Sorry, I did not mean to leave everyone hanging the other day. Unfortunately, Wednesday when I was in the middle of posting part 1 of the adoption stuff, the laptop completely died and I had to finish posting from the kindle. After two days, I was about to throw it into the wall, cause a kindle ain't made for blogging for sure. We hadn't gotten the desktop back from the repair shop (a.k.a. Mr. Pound), so I had nothing to work with. We got the computer back on Thursday night, but I've been non stop since and haven't gotten the time to really sit down yet. I'll finish it eventually, but I'm just not feeling it right now. I'm tired and I'm coming down with a cold. Plus, our schedule is for some reason CrAzY this week or two....

So, I'll let you in on the latest updates soon.

Just wanted to apologize for the last post and for wasting your time reading this lame post.

Have a great weekend!


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