I realize that it's been two and a half weeks since Christmas and I'm just now getting around to posting pictures of Olivia's Kitchen...I'm a slacker.

This is what Santa left Olivia on Christmas Eve...

David's Dad built the kitchen and the plans came from the famous Knock Off Wood site. All the kitchen accessories were things I've been buying since we found out we were having a baby girl. I bought most of it in the dollar section of Target or Joann's. Of course no gift giving is complete at the Mabrey household without a few books.

David's parents spent the night with us so they could be there to see her when she woke up to her gifts. I'm not sure if she was more surprised by the kitchen or that her Nana and Grandpa were there when she woke up. She jumped out of my arms and ran right to them to get a hug before she jumped down to play with her kitchen.

This is my favorite picture of the morning. She has the expression of "what's this?"

She quickly decided it was for her and jumped right in to playing with it.

The sink was obviously a big hit.

I love those lips. She is doing this all the time now and it is too funny. I'm glad I got a picture of it because I'm sure she won't be doing long.

We have a couple of finishing touches we want to add to it (like another coat of paint and a coat of some type of sealant) but other than that we're happy with it and Olivia is still loving it!


Tristan said…
LOOOOOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so cute,lucky girl!
Elizabeth said…
Loved looking at the pics! I'm sure this will be something that will be handed down in years to come! :)
Paige said…
ahh, LOVE that kitchen! Oh my word, and we love Olivia around here!
Bonnie said…
Wow, they did a great job building that! Helps to have creative people in the family, huh? Jarrett loves Olivia the pig too. I posted a video a while back of him watching the show on TV. He kept laughing everytime the baby laughed! It was SO cute!

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