"Welcome to 2005!"

Go ahead...you have complete rights to make fun of me.

As Nicole's husband, Andrew, said "Welcome to 2005!"

We finally joined the Blackberry club. Yeah, we're about five or six (or maybe seven) years late, but we finally made it to the party!

My old phone has been on the outs for awhile now. It had gotten to the point that you couldn't talk on it anymore. You could make phone calls, but no one could hear me. For the last month, my phone calls sound pretty much like this..."I can't hear you." Yeah, it was getting pretty annoying. Yesterday, my mom finally just yelled into the phone "tell David to PLEASE get you a new phone!!!!!" Not only could no one hear me, the touch screen no longer worked, so you had to open the phone to use it. It was becoming sad and annoying. Pretty much the only way you could get ahold of me was by texting.

Yesterday we went to David's parents and Vicki loaned me her old flip phone to use till I could convince David to buy me a new one. David has been fighting with Verizon to give us a better deal for the last six months. We've been customers with them for over ten years now and our bills were getting ridiculous. He's been thinking about switching to a different carrier, but we couldn't do anything till December.

Anyways, I've been having to make do for awhile now. I was very appreciative that Vicki loaned me her old phone, but when you've spent the last two years texting on a keypad, using a regular phone is HARD! I of course spent a good majority of our date yesterday complaining about how I couldn't text. He of course spent the majority of our date laughing at my old school texting skills.

For some odd reason, David was in a pretty good mood. I'm going to chalk it up to the fact we're going on vacation in two days. He decided to take me to Verizon one last time to see what we could do. In true Mabrey fashion, we've been looking at new phones for a good year now, so we knew what we wanted to get. He didn't make any promises, but he told me if blackberry was doing a buy one get one free, he would get me one. We go in and sure enough! Thank God for Father's Day sales. It just seemed to be our lucky day, because we got the manager and explained our situation and she gave us the deal even though we didn't technically qualify for it.

And, I'm in love!

This isn't no "oh, I like my new phone" kinda love. This is full out "how did I ever live without you" love.

I now completely understand why they call it crackberry.

***On a sad note, Amy's ex-husband, Andrew, past away yesterday afternoon. After some final test, the results were not good and the family was advised to pull him from the ventilator. Please keep his family in your prayers as they start the grieving process and please say a special prayer for his son, Luke.***


Tami W said…
So that the world knows I had to yell so you could hear me. I would never yell at David. I knew he would take care of you. I really think it was when we was talking (yelling) and he couldn't beep in.....You got to love him....
Paige said…
Oh, I know how it is to be "out of touch" on the phones. I have a Motorola Sliver I think is what it is called and it is ghetto, bad! haha. I need to update but it still works so why use the money right now?! I really want a crack berry though!