Baby Steps

Olivia took her first steps last night.

It was out of the blue and I have no pictures or video to remember it by, so I wanted to write a post just so I won't ever forget that moment.

A few days ago, David was "working with her" on getting more confident in her standing up and she supposedly took a few steps. I told him since mommy didn't see it, it didn't count. I mentioned in one post that she doesn't hang on to any thing and then stand up. No lie, she just stands straight up. In all my years of working in daycare, I've never seen another kid do it like that. She'll be in the middle of the room, near nothing and just stand straight up for a few seconds. It's funny to watch.

Last night, we had dinner at the Pope's. After dinner, we went inside for dessert and Olivia was playing around the ottoman in their living room. David and I were both sitting on the couch when she stood up and took three small steps towards the couch. We all started screaming and clapping, which kinda scared her at first, but then she realized how excited we all were and started smiling. So, we both got to be there (and the Pope's) to see her first official steps on her own with no coaching from daddy.

Everyone has been taking bets on when she'll be walking, but I think she still has at least a good month before she's officially on the run. She still doesn't seem to sure of herself yet. Everyone keeps saying "just wait till she starts walking, she'll be into everything," but seriously, she is already into everything. The other day, we put Gabe on the side table next to the couch to try to protect him from Olivia. I turned around for a moment and when I turned back around, she had climbed onto the couch, onto the arm of the couch, and was harassing Gabe again!!! Seriously? Can it get much worse?

(Another cute picture from the beach that I never got around to posting.)


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