"Sadly, you don't truly understand the meaning of being blessed..."

A weekend or two ago, a "facebook friend" (i.e. acquaintance) had posted on their statues that "me and ______ are so blessed to not have any children!!! We still get to party!" Honestly, I was ticked off by the status. It didn't completely surprise me to hear it come from this person. In fact, just a couple of weeks before I told David I needed to take them off my news feed because I was tired of reading their statues. I logged off and continued about my business for a few minutes, but the more and more I thought about it, the more irritated their comment made me. Though, I'm not sure what irritated me the most, the actual comment or the responses it got. A large number "liked" the status and there were even a few comments about how they "should enjoy life now" and how "children suck the life out of you."

Yes, that comment was left by someone who had their profile pic set with a picture of them with their child...go figure?

I completely agree that children are not for everyone. I'm even more a believer that you should wait till a certain maturity level kicks in before having children, but to say your blessed because you don't have children.....that just doesn't sit with me well.

I feel like it's one thing to say your glad you don't have the responsibility of a child at the moment, but it bothers me that some people look at it as such a curse to have children because of their own selfishness. There was a point and time in my life that I was not ready to have children and I knew that, but I never looked at myself as being "blessed," just so I could go out and party.

I'll admit that during those early months of sleep depravation, I may have agreed with the statement the life was being sucked out of me, but to be completely honest, I feel like I didn't really start living till Olivia came into our lives. Life has became so much more since she came into it. When I look at Olivia, I see the purpose of my life (and I'm not saying that from a stay-at-home mom view).

To some, it may not seem like a great life, when you never get to sleep in on Saturday mornings (or any morning for that fact) or when you pick up the same toys off the floor a hundred times a day. For most of us though, it is. It makes for a great life and I wouldn't trade it for a single one of my pre-kid days.

I logged back on a little later and went back to see what else had been said because I couldn't get it out of my head, I was at that point tempted to say something not nice. At that time, only one person had argued against it and I think she summed it up perfectly...."Sadly, you don't truly understand the meaning of being blessed."

She took the words right out of my mouth.

It's a blessing every time you hear the words "mommy" or "daddy."

It's a blessing to see that little face light up and act as though they hadn't seen you in days, even though you were just in the next room for ten minutes.

It's a blessing to get that hug and kiss before bed every night and even more of a blessing when you get the "love you. bye."

And seriously, how can you walk into a room to find this and not feel blessed?

Those people might be blessed to not have kids, but I'm beyond blessed for having one.


Anonymous said…
I know who you are talking about. I'm tired of seeing the pics of food. I agree though- not everyone is suitable for children, it's a life style choice.
Amy said…
love this! so so SO true!
I agree! I know some people who have posted the same kind of stuff. It is very frustrating. I truly believe we are the "blessed" ones.
Kameron said…
I have the days when I am exasperated and have that thought, but you know what? I have far more days when I look at my babies (big and small) and wonder how I ever lived without them. I guess everyone has their own idea of blessings.

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