A Partying Weekend

This weekend has been a partying weekend for us!

No, not that kind of partying!

Friday night we headed over to our friends Laura and Chad's for a surprise birthday party for Chad. I've known Laura for awhile through my cousin Aubry, but this was the first time we hung out with their group, and boy did we feel old! They are all the same age as Aubry and Jeremy (which is only a three year difference), but we of course we're the only ones there with a baby (outside of the utero that is). It's been so long since we've been to a party without a ton of kids, we just had to laugh about it. We had a great time (found out we were not the oldest people there) and everyone was super nice and no one seemed to be bothered by her. Several people even got on the floor and played with her. I was laughing as we walked up to the party because all the other guest had a case of beer in their hands, while we were carrying a diaper bag and a push toy! It was hilarious to all of us! It's funny how much life changes when you have a kid. Next time we head over to their house for a party, Olivia won't be the only kid since Laura and Chad have recently found out they are expecting!!! I'm so excited for them and can't wait to meet their bundle of joy in February! Especially since I've been having baby fever lately!

On Saturday, we threw a double 50th birthday bash for David's mom and dad, who's birthday's are only a day apart. I would say that it ended up being successful! They requested an Italian night and I made way too much food, since I never got a clear answer on who all was coming. It looks like we'll be eating lasagna all week. Good thing it was yummy! We just had mostly family and a few friends over for dinner and cake. Everyone brought gag gifts and had a good laugh. David's parents seemed to have a good time, so I would call that a success. I tried to get some pictures, but I've learned that I am not good at multitasking when it comes to parties. I cannot host and take pictures at the same time. I need the Pioneer Woman to do a post on how to host and take pictures at the same time, since she seems to be a pro at it. I've already decided that I will hand that task over to someone else for Olivia's first birthday, if not, we'll have none.

Speaking of which, the past couple of months, I've been going back and forth on what I wanted to do for Olivia's first birthday. Our group of friends are known for their great parties they throw. In a conversation with my mom a couple of months ago, I told her I wanted to keep Olivia's party small and mostly family, but I didn't want to hurt others feelings who always invite us to their parties. Basically, my debate was over whether I wanted to keep it only family or invite all our family and friends? The reality though was my biggest fear was would I would regret it if I didn't do something BIG.

Our decision was made for us Saturday night at David's parents birthday party. Olivia has never been a huge crowd person and we've known that for some time now. Saturday night, I sat her down with her dinner first while we were getting all the last minute stuff done with dinner. She had about ten people standing there watching her eat and she had a total melt down. When I took her out of the room and away from everyone, she calmed down. So, we've realized that she's not too fond of large crowds and especially large crowds where she's the center of attention. I don't want her first birthday to be a repeat of Saturday night, so we've decided to keep her first birthday just family and on the small scale and to save the big birthday parties with everyone for when she can remember and enjoy them. I really want to throw her a BIG party in the future and I'm sure starting next year, that will be the plan. I just feel like after Saturday night, it wouldn't be worth it for her if she's going to be upset the entire time.

I'm finishing up plans for a baby shower I'm helping host this weekend and then starting on stuff for Olivia's birthday! July has been a crazy busy month and I can say it's making me look forward to the Fall!


Jennifer said…
Olivia and Tommy could be best friends. He hates crowds too. Our b-day party went as expected with a large crowd. He was okay until we all sang Happy Birthday and he FREAKED out. It took 30 minutes to calm him down! Looking forward to seeing what you do for her b-day!
The Popes said…
Kameron said…
After the enormity of Nate's 3rd birthday, we are just having a family get together for Arielle's 1st. I barely got to take pictures and so didn't get to enjoy myself since I was running around like a crazy woman. Small and easy is my game plan for her. You're right, they won't remember it anyway!