My little monster turned nine months old today.

Honestly, I thought about it earlier in the week when someone asked how old she was, but it didn't cross my mind again till later this afternoon. I shed a little tear when it hit me that we only have three months till she turns one. These last few months seem to be flying by.

She is such a different baby from a few months ago.
Unless she's tired, she's always smiling.
She has a monster smile.
Still only has eight teeth.
We call her piranha.

She's a talker.
She talks nonstop.
And she's loud.
Her two words right now are da-da and ma-ma.
For the record, she said da-da first. I figured she would, so I prepared myself to not be disappointed.
She talks with her hands and its a sight to see.
It's hilarious.

Determination is her middle name.
I have never seen someone so small so determined.
If she falls, she's right back up.
If she can't figure it out, she keeps at until she does.
Giving up is not something she practices.
She'll fight till she wins.

She's still not a big eater.
Nor is she a big sleeper.
She's the queen of power naps.
She still takes 3-4 naps a day.
Each only lasting 30-45 minutes at a time.
I've come to terms that my child isn't a sleeper and most likely never will be.

She is CONSTANTLY moving.
Like her daddy, she cannot sit still to save her little life.
She is already standing up without holding on.
She won't use anything to balance, she just stands straight up in the middle of the floor.
(I haven't got a picture of it yet Mom, I'm working on it).
She can only do it for a few seconds, so we still have a ways to go before walking.

She is a water baby.
She LOVES water.
She crawls straight for the ocean when we go to the beach.
If the waves hit her in the face, she thinks its hilarious.

She's a daddy's girl.
And she's mommy's girl.
She's got her mama's attitude.
And her daddy's never give up ways.
Yet, she's got her own BIG personality.

We spent her ninth month birthday, with her and I playing on the beach. We went early before it got too hot and before the crowd came out. After we played for awhile, she was ready for a bottle, so I sat in the beach chair with her wrapped up in a towel sitting ion my lap. She had her head resting on my chest and we just sat, both of us staring at the waves. For a little while, she was quiet and still. It was the most peaceful I've felt in a long time and all I could do was thank God for this beautiful life and that moment in time. It's one of those I'll never forget and always cherish. A moment that could never be re-captivated. A perfect moment.


The Popes said…
Love you guys!

And FYI - I teared up at the thought of you two watching the waves. What I wouldn't give for a picture of that!

Sweet little thing.
Laura said…
She is absolutely precious! Those pictures of her are priceless! Glad y'all are having fun!