What I've learned so far...

We're heading into day four of our family fun vacation with the Pope's. Going on vacation together is a make it or break it in pretty much any relationship you have. If I was someone who gave premarital council to couples, I would require all engaged couples to go on a week long vacation. If you don't make it, then most likely your marriage will not survive. David's grandfather always allowed Davids mom and her two sisters take their boyfriends on vacation (with supervision of course). Yes, once, it was so bad, he bought one boyfriend a bus ticket and sent him home. They broke up shortly after the return home.

Anyways...we hang out a good bit with the Pope's in our daily life. In fact, we can pretty much tell you where to find anything in each others houses, however, being stuck in a house with each other for seven nights, is new for us. I'm happy to report that so far, everyone still seems pretty happy and we're all getting along. Nicole made some kind of comment yesterday that "Andrew wasn't going crazy yet." So I'm taking that as a good sign.

I have however learned some new things about our group the past few days...

1. Our group can down some double stuffed oreos. A entire pack gone in less than 12 hours.

2. Olivia evidently can only sleep in closets or her own room.

3. The Big Comfy couch is like crack for kids.

4. Not to go into South Myrtle Beach.

5. David and Andrew are not as "in shape" as they like to believe they are.

6. The person who gets on Josie's nerves the most is Olivia. We're starting to consider that maybe Andrew and Nicole need to wait a couple more years before they have another one.

7. We have very different standards of "fine dinning" than others.

8. We're all scared of "Bob" and would never ask him for a discount. Plus, we're still not convinced that's even his real name.

9. Our husbands are completely different men when we got out on the town.

10. Cheese Doritos make for a yummy breakfast and do not stay long in this house.

11. We love babysitters and bookstores.


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