*Is it really less than four months till OK's first birthday? : (

*Why does it seem like every "cheap & easy" project we do one the house ends up costing at least $100 and takes weeks to complete?

*I have decided to go ahead and cut my hair. Why do I keep hesitating to call and make the appointment?

*Do we really have less than three weeks till we head to the beach? : )

*My phone is about to bite the dust and I'm sure baby drool has nothing to do with it. Right?

*How long does it take to get past this separation anxiety stage? It's driving me crazy that I can't walk out of the room for two seconds without her going into major meltdown mode.

*Why is it that when you go to the dentist to get your teeth cleaned, the hygienist always has to ask you questions? I love the girl who cleans my teeth, but she always asks me questions when she has the pick in my mouth. I can't figure it out.

*Is it sad that I'm more excited to see Toy Story 3 than Eclipse?

*I would like to get out a more meaningful post, but for right now, this is about all I can do. Why is it that every time I sit down to write about what's on my heart, I can't seem to get out what I want to say?


Becky said…
Yes it's sad you are more excited to see Toy Story than Eclipse! Woman!!!??? Hello! LOL! When did she start the seperation anxiety thing? do they start doing that at a certain age? hmmmm...I don't know about that.....
Tristan said…
omg..i need to chop my hair too!!!!
The Popes said…
I just saw that they are doing a showing of both the Twilight movies before the midnight showing. I figured you and Amy would have our tickets by now.

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