A thank you & Ten Months

First off, thanks for the sweet thoughts on my bad day. Honestly, it hasn't been that bad, it's just been a bunch of little annoying things that keep occurring. Like I said, things could be way worse for me I know, I was just having one of those days that I was annoyed. To keep you up to date...the camera can most likely be fixed. It's the flash that is broke and I've already been given a couple of ideas for places that I can take it to. My great uncle unfortunately has been in bad health for awhile and it was kinda one of those things we had already thought it was a possibility, but it was confirmed. He though is still keeping an upbeat and positive thoughts on the situation, so we are too. Lastly, the overdraft was just a stupid mistake on our part. Thank goodness for overdraft protection and no fees. We're all good now. Oh, and I'm doing a whole different post on the baby dedication thing next week. Our day yesterday was much better and we're looking forward to a busy weekend. : )

Today however, my baby girl is officially 10 months old!!!

It's crazy to think she'll be a year old in two months.

(Since I don't have my fancy dancy camera for a photo shoot, I'm posting some of my favorite pics of her from throughout the ninth month.)

Olivia Kate,

Your becoming more and more of an daddy's girl. You get mad if he doesn't come to you when he first walks in the door. Your still pretty attached to mommy too! : )

You climb onto everything!!! Mommy taught you how to climb off the couch and you mastered it in less than two days. You figured out for yourself how to climb off daddy and mommy's king size bed. You figured out on your own to climb down onto the trunk at the foot of the bed and then to the floor from there. Your pretty clever!

You took your first trip to the beach and survived your first Peters/Mitchell family vacation. You LOVE the water and not scared of the ocean at all!

You've got some attitude. You can be a bit of a drama queen at times.

Crawling is still your main way of getting around, but you can stand up for over two minutes and take up to four steps at a time. You'll be running around soon.

We're working on wearing shoes since mommy has never really put shoes on you before.

You have to be in the middle of the action. You don't like to be left out of what's going on.

Your more and more vocal everyday. You talk up a storm when it's just us at home, but your quiet when your around other people. You always look so serious when your telling us stuff because I'm sure it's very important. That hand is always going!

Your such a happy baby now a days. Your always smiling and laughing unless your hungry or tired. Your so funny and always making daddy and mommy laugh. Your at such a fun age right now. We're loving and eating up the moments with you.

We love you so much baby girl!


Tristan said…
glad that your having a better day!

she is so tall :) and such a cutie!
The Popes said…
WHERE did you get the pink and green shoes?!?!
Kameron said…
I second Nicole"s comment!!! I love those shoes! She is growing up so fast. Looks like you'll have an early walker on your hands!. It is rough, trust me. I'm glad you've already got the baby gates in place!
Elizabeth said…
Aww, I loved reading this post! She's looking so much older now...she's absolutely precious!

Oh, and thanks for the advice on my post! I have thought about rearranging the living room, but I don't think that it's possible with the oversized couches. I'll keep it up to date in further postings! Love you!

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