Hello 2011!

Happy New Year (three days late)!!!!

I've spent the last few days trying to recover from our trip and last minute New Year's party.

On the way home from Virginia on Friday, at some point while driving through South Carolina, I decided "what the heck." We originally had planned on a quiet night with the Pope's, but it quickly turned into a few more people. I wouldn't say it was a party to go down in the history books, but we all had a good time for deciding at 3:30pm we were going to have a party. One of the downfalls of having small children and hanging out with others with small children, means most of your party goers don't make it to midnight. By midnight, it was us and the Harris's, but we (for the first time in four years) made it to midnight and David rushed off to work. This year, I'm going to do a little better planning ahead of time.

David made it home from work on Saturday morning around 9a.m. and we spent a good bit of the day laying around being lazy. I did manage to get all the Christmas decorations up in record time, but then I was ready to crash the remainder of the day. David and I switched throughout the day taking naps and taking care of Olivia. We headed over to the Pope's later that evening for dinner and a riveting game of dominoes. Like usual, David stomped everyone. I didn't come in first, but I didn't come in last!

Even though she didn't go to bed till almost midnight on Saturday, Olivia was still up at her usual 7a.m. on Sunday morning. I went about our usual Sunday morning routine and put her down around 9:15a.m., so I could go get ready for church. She ended up not getting up till after 12:30p.m.!!! I figured after having so little sleep and late nights for the last week, it must have finally caught up with her. She was in a wonderful mood when she got up and played with a basket of diapers contently for over an hour! If I would have known that would be enough to entertain her, then Santa would have spent less money for Christmas gifts!

Today we spent the morning running a few errands and I finally made it to the grocery store. After two days of scrapping stuff together to make somewhat of a meal, I am happy to see the pantry and fridge full. It's the little things. That's the only bad thing about coming home from a trip....the pantry always seems to be empty.

I'm glad to try to get back to normal after the craziness of the holidays. Overall, we had a great holiday season, but I'm always glad to see it go.

I'll go ahead and say it....I'm ready for spring.

(Snow pictures are from our trip to Virginia...Thank Goodness we do not have any snow!!!)


Tristan said…
kitchen pics?! come on woman..lol..did i miss them?!

CUTE pics!!

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