A Holey Night

The other day I washed our sheets for the master bed and later that night, I climbed into bed to discover a hole where my feet usually go. I started complaining to myself that they didn't make sheets like they use to and a $40 300 thread count Egyptian cotton pair from Ross should last more than three years.

The next night, I climbed into bed again to find my feet right back in the hole. Then I decided to start complaining to David.

a: "There's a hole in the sheet where I put my feet and it's driving me insane."

d: "Probably because your constantly rubbing your feet together all night."


I do not.

After a couple of nights trying to catch myself....come to find I do.

In fact, I do it so much evidently, it causes holes in the sheet.

Maybe the guy who sells 5,000 thread count Egyptian Cotton for $20 at the corner Shell station will have his tent set up this weekend?


Kameron said…
That is funny! We never realize what we do in our sleep I guess. Are your feet cold or something?? I can't wear socks to bed, I can't stand it. lol
The Popes said…
And you got on to Olivia for moving all night! Maybe it was YOU keeping HER up all that time!

And we get holes in our sheets EVERY SINGLE YEAR! Talk about annoying!

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