Today has been just one of those days.

Nothing bad has happened, it just one of those days. You know what I mean?

I haven't slept the past two nights. Olivia, if you can believe it, has another tooth coming in. She is only eight months old and no lie, already has eight teeth. She's had all the classic Olivia signs for a tooth coming through, no sleeping, a runny nose, very needy, not eating, drooling everywhere....She keeps jamming her finger in the back of her mouth, so I'm thinking that's where its coming from. Last night she woke up every hour....ugh...let's hope for a better night.

We have less than two weeks till vacation and today I learned some disappointing news that involves vacation. It's just left me disappointed, frustrated, and most of all sad. I hope something works out.

I'm trying to go to someone new to cut my hair. She was referred by someone close to me. I've called and left a message but it's been over 24 hours and I have yet to hear back from her. This leaves me wary, but it's so hard to just go to anyone, so I'm at a lost of what to do. Do I keep trying to get ahold of her or just find someone else? I hate finding a good hairdresser.

David called to break the news that Rue McClanahan died. The Golden Girls is my all time favorite show. I can sing the entire theme song and I'm not just talking about the thanks for being a friend part. When watching, I can say the line before they even get it out on the show. I often make references to situations in life to episodes of the Golden Girls. At home, I talk about Blanche, Sophia, Dorothy, and Rose like they are real people. I own the seasons on DVD. So, this just puts a damper on the day.

But, regardless of all that, Nicole and I headed to Swoozie's going out of business sale. They only have three days left, so everything was 70-90% off. I seriously got about $200 worth of stuff for under $40. I got very nice invitations for the next three showers or birthdays I'm hosting. They were normally $25 for 10 and I paid $3 for them. Woohoo!!! So, if your near a swoozie's you might want to run and see if they have anything. Saturday is their last day, so hurry!


The Popes said…

I've been promised a pool opener date of Monday. Let's all pray really hard that the rain holds off. We will spend next week poolside and everything will be better.

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