Top Ten

The top ten statements made at Olivia's 15 month check up....

1. She's a busy one!

2. Wow! What a set of teeth she has already!

3. She doesn't stop, does she?

4. Your a busy one!

5. She's still tall.

6. I bet she keeps you on your toes?

7. She has a bit of an attitude on her.

8. She's really, really busy.

9. She's one of the busiest toddlers I've seen in my 20 year career.

10. No seriously, does she ever stop?

No, she doesn't. Could you help a momma out and throw me some tranquilizers or something? For me, not her.

Tuesday morning we went for Olivia's 15 month check up. Needless to say, the doctor was a little overwhelmed with how busy Olivia is. As usual, she didn't stop the moment we set foot in there.

It took both of us to hold her down just so Dr. L could get a look at her (let's not even talk about the shots).

I find it hilarious now, that people think I'm a tad bit of an exaggerator over how busy Olivia is. That is until they see it for themselves. Spend thirty minutes with Olivia and you'll need to lay down for a nap.

The child never stops. I learned this to be true last week when her and I had to share a room while in Richmond. We didn't share the bed, but I could hear her toss and turn ALL NIGHT LONG. I feel it's a personal choice, but I am so glad I never even considered co-sleeping with Olivia.

Otherwise, Olivia got an all good at her check up. The only concern Dr. L had was her weight. It's on the low side, but she wants to give it till 18 months before we start to take any action. Olivia had gained less than a pound in the last three months and Dr. L said it could be due to the fact that she doesn't stop moving. For now, she wants me to start back giving her one bottle a day. We've been slowly moving off the bottle for the last month or so, but I will still give her one when she's really upset about something (usually in the morning or at night) or when I see she hasn't drank much milk during the day. Even though our Dr. prefers to completely ween babies off bottles during the 15-18 month span, she thinks it's better for Olivia to keep at least one so we can make sure she's getting at least some nutrients. If she hasn't gained a little more weight by then, then we'll start to look into other things she said. Nothing to be concerned about for now.

What wasn't a shocker...Olivia is still in the top percentile for height. She's currently in the 99.8 for her age. Evidently, we now have toddler Shaq on our hands instead of a baby Shaq.


Laura said…
Pictures of your daughter always bring a smile to my face! I love that she has so much personality already for her age! I hope Landon does!!
Tristan said…
she cracks me up!
Kameron said…
Again I will affirm that I believed you! Nate is the same way and we often got (and still get) those comments about him! Happy 15 months to OK!

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