Round here....

I'm surprised the phone calls from the family about my lack of posting haven't started rolling in already.

We've been CrAzY busy around here this past week. I mean nonstop, something (or a few somethings) going on everyday. But, I would always rather be busy than sitting at home with nothing to do all day.

Between playdates, doctors appointments, a new bible study group, book club, planning a baby shower and a 50th birthday party, and a special date night....whew!!! We haven't stopped. I really wanted to post about everything that's been going on this past week, but time keeps slipping away from me. I thought summer was suppossed to be relaxing? Evidently, not at our house.

Unfortunately, I've also ran out of time to take any photos lately. I've been slacking taking pictures and I'm disappointed at myself. Olivia is being sooooo cute lately and I keep missing photo opportunities. She is at such a fun stage now and David and I are both LOVING it!!!!

I think (knock on wood) we're finally past that clingy stage and she's becoming more intent with playing alone for a little while. I can now walk out of the room without her going into total melt down mode. It's been nice.

She's also started becoming more interesting in her toys. It seemed like for awhile there she was wanting to play with everything but her toys. She's even started playing with her baby doll and it's so cute!!! She'll hold it, pat it's head, and try to kiss it (or eat it's head off, we're not quite sure). Mom, we might need to go ahead and take her to the American Girl cafe???? I haven't been able to get a picture of her because every time she's playing with the doll and I go grab my camera, she puts it down.

Olivia is also standing up by herself for longer periods of time. She has taken a couple of steps, but I have missed each time she's done it, so that means it doesn't count right? : ) Everyone keeps trying to make predictions of when she's walking, but I honestly don't know. I think she'll be walking sometime after my birthday (end of August) and before hers (end of September).

David has been off the past two days, so we've been working like mad on projects around the house. Nothing like a birthday party and a baby shower to get you motivated to do stuff, right? I'm working a a separate post on the house projects.

Hope everyone is having a great week! Since I haven't taken any pictures of Olivia lately, here is a cute one from the beach I never got around to posting!


Jennifer said…
I always get calls from my Gramma when I haven't written wondering if I'm okay. Especially if my last post was melancholy in nature. (o:

Olivia is getting so big - I'm betting she'll be walking before my Tommy. He seems perfectly content super-crawling and walking around things. I think he'll be slow to walk. )o: Though maybe I should be grateful?

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