have officially touched it, so the sippy cup was safe. I am also ashamed to admit that I went in that bathroom this morning and the cup is still there. Yep, I snapped the picture and then just closed the door. You would think being stuck in the house all week would encourage me to clean the house, but no, it has the exact opposite effect on me.

3. I also have to admit that I am loving the toddler stage she is in right now. Some people are baby people and others are not. I fall into the later. I can admit that I actually like my child now. I've ALWAYS loved her of course, but I was not a fan of the baby stage at all. And I've finally come to terms with that's okay. Anytime I say that and others respond "you don't mean that," it drives me crazy, because actually, I do mean it. Honestly, when I really stopped to think to about it, when another baby is around...I rarely ask to hold it. If I do, it's quick and returned. If my friends and family really stop and think about this, you'll realize "she's right." However, the toddler stage is soooo fun!!! I am enjoying my days with her now.

4. Two weeks into my 2011 Goals, I'm happy to report that I am doing pretty well. I've signed up at a gym that has childcare provided and I've gone so far seven times in the last two weeks (they were closed for two days with the ice storm), I've already finished three books this year, my patience with Olivia is much better (I want to attribute this to the gym. The fact I get a hour to myself everyday helps me greatly), and we've already had a great date day last week and going on another one tonight. I might actually get all my goals accomplished this year!

5. David surprised me last night (he was actually going to surprise me today, but his mom accidentally said something about it to me...ooops!) with an exciting date for tonight!!! I'm really excited about it and can't wait to share about where we're going tonight!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!! Stay warm!


Tristan said…
hahahahahahaha...omg, that picture!

Is it weird that I love the snow? ahahahaha..and I have been stuck unable to get down my driveway for about 3 days, we got out yesterday and verly made it back up the times!

I'm always surprised by the comments on certain posts!

And..I think that I'm a "baby,toddler,kid"'ve loved every stage with T-A...however I don't think it's wrong that you are toddler..because everyone has their own "grove".

Have fun on date night :)
Take pictures!!
Kameron said…
I'm a baby-after-the-first-6-weeks, toddler minus the age of 3 person! lol Glad to know that sippy cup was safe! Great job on the gym and have fun tonight!
Jennifer said…
Whoohoo for surprise date night! Can't wait to hear about it! And awesome that you're doing good on all of your goals for the new year. (o:
Paige said…
Yay for a surprise date!! How sweet! I cannot wait to hear more. So glad y'all are finally thawing out down there!

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