Post Vacation Stupor...

We're home.

Okay, technically, we've been home for about the last two days, but I've been walking around in that I just home from vacation stupor. You know what I'm talking about?

Not that anyone who is not related to me cares, but 90% of my family reads the blog and I know they'll ask....We left the beach after dinner (around a quarter till eight), Olivia fell asleep about 45 minutes into the drive and slept the entire way home (hallajoih!!!), David drove to just past Columbia until we stopped to fill up the car. We filled up on gas, diet coke, a coffee, and a 5 hour energy drink for me. I then drove the remainder of the way home while David and Olivia slept in the back seat. We had to stop by David's parents to get his truck and made it home just after 2 a.m. Good, now I won't have to repeat that part twenty different times.

So, we're home and adjusting to life not near the beach. I've been asked if I was ready to come home and surprisingly, even after 18 days, I could have stayed longer. I was actually sad to see our beach living come to an end. We'll be back at the end of October and it cannot come fast enough. One day, I'll be there full time...


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