Welcome to my life

A couple of weeks ago, Nic invited me to join her at a little "how do I work my camera?" session a professional photographer was holding just for her. Of course, since I know nothing about my camera, I said "heck yeah, count me in." So, after a little schedule coordinating with the hubby, I got to run out this afternoon to join Nic. Unfortunately, it was also the afternoon that we had a vet appointment for Bella to get updated on her shots. The hubby decided to be brave, take one for the team, and take Olivia to the vet with him.

On my way home, I called David to see how the afternoon had went with the kiddo. He was completely out of breathe and sounded like he had just ran a 10K. Since I was concerned, I asked if everything was okay?

"Every thing's fine, I was just trying to get Olivia and Bella into the vet........by the time I get in.........I turn around to see Bella has pooped in the floor..........then I had to wait and hour...........do you know how hard it is to keep Olivia still for an hour..........then she wanted to crawl all over the floor and it was disgusting...........I'm just worn out......Taking her anywhere is so difficult......."

All I had to say.....Welcome to my life.


Elizabeth said…
She looks so grown up in that picture!
The Popes said…
I'm dying! God bless his little heart.

That's why that's not the life HE choose. Time to head back to the Waffle!
Tristan said…
hahaahaha..he prob loves you so much more now :)

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