Heading to Crazy Town

Can I tell you about my week?

Since my last post, things have only gone from up from there....

HA, NOT!!!!

This is just one of those weeks that just keeps getting better. One of those weeks that you sit here and think, really, is it still only Wednesday?

Let's see....

Yesterday, I called the church to see if we could have Olivia dedicated, only to learn that we have to be members. Well, that opened up a whole different can of worms and I'll be honest, I ended up bawling on the phone to the lady in charge of baby dedications....I'm sure she now thinks I'm crazy (thank goodness the lady happens to be friends with the Pope's, so maybe they can vouch for my sanity) . I'll do a whole different post on that one.

Then last night within ten minutes of each other, I received an email saying my great uncle does have lung cancer and one from the bank saying that we had overdrawn on our account (whoops...thank goodness for overdraft protection). Yep, that's what kind of week its been.

Then the icing on the cake....Olivia pulled my camera off the counter this morning, it fell to the floor, and it no longer works. Yep, my $600 camera that's not even a year old yet. I'm to the point right now I can't even cry about it.

So that's my week in a nutshell right now.

Yes, things could be a 100 times worse, but you know...it's just one of those weeks that I'm thinking....really? The part that scares me the most is it's only Wednesday.

I'm off to Nicole's for some girl time.


Becky said…
Awe...I hope your week gets better. I would be so upset about the camera too :( You know my camera is a big thing to me! Have fun with your girl time and hopefully things will start looking up!
Laura said…
I'm sorry you are having such a bad week :( Keep me posted on your uncle and I hope that you can get your camera fixed asap! Hang in there girl!
The Popes said…
DATE NIGHT FRIDAY!! Only 48 hours to freedom (and WINE)!!!
Jennifer said…
Seriously, I could write a rant about "church membership." Argh.

Hope Thursday is better than your Wednesday.
Kameron said…
Awww, huge hugs to you. It sucks when a week just keeps dumping on you! I hope it is getting better!

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