Going to the Chapel

Some body got engaged over the holiday.......

My BFF/Soulmate/cousin Aubry got engaged the Wednesday before Thanksgiving!!!! I was sooooooo excited!!!! I had a sneaky feeling that something was going down and as soon as I saw my phone ring on Wednesday night and her name pop up....I started screaming and scared my child to tears!

(pic via Aubs facebook-No, I wasn't there)

I've been telling her since the day I met Jeremy that he was the one! They are perfect for each other and we are so excited for them both!!!

And excited we have a wedding to plan this year!!!

Of course I had to get a shot of the bling!

He did good!

Congrats again Jerm & Aubs!!!!!

I love you both and wish you both all the happiness in your marriage!!!

Now let's get to planning that wedding!!!!


Paige said…
What a stunning ring!
Elizabeth said…
They look sooooo happy!!! :) So happy for them!
Laura said…
WAHOOO!!!!! So happy for them and I totally agree that they are absolutely Perect for each other!!! Exciting year ahead!

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