Silence is Golden

I'm sure you've heard me mention Nicole a time or two on this blog?

Just's more of shock when I don't mention her or her family, right?

I've never mentioned it before, but she's my quiet time friend.

I know now, your thinking...huh?

We can sit in a room with each other, not say a word to each other, and here's the's not weird!

Seriously, think about many people can you do that with and have it not feel awkward?

Back towards the beginning of Spring, Olivia and I had been hanging at the Pope house all day playing. The husbands came home and decided we were going to do dinner together that night. Since it was last minute, they had to run to the store to pick up something for dinner and they nicely volunteered to take the girls with them. After they left, Nicole and I sat there and didn't say a word to each other until they got back. That night on the way home, David asked me what we talked about while they were gone and I just looked at him and said "nothing." He took that as me meaning we didn't talk about anything he thought was important, but I said "no, we didn't say anything to each other." He looked at me strange and asked "wasn't that awkward?" The craziest part was no, it wasn't. Not one bit. Nicole and I didn't talk about it to each other, but later she told me that her and Andrew had the same exact conversation that night too. Luckily, she felt the same way.

I know that for moms, silence is rare. If it's not the baby crying, it's the toddler talking a hundred miles an hour, and even after bedtime, you gotta talk to the husband. So, there is very little time that you can enjoy complete silence. Before I had a baby, I hated the silence. If I was home by myself, I always had the radio on or the tv going. Since Ok has hit the scene, I find myself turning off the radio or tv more and more. Especially during nap time. So, I'm sure this is why we take advantage of what little bit of silent time we have, even when we're together.

It's hard to not feel the need to talk to someone when your sitting there just staring at each other. Even when I don't know the person, I feel the need I have to talk to them. I even have those moments with people I do know well. Usually, those moments just lead into awkward conversation. I hate those moments.

Since then, we've had several "quiet times." Now we laugh about them and the fact that we have nothing to say to each other. Which don't misunderstand, usually, we have plenty to say to each other, in fact, too much to say. Sometimes, its just nice to enjoy the silence with a friend for a moment.


Meredith said…
I totally agree! I have a few friends like that too, and I cherish those quiet moments sometimes.
The Popes said…
(It wouldn't let me post a comment with nothing in it so that 0 is my quiet post!)
Kameron said…
It is nice to have friends that you are that comfortable with!

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